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Electrical engineer


I can work as ships electric engineer(ETO). Also I can work as sevice engineer making service of any ships electrical,electronic and automatic equipment (e.g. Aux boiler automation, engines automation etc.)


I have worked at sea from 1995 making seviceof ships as electrician and el. engineer. Please find my sea experience of last three year:

1.From 10.04.2004 till 10.04.2004. Ship name:Svart Falk. Company:LGR di Navigazione. Flag:Italy. DWT 46000. M.E. MAN B&W 6S50MCC 10954BHP.

2.From 06.08.2005 till 17.11.2005. Ship name: Hellas Symphony.Company: Consolidated Marine Management. Flag: Greece. DWT 46000. M.E. MAN B&W 6S50MC 10294BHP.

3.From 01.07.2006 till 23.11.2006. Ships name:Nordscot. Company: Ahrenkiel GmbH & Co. KG. Flag: Liberia. DWT 35000

M.E. MAN B&W 6S46MCC 10540BHP.

For details please contact me by phpne or e-mail.


1. Rostov on Don river college, passed from 1993. Degree: Technician el. engineer.

2. Adm. Ushakov Maritime State Academy, Novorossiysk Russia,

passed from2006. Degree: engineer mechanic.


Certificate of competency: 2-nd class el. engineer officer

No 2013200003 issyed 06.02.02, valid till 20.12.11.

Also I have all necessary STCW certoficates for work onboard the ship.


Ships electric equipment (e.g. el. motors,contactors,connection boxes etc.) maintenance and overhouling.

Services of ships remout control and alarm monitoring systems such as Norcontrol, MEMAC, Autronica.

Cargo monitoring systems and safery systems of oil, product and chemical tankers.

Service of ships navigation equipment.

Advanced computer user.


If work aboard ships, duration of contract shoudn't exeed 4 months. Min salary should be not less than 3500 EUR.

Schekino town, Tula region,
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