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Electronic and Electrical Technician


To obtain electro-tecnician onboard the cruise passenger vessel..



100 MWe Diesel power plant Base load

I&C Instrumentation and control technician

[October 16, 1997 up to present )

Plant Automation Summary:


-PLC-Based Control and Supervision, Modicon Quantom plcs, For the time stamping of all

alarms and events, For data process control of the engine and generator parameters ,Woodward 721 for enhanced set point management for engine speed control / load control and generator automatic voltage regulator-

Basler 132-15 AVR.

-SCADA (WOIS) Wartsila Operator Interface’s System WorkStation

Factory Link ECS

Equipment Summary:

-10 sets 11340kw 18V38 Stork Wartsila Engine prime mover w/ a 10.7MWe, 13.8KV,

60 Hz Leroy Somer generator.

-Electrically driven auxiliary equipment for air system, fuel and lube oil system, steam system, and cooling water system.

-Steam system equipment LFO fired boiler for start-up and a 2 sets of exhaust recovery boiler, coupled to DESOX system.

- a set Black start generator 200 kva for start-up

Job function Responsibilities;

Responsible for the proper maintenance, repair installation and calibration of all instrumentation and control of engine and generator equipment of the power plant and its medium and high voltage switchgear, auxiliary control, generator protection relays, black start control DC back-ups (UPS) system including plant security surveillance CCTV. Has the authority to conduct troubleshooting of all instrumentation and control equipment and communication equipment and also to initiate, recommend or provide solution to non-conformances through designated channels, work related problems and concerns.



7.2 MW Diesel power plant

Manila international airport

Manila Philippines

I&C Electrical section head

Job function Responsibilities;

[From June to august 2005]

Supervise and assist, evaluate for the rehabilitation / repair of engine electrical control and instrumentation equipment of 2 units 3600 KWe 18v28 32H MANB&W engine prime mover, Coupled w/ a 4160kv AVK generator, Check inspection and testing of PLC base digital controller including protection relays, Panel metering, check all engine transducer for analog I/O for engine process control, Inspection and testing of the engine safety system


Educational Attainment:

[Zamboanga State College of Marine Sciences and Technology] Zamboanga City

[Diploma in Marine electronics and communication technology] Course

[April 1994] Graduated


Licensure examination:


Registration No. 2K-1KIX24815 National Telecommunication Commission


License no. NO2-9258737 Code: 2, 3, 5 Land Transportation Office

Seminars/Trainings :

Wartsila W38 Diesel Engine Course : Wartsila NSD Corporation

WMPC Zamboanga City

August 1998 40hrs

Continuous Emission Monitoring : David Padilla (4 hrs – Feb. 12 2004)

Seminar AIMS USA

Distribution System and Harmonics : Alex Devocion-WMPC – June 6 2003

Western Mindanao Power Corp.

Chemical Spill : MANTEK – June 19 2003

Western Mindanao Power Corp.

Power System Operation : ML Tatel-WMPC-July 28 2003

Western Mindanao Power Corp.

Power Quality Monitoring : Carlos Manila – WMPC-October 13 2003

Western Mindanao Power Corp.

BASLER AVR Set-up Orientation : SP Andres – WMPC-Nov. 19 2002

Western Mindanao Power Corp.

Fire Fighting Training : Bureau of Fire-WMPC-Nov.20 2002

Western Mindanao Power Corp.

Oil Spill Seminar : Phil. Coast Guard-July 18 2002

Island Mode Operation Seminar : WNSD-October 20, 2000

Advanced PLC : RB Ramilo-WMPC-June 21 2000

Western Mindanao Power Corp.


4th Marine Environmental Protection : Department of Energy

Awareness and Oil Spill Response : Garden Orchid Hotel, Zambo. City

Seminar- Workshop Sept. 10 – 11, 1998

IMPACT Seminar Workshop : HJ Hamoy – WMPC

WMPC – 12 hrs Sept. 13, 2001

Maintenance Eng’g. & Mngt Course : RB Ramilo – WMPC

WMPC – 8 hrs, April 19, 2001

Statistical Process Control Workshop: HJ Hamoy – WMPC

WMPC – 15 hrs, Sept. 13, 2001

Water Treatment Refresher Course : NALCO ( 4 hrs – July 29, 2003)

Western Mindanao Power Corp.

Basic Life Support Training ( CPR) : Philippine National Red Cross

WMPC – 16 hrs, Sept. 10 & 11,2002



- Knowledge of practice, methods, instruments, and materials used in electrical and

pneumatic construction, installation, repair, and testing;

Knowledge of boiler combustion controls and burner management systems;

- Knowledge of the principles of electrical theory as applied to electronic and power circuits, wiring systems; transformers connections, electrical recorders and instruments;

- Knowledge of the principles function and operation of Programmable Logic Controller PLCs. Familiar w/ GE Fanuc/ Modicon Quantum/Mitsubishi PLCs

- Knowledge of the principles and operation of pneumatic and hydraulic control systems;

- Knowledge of the construction and functions of a wide variety of electrical equipment used in power generation, Transmission, and distribution;

- Knowledge of the occupational hazards of the electrical trade and necessary safety precautions;

- Knowledge of all safety rules as stated in the adopted safety manual.


-Maintenance and repair of temperature, pressure and flow measuring devices;

-Troubleshooting of instrument and control malfunctions and in selecting the proper

Corrective actions;

-Safe use of variety of manual and power tools;

-Perform mathematical calculation. In the application and use of variety of test instruments and equipments including personal computers, volt meters,

Ammeters, ohmmeters, watt meters, phase angle meters, phase shifters, relay test equipment, and

other related instruments.

-Operate, Drive above 10,000 kls vehicle

-Computer, Windows Microsoft

-Computer Troubleshooting and repair

-Operate, repair of UHF and VHF radio communication..


Understand and follow instructions (oral and written) of a technical in nature;

Read and interpret electrical sketches, diagrams, schematics and instruction books; to repair adjust and calibrate instruments, controls, and other mechanical or electrical control devices; Ability to supervise helpers;

To establish and maintain effective working relationships with plant supervisors, employees, and vendors.



Personally dedicated hardworking and knowledgeable in engine generator electronic And electrical control system, Power Plant automation system

Zamboanga City,
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