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Engineer Superintendent


To work with internationl shipping company



A. Technical Superintendent

From Nov 2003 to present

Address: Malaysian Merchant Marine Berhad

No. 89, Lorong Tiong, Off Lebuh Enggang,

41050 Klang, Selangor, Malaysia.

Work Description:

I. Fully in charge of ship’s technical operations and provide technical advise in order to ensure that vessel are maintained and repaired in such a manner as to fulfill the objective for fleets and in compliance with requirement from party concerned. (company policies and procedure, management system; international conventions, recommendations and codes; flagstate legislation, codes and guidelines; portstate legislation and guidelines; classification society’s rules and regulations; industrial organization’s technical guide on efficient and safe working routines.)

II. Procurement = Analyzing / preparing / cost comparing / contract tender / arranging ship’s spare parts, store, lubrications oil, fuel oil, diesel oil, chemical and etc in different logistic area.

III. Fully responsible for monitoring / updating / designing / keeping record for ship’s performance daily, Lubrication oil consumption, Fuel oil consumption, survey, survey records, classification records, survey / inspection / servicing of FFA & LSA equipment.

IV. Develop / Utilize / monitor / update / changes / control of ship’s plan maintenances system which include all equipment on board; Establish / update / keep in operation programmes of maintenances and repair of the vessels.

V. Preparing / develop / maintain / update / vessel drydocking specification; request for quotation / tender; analyzing / comparing drydock cost / selection drydock for vessel; attend vessel in drydock as a project manager during vessel drydocking. Negotiates invoives from yards, repair companies and services complaints.

VI. Prepare an annual budget with adequate justification of cost involved; Ensure all time that expenditures are kept within the allocated budgets and all cost within its area of responsibility are entered into a cost control system; Prepare an annual summary of cost and budget for last year including explanation on deviation.

VII. Establish inspection schedules and by inspection determine maintenance and operational deficiencies and take necessary corrective measures where results below standards or requirements.

Note: * Fully in charge of 4 vessel: One Chemical / Oil Tanker (5000 GRT); One Chemical / Oil Tanker (4800 GRT); One Vehicle Carrier (9367 GRT); One Vehicle Carrier ( 8200 GRT).

* Involved with taking several delivery of the second hand vessel and sold off the vessel in the fleets.

* Experienced with Cap vessel rating structure repair or conversion on Chemical Tanker and Oil tanker.

B. Assistant Technical Superintendent Quality Assurance

From July 2001 to Nov 2003

Address: Star Cruises

Star Cruises Terminal, Pulau Indah,

P.O Box No. 288

42009 Pelabuhan Klang.

Selangor, Malaysia.

Tel: +60-3-31092162

Responsible for:

I. Assist the Director Quality Assurance in technical aspects of the Company’s Safety Management System in compliance to the ISM Code.

II. The QA Department’s technical expertise.

III. To provide technical support for QA Deparment in all matters related to ISM; ISO 9000 and ISO 14001; Solas ; STCW 95; Marpol and local legislation.

IV. Member of Star Cruises emergency response team.

V. Member of Star Cruises audit team.

VI. Act as the contact between QA and Technical Operation in technical matters

C. Marine Engineer Officer serving on board merchant navy vessel.

Address: A.P Moller Singapore Pte. Ltd.

200 Cantonment Road,

# 11-00 Southpoint

Singapore 089763.

Reference: Mr. Francis Joseph (Assistant General Manager)


Experience with bulk carrier, pure car carrier and container ship.

1) Second Engineer Officer (senior officer) Dec 1999 to Jun 2001.

Responsible for:

I. Administration, management and supervision for maintenance of ship and equipment, in order to ensure that tasks are performed in a manner that fulfils compliance with relevant legislation, class requirement and company’s safety management system.

II. Responsible and involves at all times, the safe, efficient and cost effective operation, maintenance and repair of the vessel and technical installations in accordance with the manufacturer’s instruction, relevant legislation, class requirements, and company’s safety management system.

III. A member of shipboard management team and in charge of Engineering Department; controlling, co-ordination, motivation, training, orientation and supervision of engineers, ratings and teams; Delegate and organize daily working plans, activities associated with watch and work routines, toward maximum safety and environmental protection and quality.

IV. Continuous reporting to the Shipboard Management concerning operation, performance, maintenance and repair works, defects, non conformances and others matters which could affect safety, health and environmental protection.

V. Optimum utilization of resources allocated, and create better working environment,

VI. Perform maintenance schedule according to plan maintenance schedule system, perform day-to-day work schedule for unplanned events, disperse outstanding work to engineers and engine or deck crew.

VII. Inventory, ordering and consumption of consumables stores, spares, chemical and lubrication oils including fuel consumption.

VIII. Develop the skills and confidence for officers by providing on board training and explaining the relevant content of the following to all personnel in order to promote sound management relations:

• Company’s Safety Management System

• Flagstate legislation, code and guidance

• Port state legislation and guidance

• Classification societies rules and regulations

• Industry guidelines

IX. Ensure all publication and documents relating to Safety Management System in Engine Department are current and filed.

Note: * June 1999-selected for delivery team to take over Maersk Atlantic new building in


* May 2000-selected to take over M.V Sealand Pride from Sealand management in


* Dec 2000-selected to take over M.V Sea Lark from Sealand management

2) Third Engineer Officer: Oct 1996 to Dec 1999.

Responsible for:

I. Assist and co-operate with second engineer in all operation and maintenance on board.

II. Directly in charge of all diesel generator, all main engine cylinder head mounting and others auxiliary machineries under second engineer supervision and chief engineer instruction.

3) Forth Engineer Officer : Feb 1995 to Oct 1996.

Fifth Engineer Officer : Jul 1994 to Feb 1995.

Junior Engineer Officer : Sep 1993 to Jul 1994.

Responsible for:

I. Assist and co-operate with second engineer in all operation and maintenance on board.

II. Directly in charge of all purifier, main air compressor, auxiliary boiler, cooling water and boiler water testing & treatment, chemical & lubrication oil inventory, centrifugal pumps and others.

III. In charge of preparing, receiving and transferring of all bunkering (FO, LO or DO) under chief engineer supervision and instruction.

4) Cadet Engineer serving on board M.V Alam Tabah.

Address : Pacific Ship Managers Sdn. Bhd.

Petaling Jaya, Selangor.


From May 91 to May 92.

5) Mechanical Engineering Trainee :

Address : Malaysia Shipyard and Engineering Sdn. Bhd.

81707 Pasir Gudang, Johor, Malaysia.

From Jun 1990 to Nov 1990.


Diploma In Marine Engineering



1.Certificate of competency as Chief Engineer Officer.

(3000KW or more Unlimited-MOTOR).

Awarded with the scholarship by A.P Moller Singapore Pte. Ltd.

Issued by Department of Marine Peninsular Malaysia.

From Jan.1998 to May. 1998.

2.Certificate of competency as Marine Engineer Officer Class II (motor).

Issued by Department of Marine Peninsular Malaysia.

From Aug.1995 to Dec.1995.

3. Certificate of competency as Marine Engineer Officer Class IV(motor).

Issued by Department of Marine Peninsular Malaysia.

From Jun 1993 (one week).

4. Diploma in Marine Engineering.

Issued by Ungku Omar Polytechnic, Ipoh, Perak, Malaysia.

From Jun 1989 to Jun 1993.

5. Higher School Certificate of Malaysia. (S.T.P.M)

From Sultan Abdul Hamid College, Alor Setar, Kedah, Malaysia.

From 1987 to 1988 (science stream).

6. Malaysia Certificate of Examination (S.P.M).

From Technical Secondary School, Alor Setar, Kedah, Malaysia.

From 1985 to 1986.

7. Lower Certificate of Examination. (S.R.P).

From Pulau Nyior Secondary School, Jitra, Kedah, Malaysia.

From 1981 to 1984.

8. Hwa Min (c) Primary School, Tunjang, Jitra, Kedah, Malaysia.

From 1975 to 1980.


Management skill and project management; Currently attend Business Management course from one of the local university.


Klang, Selangor,
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