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Fleet Operations Manager

Vessel Operations

1987 – 1990 -  Black Sea Shipping Company -  4, 3 Officer;

1990 – 2008 - V.Ships (Southampton, Cyprus, Germany, China, branches) - 3, 2 , Chief Officer, Master.

           In 1996, 32 years old I obtained my Deep Sea Captain’s license and then was promoted to the Master, worked on the general cargo vessels, multipurpose vessels and container carriers.

             I have worked on the large container vessels, 4500 – 9600 TEUs capacity, like “Hanjin Osaka”, “Hanjin Colombo”, “Hanjin  Portland”, ”Xin Hong Kong”, “Xin Los Angeles”, manned with Ukrainian Senior Officers and Filipino, Chinese crew, under CISM – China International Ship Management (V.Ships Group Ltd) operation.

At the beginning of 2008 I joined to the Bourbon Supply Investissements SAS Co., Ukrainian branch, offshore services, where worked on the FSIV “Bourbon Autan”, AHTS “Bourbon Liberty 201”, AHTS  “Ulysse”, PSV “Bourbon Hera”, PSV “Bourbon Liberty 110”, AHTS “Bourbon Liberty 212”, PSV “Bourbon Liberty 112”, and other DP-II class vessels.

I’m familiar very well with ISM, ISPS systems. During my seaman’s life, especially working as the Master, I have passed many times through the different kind of inspections such as Internal, External ISM and ISPS Audits (Interim, Intermediate, and Renewal), Different Classes Surveys (Annual, Special, and Renewal), PSC inspections (Paris MOU, Asia-Pacific, USCG, AMSA, etc) without serious deficiencies or observations.

Working on the general cargo and container vessels, I was in shipyards several times in UK (Tyne Dry-dock), Greece (Piraeus Dry-dock), and China (Zhoushan Dry-dock), and have good experience in process of ship repairing and dry-docking.   

Presently I have been working in the Bourbon Offshore Ukraine Ltd. Co. since 12.07.2010, keeping position of Offshore Fleet Operations Safety Manager, DPA and deputy CSO providing operation of ten AHTS vessels series “GPA254L”, “SPA80”, PSV boat “SPP17” project and one MPSV, RPV Support “SPP35B”. Being Operation Safety Manager I have been involved in process of internal ISM, ISPS audit, MLC inspection and vessels pre-delivery supervision, sea trial ship’s test and inspection in shipyard at China, full ship registration procedure, preparation of all delivered vessel for External ISM, ISPS audit and MLC inspection.

My daily routine work includes but not limited by following duties:

-       Ensure compliance where appropriate with the Company's Procedures and Policies in accordance with the requirements of ISO 9001/14001/1800, ISM & ISPS.

-       Liaise with vessel Masters with reference to certification.

-       Liaise with the Personnel Department regarding aspects of travel, crew changes and other Personnel issues in conjunction with the Vessel Master.

-       Liaise with the Purchasing Manager to ensure timely delivery of supplies.

-       Investigate any accidents or incidents and prepare reports in conjunction with the QHSE Manager.

-       Inspect the vessels periodically and prepare reports.

-       Ensure that all vessels are operated in accordance with good marine practice and in compliance with Company/Client Procedures and Local Laws and Regulations, ensuring that safe working practices are adhered to at all times.

-       Ensure that all deck planned maintenance is carried out as per vessels planned system.

-       Ensure that end of month vessel paperwork is reviewed and outstanding issues acted upon.

-       Monitor the performance of all Marine Sea Staff and carry out assessments of Marine Staff.

-       Work closely with the QHSE Manager so as to ensure implementation and ongoing compliance with Company Procedures.

-       Actively promote safety awareness among all Company personnel.

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