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Eletrical Engineer

Engineer  / Naval Architect

I was born and grew up South Korea. I studied mechatronics engineering in KMU. After graduation, I was hired at shipping company as marine engineer for about 4 years. During that time,  I had responsibility for M/E A/E others equipment to maintain in good condition.  After ended seaman’s life, I joined Engine manufacure since January 2014. As field service engineer, I executed commissioning and service job according to demanded scopes. Especially I have many experience marine industry such as dual fuel engine. I carried out trouble shooting for gas engines for example Gas trip due to Knocking, gas transferring by using sofrware tools. Not only FS work, but also, I tried to find sales potential to made FS lead. I think it’s most import behaviour to increase our GTV.There is no doubt that I have comprehension about mechanical and electrical technic in Wartsila products.

  From Aug. 2018. I was involved lifecycle sales support team in marine business. I have responsibility about 4stroke & E&A products. I made tech request and sometimes I gave technical advisory to account manager or customers directly. Also, I made service/parts quotations by sales tool CRM.

So, I proudly say that I’ve studied E&A and I will get the engineering master’s degree next semester after pass a master´s thesis(dissertation). I’m working at marine/energy industry about 10 years.

  • Eletrical Engineer at Wartsila
    Jan 2014
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