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Experienced leader, manager and ship's officer


With regard to shore positions, I am looking for exciting and upwardly mobile management position in the maritime industry, either in shipping operations, fleet personnel management or terminal operations. I am also open to afloat positions commensurate with my license and experience.


-Received fleet level commendation for performance during two years as Commanding Officer of a Naval Reserve Facility consisting of 10 buildings on sixteen acres, as well as vehicles and boats. Oversaw major renovations to two major buildings, resulting in improvements to habitability, quality of life and productivity. Responsible for operating and training budgets over $750K. Developed and implemented organizational plan to fulfill assigned mission of providing administrative and training support to 150 Sailors. Improved facility safety compliance and appearance.

-Received fleet level commendation for service as Chief Staff Officer for a Naval Coastal Warfare Squadron, coordinating activities of staff officers in accordance with policies laid down by the commander. Exercised general supervision over sections. Responsible for the smooth transition from a hardware equipped commissioned reserve unit to a reserve squadron command with five other hardware equipped units reporting directly to the staff. Oversaw the preparations for the short notice mobilization and overseas deployment of two Inshore Boat Units, as well as the preparation of the squadron staff for major administrative and operation inspections.

-Served as Executive Officer of a commissioned ship, second in responsibility for a multi-million dollar national asset. Administered the organization, performance of duty and good order and discipline of the ship. Supervised four officers and their forty-two enlisted men. Led the effort for the most successful initial training and certification cycle yet seen in the minewarfare force, setting a new standard for professional excellence.

-Received multi-service commendation for service as Surface Operations Officer and Strategic Sealift Specialist at a logistics distribution command in Kuwait. Tracked the movement and delivery of 22 million square feet of cargo carried in 22 ships in support of OPERATION IRAQI FREEDOM. Developed a system to track container movements out of the port of Karachi, maintaining visibility over supplies moving to forces in Afghanistan as part of OPERATION ENDURING FREEDOM. Served as the staff’s point man in the effort to open the Iraqi port of Umm Qasr to Department of Defense cargo, culminating in the JUN 2006 shipment of containers of over a hundred containers of USMC retrograde cargo out of the port.

-Two years as operational liaison for ten reserve detachments, totaling over 400 Reserve Sailors, with the staff of Commander, Sealift Logistics Command, Atlantic. This staff serves exercises operational control over all assigned logistics force assets (afloat/ashore) in the Atlantic theater; provides all aspects of operational logistics support to the operational fleet commander, and supports Military Sealift Command in providing sea transportation for personnel and cargoes of the Department of Defense & other governmental agencies.

-Received fleet level commendation for performance during two years as officer in charge of the administration of preventive and scheduled maintenance for an aircraft carrier. Reformed the system by which each space was periodically inspected for material condition and instituted a tracking system to maintain cognizance on maintenance actions associated with correcting noted discrepancies.

-Received fleet level commendation for performance as schedules officer and Seamanship/Navigation Department head for a major training command. Coordinated the moving of the entire unit from Guantanamo Bay, Cuba to Jacksonville, FL, as well as the establishment of the new training and exercise scheduling format.

-Received fleet level commendation for performance as Operations Officer for a repair ship, running the ship's training programs and operational schedule. Supervised two officers and forty-five enlisted personnel.

-Served in five ships, ranging in size from an aircraft carrier to a coastal minehunter. Received a Naval Air Forces, Atlantic 2001 Junior Officer Shiphandler award. Served as Navigator in four of those ships. Served as Officer of the Deck in all of those ships and was the designated Battle Stations Officer of the Deck in all of those ships.


M. A., Military Studies – Civil War;

American Military University, Charles Town, WV

B. S., Marine Transportation;

U. S. Merchant Marine Academy, Kings Point, NY


USCG License as Second Mate, Steam and Motor Vessels, Any Horsepower, On Oceans, and Master of Towing Vessels 1600 tons in Inland Waters and 3000 tons On Oceans. GMDSS license, STCW 95 cert, Radar Observer endorsement


-Experienced leader, manager and administrator

-Experienced and skilled in vessel operations and maintenance procedures

-USCG Licensed as 1600 Ton Master, and as Second Mate, Any Gross Tons

-Active U. S. Government Top Secret Clearance

-Proficient in the use of MS Word, Excel and Powerpoint


Leaving the U. S. Navy after 20 years of active duty. I have excelled in various shorside and afloat positions.

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