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Electronic Engineer


I desire to have my electronic engineering and automation experience skills put to use in the highest capacity to achieve greater success and technological competitiveness for my company, my fellow employees and my self.


Electronic and Automation manager

October 2004 – Actually working in the corporation

• Design, development and execution of automation projects with Siemens PLC´s (Programmable Logical Controllers) onboard the Colombian Navy ships.

• Direct economical intervention and management of the electronic and automation projects (hiring and managing personal, hand labor, materials and outsourcings).

• Dealing with the costumers, managing the personnel (technicians), materials, contractors, etc.

• Design and engineering of the projects.

• Coordinating times schedules with production

• Assurance of high quality standards and outcomes.

• Project experience and knowledge: CCTV, Fire detection and alarm systems, Propulsors and generators control systems and PLC automation, monitoring and control systems.


• Pontificia Universidad Javeriana – Electronic Engineer Degree – Completed April 5, 2005

• SIEMENS PLC basics S7 TIA Programming 1. Atlanta, Georgia, USA – December 2005

• SIEMENS PLC Intermediate S7 TIA Programming 2. Atlanta, Georgia, USA – December 2005

• SIEMENS Workshop PCS 7 on Tour. Siemens offices Bogotá – Colombia .

• Formation Courses in Quality Management system ISO 9001 Version 2000.


• PLC expert programmer in step 7 manager in automation proojects

• Quality manegment system ISO 9001 version 2000

• Fire detection and alarm systems on board marine vessels.


• Excellent knowledge of logical control languages for programming PLC

• Excellent knowledge in project administration, managing technical personnel, materials, outsourcings, etc.

• Extensive knowledge in engineering design of analog and digital electronic circuits.

• Extensive experience and work in industrial and maritime automation and control process systems.

• Knowledge in the design and implementation of data control networks in industrial and marine environments.

• Excellent knowledge in marine standards for the implementation of control and monitoring systems.

• Extensive knowledge in protection grades for the equipments to be installed (IP and NEMA).

• Extensive knowledge in Siemens software for the programming and configuration of S7-200, S7-300

• Implemented fire detection and alarms systems Siemens MXL-IQ up to 70 heat and temperature detectors (FP-11 and FPT-11), 20 Manual dual call points (MSI-20B) and 20 notification appliances.

• Extensive knowledge in Siemens CCTV products, installing several PTZ, varifocal lens cameras, domes, video recorders (Sistore AX) and implementing a remote visualization over a LAN.


In this moment, me and my electronic technicians team, execute the projects in maintenance of the automatic control systems of the diesel motors (protections). In addition to that we do the automation and update of the monitoring and control systems of the Colombian navy ships, including the installation of fire detection systems, CCTV, access control, etc.

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