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H2S Senior Technician


A highly trained, experienced and professional ex-member of H.M. Forces with excellent communication and organisational skills. Adaptable, reliable and energetic with a wide range of experiences. PC literate with National Certificate and Scotvec Modules as well as a HNC. Highly motivated, with a good sense of humour and a willingness to work hard in order to achieve objectives.

Currently working as a breathing apparatus/H2S Senior Technician in the oil and gas industry offshore.




British Armed Forces (1st Bn The Royal Scots)

• Working as a team leader and team player.

• Practical, technical and administrative duties.

• Fully trained in various weapons, including SA80, LSW, M16,

• GPMG, HK53, Browning Machine Gun & Pistol.

• Tours in Ulster(twice), Belize, Cyprus, Kenya, Balmoral.

• NCO Qualified.

• C.O.P. trained.(Close Observation and covert operations).

• Trained in all aspects of security.

• 1st Aid trained(A&E). Team Medic Northern Ireland.

• Trained in uses of TX and RX communication equipment.


• September 1992-March 1993 - Toured Crossmaglen, Ulster.

• July-October 1993 - Served at Balmoral as Royal Guard to the Queen.

• February-May - Toured Belize, Central Americas.

• July-August 1994 - Toured Cyprus.

• February 1995 - Completed NCO Cadre.

• March 1995 - Joined Recce Platoon.

• September 1995-April 1996 - Served in Ulster as part of the Close Observation Platoon under direction of the S.A.S.

• January 1997 - Toured Kenya, South Africa.

• April 1997 - Toured Seattle, U.S.A.

• September 1997 - Left Army.

Military Qualifications

• RRU qualified (Regular Radio User), using Radio’s such as 351.

• Trained in various weaponry such as LSW, SA80, M16, GPMG, 9mm Browning pistol and machine gun, HK53.

• Health & Hygiene (Pesticide control) 1994.

• C.O.P. and Recce trained incorporating advanced photography, surveillance, security, and radio technique,

• Trained in use of ECM equipment, (Electronic Counter Measures) for use against remote controlled bombs or devices.

• Northern Ireland Team Medic.

Offshore experience and qualifications.

• Joined Sabre Safety Ltd/B.A. H2S Company December 2006.

• Cascade Rigging up and Wireline operations on board the Apache Petrolia, North Sea Feb’ 07.

• Cascade De-rigging and H2S well test operations on board the Sedco704, North Sea, March ’07.

• Cascade rigging up, rigging down and H2S well test operations running 8 man team on board the Transocean John Shaw, North Sea April ’07.

• Tank cleaning operations involving MI Swaco on board the Transocean John Shaw, North Sea May ’07.

• Cascade rigging up, rigging down and H2S well test operations on board the Transocean John Shaw, North Sea June/July ’07.

• 4 weeks in Inebolu, Turkey on board The Southern Cross as part of a 4 man B.A. rigging and H2S operations team, August ’07.

• 6 months standby for the Shell Brent Delta Utility Shaft Impact Project Team,

September ’07 to March ’08. Substantial yard experience as well as B.A.

servicing for HMRC from Liverpool to Immingham, Hull.

• March ’08 – Nov’ 09 : Stationed on The Brent Delta as part of the Utility Shaft Impact Project. Duties include B.A. support, servicing and training; compressor use and maintenance;

• Other duties include mask face fitting tests; H2S inductions to crew;

• B.A. training; working at heights; ISSOW P.A. qualified;

• November ’09 - Core Barrel withdrawal Ops on the Transocean Sedco 704 for 3 weeks.

• May 2010 - 7 days on the Brent Delta decommissioning Op. Role : to work as part of a team hired to decrease high levels of H2S (2000 ppm) found in decommissioned well, BD44. Samples taken at regular intervals to determine levels of H2S and hydrocarbons within the drill string.

• May 2010 - B.A. / reactor entry training in Rotterdam, Holland for Mourik International.

• May 2010 - 4 days on the Ensco 80 carrying out H2S instruction inductions as well as de-rigging cascade unit for Tyco Fire and Safety.

• June 2010 - 2 weeks in Cologne, Germany working as B.A./catalyst handling for Mourik International.

• July 2010 - 12 days offshore on Ocean Nomad. H2S training/ B.A. package for H2S well. Total Safety Ltd.

• August 2010 - 14 days offshore on Atwood Eagle, Australia for H2S Ops. Total Safety Ltd.

• September 2010 – Attended Amerex Fire Detection course in Wales.



All relevant breathing apparattus certifications, as well as H2S Instructor and trainer.


• Self motivated.

• PC literate.

• Full UK driving licence.

• 1st aid trained. St. Andrew’s & Red Cross.

• Trained in the use of B.A. offshore.

• Senior H2S Technican

• Excellent team player.

• Ability to work to and meet deadlines.

• Ability to work under pressure.

• Excellent people skills.


Edinburgh, Lothian,
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