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Fleet IT Technician


To obtain a position of fleet-wide or shipboard specialist in IT, computer hardware and satellite communications areas.



Alpha Shipmanagement GmbH & Co. KG

Bremen, Germany

February, 2003 – till now

Fleet IT Technician (IT department, technical department)

· Technical support and maintenance of computer systems on

board of the company's vessels (both remote support and inplace

repairs and regular maintenance).

· Hardware and LAN infrastructure maintenance, operating systems (Windows: NT4, 2000 Pro/Server, XP, Server 2003, 7; Linux: Ubuntu, Mint) installation and administration, application software installation and administration.

· Established my own Tech Support Desk for IT support of the fleet of 16 vessels that is running during last two years.

· Established the unattended onboard software systems for automated collecting of technical data from computers – for

permanent monitoring of computers' condition and preventive failures detection.

· Developed the database software for automation of technical documenting of maintenance of onboard computer systems.

· Remote system administration and problem solving by means of OS shell scripts, especially developed for this purpose.

· Full installation of general purpose computer systems on board of 22 vessels (6-9 workstations with server in Windows domain; integration with Inmarsat FBB and 3G equipment).

· On-board LAN cable system installations.

· Integration of computer systems with industrial equipment o/b vessels (tank level control and reefer container monitoring systems).

· Technical support and repairs for Transas Navi-Sailor systems (v. 2400, v. 3000, v.4000) and Furuno (FEA-2807) ECDIS/ECS.

· Inmarsat FleetBroadband, Fleet77, Sat-C and Sat-B equipment installation and configuring. I had performed with myself complete installations of Nera-C (on 12 ships) and T&T Sailor FleetBroadband 500 (on 16 ships) terminals.

· Developing, manufacturing and installing with myself the series of 3G gateway appliances for connecting shipboard computer systems to Internet via shore-based Wi-Fi and 3G networks (14 ships).

· Installation of AMOS Business Suite v.9 on all the vessels of the company (up to 20). Participation in initial databases creation and configuring. Providing on-board trainings in AMOS BS for crewmembers. Developing of the set of templates for AMOS BS and integration of external reporting tools with this system. Database administering. Developing of my own email robot for file transfer software gateway for replication files delivery and handling. Experienve with AMOS Business Suite since 2003.


Trade House Arcadia

Odessa, Ukraine


IT technician -> Head of IT sector

Supervising and direct support of complete IT infrastructure of two city offices and three stores.

· Developing the custom sales registration and warehouse management software suite.

· Developing of accounting software.

· Implementing computer networks in two offices, three stores and at central warehouse with on-line interconnection.

· Implementing purchased EPR system for warehouse and accounting activity handling.

· Managing of IT infrastructure of whole company.


Training course

Spectec's Training Center

Manchester, GB

September 2005

"Using AMOS Maintenance and Purchase" training course.


Training course

Nera AG

Hamburg, Germany

March 2005

Installation and configuring of Nera-C Inmarsat-C station.


Training course

Transas Europe GmbH

Hamburg, Germany

May 2003

Installation and administrating of Transas Navi Sailor ECDIS/ECS.


Specialist's diploma

Odessa State Polytechnic University

Odessa, Ukraine


"Automated control in complex technical systems"

· Discrete electronics and microcontrollers for industrial automation.

· Automated control systems theory and development.

· Computer software design.


Maritime Certificates (valud till 2018): Personal safety, Profficiency in survival craft, Security awareness training for seafarers.


Technical support of computer and satellite communications systems on board of 16 container carrier vessels (last 2 years – being the only person in the fleet's IT support team).

IBM PC-based computer hardware architecture - good knowledge. Continuous professional experience since 1994. Able to build, rebuild and troubleshoot computers. Brainbench's certificate as "PC Technician".

Computer networks design, maintenance and installation.

Good knowledge and experience with Inmarsat C, B, Fleet77 and FleetBroadband terminals (installing, commissioning, integration with o/b computer systems and tech support).

Professional installation, administration and maintenance of Microsoft Windows operating systems (Win9x, NT4 WS and Srv, Win2000 Pro and Srv, WinXP, Win2003 Srv, Win7). Implementation of Internet mail servers on Windows platform. Development of shell scripts for effective system administration.

Good knowledge of administration of AMOS Business Suite 9, Sybase ASA. Support and training of users for AMOS BS. Developing of reports and templates for this software. Integration with external software and databases.

Experience with installation, administration and maintenance of Linux family operating systems (Debian/Ubuntu/Mint).

Programming in Borland Delphi (Win32), MS VB, MS Office VBA and MS VBS (for WMI and WSH), SQL. System and application software development experience, including database management application.

Good basic knowledge of digital electronics and interfaces. Experience in installation of satellite communication devices onboard and integration of it with local computers system.

Good experience with basic hardware tools and technics; soldering and basic welding; industrial electronic and electrical equipment installation and repairs; use of measuring and testing tools for electronics, like multimeters and oscilloscopes.

General knowledge of bridge navigation equipment and basics of maritime navigation.

Eleven years of working experience for German, ISO9001 certified, company. Traveling over the world continuously to perform the work.

Ability to perform the work on seagoing vessels during sea passages, with limited access to information and spares sources.


DOB: March 8, 1970. Marital status: married, 2 sons.

English knowledge: fluent to good (both written and verbal).

Valid Ukrainian travel passport and valid Ukrainian Seaman's Book are held. Shengen C Visa was received 7 times, US C1D Visa was received 4 times (no valid one presently).

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