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I like to attend any electrical and safety course/training to improve my skill and safety awareness. To achieve my objective, my strength are focused on Goal, Independent, as well as a team player, Very reliable and passionate, fast learning and Multi Skill experience


Working Experience

1.Associate Engineer for Western Digital (Formerly Known as Komag USA (M) Sdn.) to date (Recent)

2.Equipment Technical Specialist for Komag USA (M) Sdn, from August 1997 to 2000

3.Manufacturing Technician for Komag USA (M) Sdn Kuching Sarawak from June 3, 1996 to August, 1997

4.Trainee Manufacturing Technician for Komag USA (M) Sdn Penang from June 6, 1995 to May 3, 1996

5.Electrician June 1994 to November 1994 – Aik Loung Land & Marine Electric Motor Works Sdn. Bhd. Bintulu

6.MLNG (Malaysia Liquefied Natural Gas) as an Electrician Contractor February 1992 to June 1992- Sweden Electrical Work Sdn. Bhd. Bintulu

7.Own part time as a Wireman

1. Recent

Working Experience in Electrical Field

Wiring – Domestic and Industries 240VAC/415VAC

Extension DB 415VAC

Troubleshooting Motor Controls circuit (D.O.L, Forward Reverse, and Star Delta Motor Control)

Service Air Circuit Breaker (Maintenance ACB)

Industry DB wiring 415VAC for office and training room cabin

Motor Servicing (5HP, 15HP, 25HP Baldor Motor)

ABB, Baldor, and Toshiba Inverter repair and servicing

Troubleshooting Equipment Electrical wiring (Control and Power wiring)

Wiring termination and Installation

Pump Room Electrical installation and troubleshooting

PLC Wiring (Input output card)

Switches installation

Sensors troubleshooting and installation

Know how to read/write and troubleshoot using electrical Diagram

Design an Electrical Control diagram for project

Know how to use Multi Meter, Clamp Meter, Phase detector and etc…

Follows correct lock-out, tag-out procedure

Working Experience in Mechanical

Spindle Servicing

Gear Box Servicing

Heavy duty Gears replacement

Heavy duty Platen Swapping

Cylinder Installation

Mechanical part modification

Backlash adjustment

Speed Calibration

Mechanical alignment

Abnormal sound troubleshooting

Working Experience in Pneumatic

Pressure Calibration (Load Cell Calibration)

Air Leak troubleshooting

Gauge reading

Cylinders replacement

Solenoid Valve troubleshooting and installation

Design pneumatic circuit for project

Others Working Experience

Fitting and Piping Lay out (Pneumatic and DI Water)

PP welding

Operate machine (Polisher machines)

2. An Electrician

June 1994 to November 1994

Company Name: Aik Loung Land & Marine Electric Motor Works Sdn. Bhd. Bintulu


Wiring – Surface, GI Pipe, Tranking, Overhead, and Underground

Lay three phase wiring 415VAC according to drawing given for Main Switch Board at Kamena Bright Wood Company. Wiring Single phase DB 240VAC for Canteen at Kamena Bright Wood Company. Lay 500 mm underground and overhead cables for main incoming Supply to Main switch Board. Connect all the 5 HP motor to machine conveyer system.


Install Main DB 415VAC for Canteen, Control Room, Office and Factory. Install Straight lighting 240VAC along the Kamena Bright Wood Company compound.


Troubleshoot grounding issue (Motor always having life on the body. ELCB always tripped while switch ON. Motor Control malfunction and etc…

3. An Electrician (Lighting and Power) Contractor for MLNG Bintulu (Malaysia Liquefied Natural Gas)

February 1992 to July 1992

Company Name: Sweden Electrical Work Sdn. Bhd. Commercial Centre Bintulu



What issue need to highlight on that day. Collect CC from department that having the feedback for further troubleshooting.

Follow LNG staff to the site for get the CC and get buy off from the owner of the department on the CC reported.


Remove all the Blown or spoilt Tube, troubleshoot the malfunction lighting, and replace the missing part of the lighting. Troubleshoot the malfunction Socket outlet, replace for damage, and replace straight lighting bulb, Choke/ballast, fuse, and minor troubleshooting.

4. Own part time as a Wireman

Wiring/Troubleshooting (CCTV, Security Alarm, Sport Light, Lighting, Socket outlet, Main Switches, DB, replace ELCB, MCB, Isolator, and etc…

Achievement in Company

Successfully design circulation Tank for prevent Disk surface stain

Successfully design and install Cylinder safety device

Successfully solve Copper Stain contaminations issue to improve yield

Successfully solve argon contaminations issue to improve yield

Ahead schedule in conducted the Installation/fit up machine

Successfully design the system to save the cost for Chemical use (alarm triggering)

Successfully design the Chemical Alarm for high and Low detector

Successfully lead Plan shut down and stat up for Polishing Department

Successfully Installation and Set up Pump Room System (Cleaning System)



Penang Skill Development Centre


Engineering and Manufacturing Competence Qualification

Accredited by the Multi Media University (CGPA: 3.59)

University Malaysia Sarawak (UNIMAS)


Advance Certificate in Manufacturing (CGPA: 2.84)

MARA Skill Institute of Sarawak (IKM)


Skill Certificate in Electric Domestic and Industries (Wireman Second Grade)

SM Vocational Bintulu


Electrical course (SPMV 3)

Sarawak Skill Development Centre

17 July 1999 to 5 December 1999

Attended Chargeman AO


Basic Offshore Safety Induction Emergency training- 5700

(Incl. of safety Induction, Sea Survival, HUET with EBS and Basic fire fighting & Self rescue (OPITO approve)

Held on : 13/10/2008 to 15/10/2008 at MIRI (SMTC)

Cert no.: A59.08.0083

Valid untill: 14/10/2012

Wireman Second Grade

Factories and Machinery Act (FMA)


Skills Base

Familiarity with equipment included electrical system, mechanical function, pneumatic control and PLC controller (Mitsubishi)

Project leader, project design, deal with vendor, and update report to top management

Proven leadership and human management skills with 4 subordinate reported to me

Budget design and monitoring (Generate BOM)

Time-efficient, systematic working methodology

Rapid adaptability to new problem-solving and new locations

Languages: English and Malay

IT: Word, Excel, Windows, and Solid Work

Clean driving license: B2 and D


Others Courses Attended

1.Basic Ragging and Lifting coarse by November 13, 2008

MLNG Staff (Ali Wahab)

2.Basic Solid Work 2006 February 2008

3.Basic Bomba Fire fighting October 21 to 22, 2008

4.Factories and Machinery Act (FMA)Training June 25, 2008

5.Basic, Intermediate and Advanced MELSEC Q-Series PLC Mac 4-7, 2008

6.Training on Hazard Identification Risk Assessment and Risk Control (HIRARC),March 20, 2007

7.Mechatronic Training January 13 & February 11, 2003

8.Trainers’ Workshop Aug 12 & Sept 2, 1998

9.ISO 9000 – Measurement and Calibration System June 13-14, 1997

10.Basic Communication English September 13 to November 8, 1996

11.Programmer Logic Control (Basic)November 14 – 16, 1996

12.Safety Seminar (Piping and Fitting Installation)Oct 29, 1996

13.Basic Statistical Process Control June 15th,1995

Kuching, Sarawak,
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