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MAS AKANSYEL, S.A. Caracol, Haiti

August 72017 – October 3 2019

Assistant Environmental Sustainability Health & Safety

I assist the Executive Compliance in overseeing Environment Sustainability Health & Safety of the company, as a factory there is a lot to deal with such as: Preventing accident in the workplace, investigating accident and update the risk assessment by implementing ISO standards in the industrial sector, selecting, purchase and maintain chemicals at the chemical room, prepare documents and train employees about chemical management. Perform weekly Safety Audit and mandate Corrective Action Plan (CAP), Prepare for and Assist external assessor in external Audits. Monitoring working conditions sanitary, sound level, environment, building condition and assist contractors and safeguarding the Industrial Parc, ISO, International Labor Organization (ILO), Haitian Labor Code and MAS AKANSYEL, S.A.  rules and regulations. I also help in drafting letters of reprimand and represent the corporation in local labor arbitrary court when needed.




December 1 2016 – August 7

Operation Manager

As an operation manager, I run the business on a daily basis, by overseeing sales personnels. Drafting marketing strategies, following up on clients, analyzing prospective clients and reporting to the owner. I play the role of Chief Marketing Officer and Chief Operating Officer at once enough to keep me happy as performing is my goal. It is always a great enthusiasm for me to watch the progress of the numbers, I must perform to have great numbers and I am determine to have great numbers therefore being the operation manager at BEST DEAL  has a different definition for me.






P & A TRADING CONSORTIUM, LLC Miami, FL – Quartier Morin, Haïti 2009 – August 7th

General Manager / President

As a member manager of that corporation, I manage the FL Corporation an importer importing and exporting goods around the world, with an office in Haiti.


OMEGA ENTERPRISE GROUP, LTD Cap-Haitian, Haiti 2009 to Present

General Manager

General Manager and Creative Director worked in drafting numerous projects, organizing the corporation structure. OEG aims to provide local and long distance to its customers in the USA and CANADA.


TOP SECURITY SERVICES, Inc Miami, Florida 01-2008/04-2008

Chief Operating Officer / Chief Marketing Officer

As an Owner partner, I design the whole barebone of the security Services business, from registering to obtaining licenses, setting the business regulations and creating the marketing catalyst.


PHILIPPE & ASSOCIATES, LLC Pembroke Pines, Florida 2006/2008

General Manager

As a managing partner of this corporation I build a marketing and advertising agency by serving numerous businesses and reselling long distance and various telecommunications services throughout the AT&T Network.


P R D GROUP, LLC Pembroke Pines, Florida 12/2004 – 2007

Chief Marketing Officer / Member Manager

Marketing the company services and product as an importer and exporter throughout the Caribbean, Inventing strategies to penetrate the market and overseeing competition, Coordinate shipping, PO's and critical decision to the business.


BARTON G. WEISS Miami, FL 2006

Truck Driver

As a truck driver I drove straight truck with party supplies, party equipments at numerous party location. I worked at the warehouse loading trucks, cleaning, performing labor duties, buying flowers, picking up drap from draperies and so on.


ECHO COMMUNICATIONS, LLC North Miami, Florida 04/2004 - 12/2004

General Manager / Creative Director

My job at this full advertising agency was to define strategy, develop, execute, and manage comprehensive marketing plan encompassing integrated marketing initiatives designed to penetrate and grow targeted markets. Communicate with partners, management, internal departments, and vendors to coordinate overall marketing effort in accordance with corporate goals. Plan and carry out regional market research and analyses, play integral role in product development activities, lead and direct forward-thinking marketing team. Prepare and manage big budget advertising campaign. I was the key player in writing advertising campaign by, advising in designing, publishing and working with media buyers in showcasing the campaigns.


HAITIAN TELEVISION NETWORK, Miami, Florida 02/2003 - 1/2003

Marketing Consultant / Account Executive

Creating the marketing strategy of the first 24 hours Haitian TV station, by analyzing the needs of the station, identify targets of such ethnic TV station. I build loyal business customers by teaming them together to showcase their products to the Haitian Community as advertisers, sponsors. As an Account Executive my goal in the field is to bring businesses from different sectors as advertiser to the station; as a Marketing Consultant I follow the lead of my superior recommend changes if necessary and create a marketing model for the station.


CORAL PLAZA PHARMACY Doral, Florida 07-02/11- 2002

Marketing Consultant, implement pharmacy relation with clients, local clinics and hospitals in the South Florida area.


AIM'S Rx PHARMACY Miami, Florida 2000 - 2002

Account Executive / Driver

Marketing the pharmacy services throughout the South Florida area, implementing marketing strategies including: promotional materials, direct-mail and various health fairs. Sustaining patient's information, assist them on their request, working with social workers at the clinics, hospitals and at local government offices. Maintaining existing accounts and establishing new ones, building relationship with clinics, assisted living facilities and foster cares through 100 mile radius

My contribution makes the pharmacy one of three providing services to the outbound patients at Jackson Memorial Hospital.


US FIBERTEL INC Atlanta, Georgia

MACHINE OPERATOR, 06-00/09-2000

I worked within a team environment installing fiber optic cable, operating heavy equipments, located man holes inspect and troubleshoot hydro-mechanical equipment.


City of North Miami Beach, FL 01-2000 / 06-2000

Maintenance Worker 1

As a maintenance worker in the city stationed at the sanitation services, I work with heavy equipment operators, dump truck drivers in picking up trashes, collecting garbage from dumpsters and transport to the dumps. I worked as a driver using small pick up truck collecting bottles and plastics materials from numerous collecting points in the city and transport them to selected dumps.


PANACHE PARTY RENTALS Fort Lauderdale, Florida

DRIVER 1998-1999

I worked there as a helper loading trucks with party equipments, setting tables, chairs and party supplies at event location.



Brake & Clutch Technician – Machine Shop Helper

Rebuild brake pads, brake shoes clutch and related mechanical braking systems.

Helping the machinists and repairing cylinder heads, crankshafts, engine shot -

Blocks, engine sleeve rebuilding and various industrial mechanic duties.



  • Business consultant, with expertise in marketing, advertising, corporate identity and brand management.
  • Handyman with general knowledges of construction, electrical, plumbing, light carpentry and industrial mechanic, machine shop mechanic, truck driver, bus driver, automobile mechanic.
  • English, Creole, French and Spanish speaking, read and write fluently.


  • I have the ability to empower team in providing good performance in keeping the work standard based on the entity protocol.
  • When it come to problem solving, a born again Christian is suitable to tackle obstacles in any format they come. I have been burn, dealt with all kind of life difficulties. I am equipped with spiritual intelligence and human intelligence.
  • (ACLU) American Civil Liberty Union Broward County Chapter, Florida2006/2007

As a member I indulge myself in promoting civil liberty, working with my chapter in petition drive and numerous civil liberties activities.

  • WAFUNIF 2004/2007 NY,FL

WAFUNIF A UNITED NATIONS entity, I work as a Marketing Consultant and Creative Director designing and marketing the Projects in which I work with WAFUNIF personels in working with cultural groups around the globe, MegaStar soccer players like Ronaldino, Euzebio, Pele, Diego Maradonna, Ronaldo and political figures around the world in promoting HIV AIDS AWARENESS and reducing provertyworldwide.

I created project in outlining different activities like soccer event or any type in collaboration with our Goodwill Ambassadors aroung the Globe.

  • Hospice Care of Southeast Florida Miami, FL 2002-2004

As a volunteer I work with ill patient, many on prognosis, by assisting them with their daily activities such as washing their dishes, buying their basic needs at supermarkets, reading book for them encouraging them with problem facing on prognosis.

  • (SFAN) South Florida Aids Network Jackson Memorial Hospital Miami, Florida2001-2005

Representing numerous healthcare companies in working with SFAN in raising awareness on HIV. I act as a mediator between patients and Social Services.



Sullivan &Cogliano Miami, Florida 2001-2002

Microsoft Office User Specialist


Lindsey Hopkins Technical Institute Miami, FL 1998-2000

Electrical Wiring, studying the fundamental of electrical wiring such as coding and different rules of various aspect of the Electrical wiring sector.

Studying English as a second language, ESOL, GED and Reading.



English as a second language, Adult Continuing Education.

  • Environmental Sustainability Health & Safety 2 years by 2019
  • Oiler / Assistant Engineer 2 years by 1998
  • Safety Trainer 2 years by 2019
  • Handyman 3 years by 2003
  • Machinist 2 years by 1996
Quartier Morin,
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