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Electrical Marine officer


Experienced in Transformer maintenance and in erection works also and total experience is 2yrs as Electrical Engineer in power plant.


Working in Adani Thermal power plant, Gujarat as an Electrical engineer(As Construction Power Supply Maintenance Engr and also Erection site Engr) from Jul 2008 in a company named Lakhani Engg company(working for SepcoIII).

Roles & Responsibilities:

Role 1: -Maintenance Engineer(From Jul 2008 to Dec 2009 in Construction power Supply Maintenance)

? Transformers and panel maintenance includes cable laying and fixing panel boards.

? Finding fault in underground cables and over head transmission lines.

? Handling HT and LT cables like Terminations and Joints in different size cables.

? Coordinating with Chinese Engineers and Interacting with Electricians and Labours.

? Planning and Executing the work in the given time.

? Handling the work with all safety measures to avoid accidents.

? Analyze the work and plan to do it in a suitable atmosphere.

Role 2: -Erection site Engineer(From Dec 2009 to till date)

? Equipment erection and Earthing Rod laying work around a specific area.

? Main responsibility is Inspecting the site to start our work and update our daily progress.

? Estimation for cable trays with respect to the cable schedule and executing the work in accordance to the diagram and material preparation.

? Analyze an area to start a work inside a building(under construction).

? Discussing with Chinese Engineers for upcoming works and their requirements.


Studied 12th in St. Paul Matric Hr Sec School, Kurinjipadi with 55percentage.

Graduation(BE EEE) in Annamalai University,Chidambaram with 6.1grade points


Done Courses in C, C++ from Canada Indian Institution, Chidambaram.


? Appetite to learn new thing.

? Ability to deal people diplomatically.

? Executing new Ideas.

? Languages ..: C, C++

? Packages ..: MS Office, Adobe Photoshop, Dreamweaver, AutoCad.

? Operating systems ..: Windows 98, 2000, XP, Vista


Chennai, Tamil Nadu,
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