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First, Second or Third Mate


Obtain a career opportunity within a company with room for advancement where experience and qualifications will be valuable.


Canadian Coast Guard April 1999 to present

Halifax N.S.

2nd mate--C.S.S.Hudson; Edward Cornwallis

3rd mate--C,S.S.Hudson; Terry Fox; Cygnus; Sir William



Newfound Agencies Nov 1992 to Jan 1997

St.John's NFLD

1st mate-- Ocean Prawns

2nd mate--Ocean Prawns }(Shrimp Trawler)

Deckhand--Ocean Prawns

Secunda Marine

Dartmouth N.S.

Canadian Coast Guard } Seaman 1984-1992

C.S.S. Hudson

M.V. Glencoe

Responsible for the safe navigation, communications and general safety of the vessel and crew. Informing Master of any close quarter situations,fog or restricted visibility, emergency communications, or any time there is reservations concerning safety of vessel and crew. Completion of paperwork necessary for vessel records.Responsible for inspecting all safety equipment and logging results. Ensuring equipment is available and in good condition.


Grade 12

ON2 First Mate Intermediate Voyage(currently working on ON1)

Certificate of Competency, Able Seaman

M.E.D. A1,B,C,& D

Sen 2 A.R.P.A.

Aldebaran Course

FRC Course


C.C.G. Fall Protection Course

ST. John's Ambulance Marine Adv. First Aid (standard)

currently studying Meteorology for ON1 certificate


ON 2 First Mate Intermediate Voyage

Certificate of Competency,Able Seaman

M.E.D. A1,B.C,D

Sen 2 A.R.P.A.


Reliable,Conscientious and competent navigational officer

Knowledgeable from both deckside and bridgeside

Motivational Fit, (working towards Master's Certificate)

Safety Leadership



Individual Leadership

Technical/Professional knowledge


Problem solving ability

Attention to detail

Honest reliable and energetic with decision making ability

Co-operative- take and give direction well

Noted ability to relate effectively to all levels of professionals and employees from diverse backgrounds.


references available

Halifax, Nova Scotia,
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