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Field Service or On-Site GT Electrical / Mechanical Tech/Op/Eng


I am seeking Gas Turbine related employment, vitually anywhere in the world. I will work anywhere, go anywhere, travel anywhere. I have LM-2500 and Frames 5, 6, 7F/7FA/7FB/7EA, and 9H experience. US Navy and GE Engineering Training; Field Engineer Program (FEP), Everest XLG3 Borescope experience.


Praxair; Air-Seperation Plant, electronics, Electro-Mechanical maintenance

Granite/GE Energy; Field Service Borescope Inspector

Granite/GE Energy; Field Service GT Mechanical Engineer. Outage Director, coordinator on disassembly and reassembly of GE Large Power Generation Gas Turbine frames 5,6,7,& 9 throughout the United States.

U.S. Navy; Gas Turbine Electrical (and Mechanical) Technician, Engine Room Monitor, Operator, Controls, Maintenance, Repair, Preventive Maintenance, Corrective Maintenance, engine upkeep, conditioning, support systems, and auxillaries.


GE Engineering Learning Center; Field Service Borescope Inspections.

GE Enineering Learning Center; GT Field Engineer Program

Sierra College, Rocklin, California; Business Management / Computer Integrated Electronics (CPU/Circuit Boards, PLS, Electro-Mechanics).

U.S. Navy; Naval Training Center -Great Lakes, Illinois

Common Core, Mechanical Core, Gas Turbine Mechanical Principles, Electric Core, Gauge Calibration.

Woodland High School; Woodland, California; General High School Studies.


GE Field Engineer Program and Borescope Inspector.


Mechanical Tools, Electrical Testing Equipment, Precision Measuring Devices, Micrometers, Multi-meters, Meggar, gauge calibation equipment, soldering, circuit building, I have designed a PC Circuit Board, build small PC and CPU board circuits and projects. Disassemble and reassemble gas turbine engines, torque wrenching, water-wash GT's, PLC Interface and logic command testing, troubleshooting, GT Synthetic Oil change-out, system upkeep.


I am willing to work anywhere in the world. I am willing to travel for field service anywhere in the world. I can start work in less than two weeks. I am dedicated, seek challenges, eager to learn more tomorrow than I know today, If I don't have the answer I will know where to go to find the answer. I am committed to safety, PPE, and S.O.P.'s at all times.

Citrus Heights, CA,
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