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Electronics & Telecommunication Engineer, 19 years experience in Avionics, Power Electronics


To work in multinational, outside india, achieve life goal by means of achieving company goals & targets. To get the international working experience. To get the oppertunity for different & systematic work experience from multinationals or abroad.


I started my carrier as a Assistant Engineer in aviation industry in 1987 after doing my gradution in Electronics & Telecommunication Engineering. My working area was avionics mainly.

I started work on synchro amplifier, It was developed, tested and finaly approved for aircraft after complete qualification test.

My next project was aircraft inverter 115v/400Hz, this is also flying today. I have very good experience in power electronics being devolped series of inverters and power supplies for aircraft.

After that I was given the responcibility of developing fuel systems and fuel probes. During this period I have developed series of fuel systems and fuel probes for differrent aircrafts.

My next assignment was Anti Skid Control System for different aircrafts. Thease are working satisfactory.

I have also developed Amphere hour meter, dispaly unit and lighting box for aircrafts.

I am familar with different standards such as MIL-STD 704, MIL-STD 810D, MIL-STD 461, MIL-STD 462, RTCA, JSS, DDPMAS and other documents used for qualification testing.

I am familar with the process of qualification including PDR, CDR, FMECA.

I can do complete environmental testing.

I have also worked for developing test rig for all above projects.

Involved in the fuel system of aircraft.

Involved in production for the production of these LRU's and Systems.

I have installed communication and navigation system on aircraft.

Presently I am working as a Manager(Design)


I have completed my graduation in Electronics and Telecommunication engineering from the Institution of Electronics & telecommunication EngineersIETE),New Delhi, India.

I have completed diploma in COBOL from Hyderabad in 1985.

I have completed course in UNIX and C++ from Lucknow.


I am aware with the procss of certification of milatry and civil approvals from RCMA and DGCA.


My skills are to work in power electronics, inverters, fuel systems, fuel probes, lighting box, Amphere hour meter and Anti Skid Control system for aircraft and commercial industry.


Before this I have worked as a radar technician in defence for seven years.

Lucknow, Utterpradesh,
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