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Maintain all Electrical/Electronic system onboard and save money.


1. Rank-Electrician, Vessel Name-M/V Kota Ratu, Agency-Wallem Maritime Services Inc., Principal-Pacific International Lines, Vessel Type-Container, GRT-9,422,KW-6158, Engine Type-Mitsui B & W,Inclusive Date-03Dec.2012 To 19Oct.2013.

2. Rank-Electrician, Vessel Name-M/V Seto, Agency-Wallem Maritime Services Inc., Principal-Wallem Shipmanagement, Vesel Type-Bulk Carrier, GRT-77,307, BHP-20940, Engine Type-Mitsui B & W, Inclusive Date-15Feb.2012 To 22Oct.2012.

3. Rank-Electrician, Vessel Name-M/V Sound Future, Agency-Evic Human Resource Management Inc., Princcipal-Blue Marine, Vessel Type-Bulk Carrier, GRT-18,495, BHP-8,000, Engine Type-B & W, Inclusive Date-14July2011 To 20Sept.2011.

4. Rank-Electrician, Vessel Name-M/V Delfa, Agency-Evic Human Resource Management Inc., Principal-Meadway, Vessel Type- Bulk Carrier, GRT-31,261, BHP-10,580, Engine Type-B & W, Inclusive Date-14Nov.2010 To 26March2011.

5. Rank-Electrician, Vessel Name-M/V Danica, Agency-Evic Human Resource Management Inc., Principal-Genoa, Vessel Type-Bulk Carrier, GRT-18,257, BHP-11,255, Engine Rype-B & W, Inclusive Date-29Jan.2010 To 22Oct.2010.

6. Rank-Electrician, Vessel Name-M/V Bonasia, Agency-Evic Human Resource Management Inc., Principal-Meadway, Vessel Type-Bulk Carrier, GRT-27,011, KW-7428, Engine Type-Sulzer, Inclusive Date-03March2009 To 11Dec.2009.

7. Rank Electrician, Vessel Name-M/V Sea Globe, Agency-Evic Human Resource Management Inc., Principal-Glubos, Vessel Type-Bulk Carrier, GRT-25,498, BHP-10,580, Engine Type-B & W, Inclusive Date-02June2008 to 23Jan.2009.

8. Rank-Electrician, Vessel Name-M/V Safmarine Texas, Agency-Evic Human Resource Management Inc., Principal-Safmarine, Vessel Type-Container, GRT-13,688, KW-7,600, Engine Type-B & W, Inclusive Date-31July2007 To 08May2008.


College-University of Nueva Caceres-3rd. Yr. Electrical Engineering, Secondary Course-Colegio Del Santisimo Rosario-Year Graduated-1967, Primary Course, Fundado Community School-Year Graduated-1963.


1. Seafarer's Identification & Record Book No. B1260750-Valid Until-19Nov.2017

2. Passport-XX5281442 Valid Until 18Nov.2018

3. Certificate Of Competency-Engine Rating, Ddoc. No. 11131100281407, Valid Until 25July2016.

4. Seafarer's Registration Certificate, Doc. No. 0114327-94, Issued-17March1994


Overhauled Electrical Motors as per PMMS Scheduled, Perform Welding Job and/or Fabricator.


National License-Registered Master Electrician, Registration No. 0005801, Registration Date-28July1978

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