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Environmental Consultant

Shoreside Operations

An honorably retired U.S. Coast Guard officer, with over 25 years of environmental
response experience, who is interested in challenging and rewarding projects to manage.

▪ All Hazards Incident Response ▪ Advanced ICS Training ▪ Environmental Regulatory Expertise ▪

▪ Personnel Management ▪ Contingency Planning Expertise ▪ Equipment Deployment & Exercise Coordination ▪


▪ Directed federal response actions for 141 oil discharges, 51 hazardous material releases, and 7 natural disasters, between 2005-2010, while ensuring effective mitigation of significant threats to human health and the environment, protection of personal property, and efficient use of $13.58M in federal response funds.

 ▪ Oversaw many key aspects of the Deepwater Horizon MC-252 Response while serving as Operations Liaison, Safety Officer, and Environmental Team Lead from Dec 2010 and Mar 2013.

▪ Expertise in Incident Command System (ICS): managed several high visibility responses by serving as Incident Commander for local incidents; Planning Section Chief and Operations Section Chief for regional incidents; and Executive Assistant and Deputy Planning Section Chief for National and International incidents. 

▪ Managed all facets of federal emergency contracting during oil spill response operations. Subject matter expert in administration of all contractual aspects of emergency procurement and the relationship to Stafford Act Funding.


▪ Served as main point of contact to National Response Team and Unified Area Command for the MC-252 oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico. Facilitated proper focus to potentially impacted areas of Florida peninsula ensuring adequate contingencies were in place. Forward thinking garnered praise from Florida’s Emergency Response Bureau Chief.

▪ Managed annual budgets in excess of $1.3M. Frugal stewardship led to successful completion of ‘unfunded initiatives’ including complete recapitalization of fleet of oil spill response trailers, procurement of  >20,000 ft of new oil spill containment boom to protect Florida Keys Marine Sanctuary, and completion of essential pollution response training for District personnel resulting in units now much better prepared for response actions.


▪ Spearheaded federal foreign aid to British Virgin Islands following a non-tank vessel grounding; facilitated assistance to Dominican Republic after devastating floods from Tropical Storm Noel; directed incident response activities in the aftermath of a catastrophic earthquake in Haiti; all actions promoted Int’l relations and brought great credit to USA.

▪ Supervised an extremely diverse workforce comprised of over 100 subordinates; maintained high moral and maximized productivity by promoting esprit de corps through empowerment & recognition of superior performance.

▪ Acted as Co-Chair for 2 Regional Response Teams, led working groups to develop and pre-approve use of an assortment of oil spill response alternative technologies including solidifiers, dispersants & surface washing agents.


▪ Delivered verbal and written briefs to foreign delegations from Japan and Brazil on United States’ National Contingency Plan ensuring that these ally nations are now better prepared to respond to environmental disasters.

▪ Personally selected by Coast Guard HQ’s to address Int’l Disaster Preparedness Conference in Barbados; delivered speech to over 500 emergency management professionals on USCG’s maritime response to a pandemic flu outbreak.


Master of Science, Hazardous Waste and Materials Management

Southern Methodist University – Dallas, Texas – Conferred with honors in May 2000


Bachelor of Science, Biology

University of the State of New York – Albany, New York – Conferred in May 1996



President, MJM International Enterprises – Environmental Consulting: JUL 2010 to Present:

▪ Advanced ICS Instructor (August 2005 – Present).

▪ Qualified Individual and Spill Management Team Member for Gallagher Marine Systems (Mar 2011 – Present).

▪ Deputy Planning Section Chief on M/V El Faro Response (Oct 2015).

▪ Associate with Moran Environmental Recovery (April 2014 – Present).

▪ SCAT Team Lead on Deepwater Horizon Response (Dec 2010 – Mar 2013).

▪ Deputy Operations Section Chief on Enbridge Pipeline Spill (Jul 2010 – Sep 2010).

Chief, Environmental Response, Seventh Coast Guard District: JUL 2005 to JUL 2010:

▪ Oversaw all emergency environmental response programs for South Carolina, Georgia, Florida & Caribbean.

▪ District Response Advisory Team Supervisor and alternate Co-Chair for 2 Regional Response Teams.

▪ Incident Management Team Coordinator – responded to all emergent events.

▪ Nat'l Preparedness for Response Exercise Program (PREP) Coordinator.

▪ Managed $1.31M annual budget & supervised 46 personnel.

Executive Officer, Maritime Safety & Security Team San Francisco: JUN 2003 to JUN 2005:

▪ Responsible for daily routine, command correspondence, property management, personnel issues, policy
   development & implementation, operational readiness & effectiveness, deployment logistics & unit discipline.

▪ Managed $1.2M annual budget.

▪ Supervised operations/engineering/support departments consisting of 108 personnel.

▪ Additional duties: Safety Officer, Hazardous Materials Coordinator, Property Officer, Funds Certification Officer.

Aide to the Commander, Maintenance & Logistics Command Pacific: JUN 2001 to JUN 2003:

▪ Coordinated Admiral’s daily and long-range activities and developed briefing packages for official visits.

▪ Drafted, reviewed & edited all awards & correspondence.

▪ Served as lead speechwriter and protocol officer for Admiral’s participation in all special events.

Pollution Response Officer, Marine Safety Office San Francisco: APR 2000 to JUN 2001:

▪ Primary Marine Environmental Response Officer/point of contact for Sacramento/San Joaquin river delta region.

▪ Determined threats and directed responses for oil/HAZMAT pollution incidents.

▪ Conducted preliminary investigations to assess pollution threats & processed all pollution response case reports.

▪ Supported multi-agency response with establishment and integration of the Incident Command System.

Supervisor, Marine Safety Detachment Concord, CA: FEB 1998 to APR 2000:

▪ Responsible for Port Safety & Security, Marine Environmental Protection, and Waterways Management missions.

▪ Oversaw all response actions for pollution incidents and reviewed all case work including investigations.

Direct Commission Environmental Manager:

▪ Received a direct commission as an Environmental Manager in February 1998.

▪ Enlisted in the United States Coast Guard in November 1990.


▪ FEMA Certified Advanced Incident Command System (ICS) Instructor

▪ FEMA Certified ICS Operations Section Chief (OSC)

▪ FEMA Certified ICS Planning Section Chief (PSC)

▪ USCG Certified Federal On-Scene Coordinator Representative (FOSCR)

▪ USCG Certified Pollution Investigator (PI)

▪ OSHA Certified HAZMAT & Response Technician

▪ OSHA Certified HAZWOPER Operations Level

Pembroke Pines, Florida,
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