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Experienced Operations Manager for Maritime Port Terminals and vessels operations.


Experienced captain of ocean going vessels for 17 years, and with additional experience as General Operations Manager for Maersk Line in Ecuador for 10 years, and Operations Manager of a private port terminal in the same country during five years, is looking to work with an interested company in developing his port and cargo storage activity, as adviser or direct full time employee.


• Operations Manager for Safebond Co. Ltd. (2009 till September 2010), a port operator company located in Tema, Ghana, west Africa, and appointed by Ghana Port and Harbor Authority, to manage the storage facilities for general and solid bulk cargoes at the Ghanaian port of Tema, including the handling of bagged cargo and all types of vehicles and construction machinery.

• Marine Consultant for Coastal Metallcon Group Inc. (2008), a company based in USA and involved in the development of a project of trade with cargo in containers from/to USEC to ports in Saudi Arabia.

• General Operations Manager for the port of Esmeraldas, Ecuador (2005-2008), a privatized public terminal which mainly handles steel cargo, oil rigging materials, including heavy lifts, reefer and dry containers, import and exports of salon cars and vans, as well as bulk cargo of clinker, coal, fertilizers and cast.

• General Manager of Operadora Del Pacifico S.A. (2003-2005), an Ecuadorian company created and owned by the shipping agency Maersk Del Ecuador C.A., to provide logistics services of container storage and transport, as well as repairs of dry and reefer containers for Maersk Line in this country.

• General Operations Manager of Maersk Del Ecuador C.A. (1995-2003), general agents for the shipping line Maersk in this country. This position includes tasks as stowage coordinator for container vessels, management of stevedoring services for all container vessels calling the Ecuadorian ports, and also responsible to run the husbanding services to attend all port calls of Maersk vessels.

• Captain on board multipurpose and reefer cargo vessels (1992-1995).

• Deck officer (as third, second and Chief mate) on board general cargo vessels (1978-1992).


• Training for Merchant Marine Officer and Master of Seagoing vessels, at the Maritime University and Merchant Marine School of Ecuador, under management of Ecuadorian Navy, from August 1975 until January 1978.

• Training seminar related to the Operations and Technical management of reefer containers and refrigerated cargoes, dictated in the training facility of Maersk / A.P. Moller group, in Svendborg, Denmark.

• Participation in eight operative seminars at regional level of South America, organized by the regional operational management of Maersk Line, Sao Paulo, Brazil, in order to analyze and evaluate procedures and processes for continue improvement of the operations and cost control of the line in the region.

• Technical seminar in Systems of Marine Protection against corrosion of ships and Industrial structures, organized by Hempel's Marine Paints, recognized manufacturer of marine and industrials coatings of Denmark.

• Seminar of Management and Administration of Human resources, dictated by the Department of Human resources of Maersk / A.P. Moller, in Copenhagen, Denmark.

• Seminar of Basic Financial Principles for non-financial managers, organized by the Department of Human resources of Maersk/A.P. Moller in Copenhagen, Denmark.

• Seminar for Analyst of Human Profiles, in one of the most practical ways for optimization of the Human Resources, based in the program of Predictive Index, realized in Sao Paulo, Brazil, and organized by the company Architectura Humanae, on behalf of Maersk South America.

• Seminar for fire prevention and firefight procedures for vessels and port structures, organized by the naval training center of the Ecuadorian navy.

• Training in the Handling and Storage of Dangerous Cargo (Hazmat cargoes), including segregations and emergency response procedures, dictated by the Hazmat training team of Maersk / A.P. Moller group.

• Participation in trainings and seminars of the Business Anti-Smuggling Coalitions (BASC), Ecuadorian chapter, for prevention against terrorism and drug smuggling in export cargoes.

• Seminar for Prevention of contamination of cargo with drugs, in containers, and safety measures for the handling of containers in public or private terminals, dictated by the Drug Enforcement Police of Ecuador.

• Participation in several seminars for professional and managerial motivation, dictated by institutions specialized in this field, in Ecuador, for self-improvement of employees working attitude in companies.


• Master and deck officer for Ocean Going Vessel, issued by the Ecuadorian Merchant Marine Authority.

• Certification for reefer operations management, issued by Maersk Training Center in Svendborg.

• Human Profile Analyst, issued by Architectura Humanae.

• Training in Hazmat, certified by the training department of A.P. Moller for handling of dangerous cargo on ships and in marine terminals.

• Firefighting training seminar certification, issued by the Ecuadorian Navy Training School.

• Technician in Marine and Industrial paints coating, issued by Hempel’s Marine Paints (DK).

• Training in the prevention of cargo contamination with drugs and also in prevention of smuggling and terrorist attacks, issued by the Ecuadorian drug enforcement police.


• Management of Maritime and Port Terminal operations.

• Management of Vessels operations.

• Stowage coordination and stevedoring management for containers vessels, general cargo ships, car carriers and solid bulk cargoes. (Vessel planner).

• Management of maritime Shipping Agencies (husbanding services to the vessel and coordination of the operational side of the agency).

• Advice for design of Marine Terminals and Containers yards, including his equipment, selection and training of operative personnel, and establishment of operational procedures.

• Advice for implementing of safety systems for personnel and vehicles entering port and terminal warehouses.

• Advice for implementing of business, administrative and security processes at ports, containers depots and warehouses.

• Mangement of Logistics operations for vessel support.

• Marine surveyor in cases of port accidents and/or cargo damages.

• Training seminars for port authorities and shipping agencies employees, about operational issues and procedures for vessels and port safety.

• Handling of refrigerated cargoes in containers and cold storage warehouses.

• Training in handling of Dangerous cargo (Hazmat).

• Port Security measures according code ISPS.

• Wide skills and knowledge of informatics programs, like Windows 2007-2003: Excel, Outlook, PowerPoint presentations and Word processor, Internet options, etc.


- Available for relocation.

- 100% available for travel wherever the company needs my services.

/ Guayaquil,
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