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Electrical and Electronics Engineer (Telecom/UPS)


To execute project management activities during pre-sales, project plans, project implementation and services in the field of Electronics, Electrical, Safety Awareness Policy, AutoCAD Design, Instrumentation and Communications Technologies.


• Diagnoses and corrects failure in assigned machines or circuit board using appropriate service aids, tools and resources in minimal time and provide appropriate report for return material agreement purpose, supplier, customer or knowledge management.

• Conduct research, development and design on new related technologies to be at hand with fast changing field of the UPS Static / Rotary system, Health Safety & Environment and Project Safety Plan.

• Develops and improves technical proficiency to core or non-core products through research and study.

• Implement safety worked research that will enhance occupational health plan for the Company and construction sites.

• Perform installation, operation, upgrades, modification, troubleshooting, repair and preventive maintenance but not limited to external projects and customers.

• Performs standard quality testing and assessment on existing product for its configuration, feature and function, performance and abnormality.

• Provide the report to the upper management as required by monitoring and checking of the progress activities.

• Carries out technical tasks that involve in independent evaluation and selection process. Feasible standard technique in the field of estimates, constructions, repairs and report preparations.

• Responsible for technical drafting designed (2D/Isometric) in the presentation of the system required by the client.

• Perform calculation for UPS parallel redundant / capacity and battery size of cabling.

• Develop and produce documents for UPS System, Operation and Maintenance procedure manuals in accordance with principals and guidelines of ISO 9001 series.

• Perform other task as required.

• Read and interpret different types of engineering drawing PID, safety equipment / arrangement layout drawing, Single Line Diagram, Block Diagram, Interconnection Diagram, Schematic Diagram and others etc,.

• Conduct and commission the entire operation of the petroleum oil cavern storage, oil pipeline and power plants using state of art automation and control systems.

• Develop and produce Mechanical Completion Dossiers, Operation and Maintenance procedure manuals in accordance with principals and guidelines of ISO 9001 series.

• Maintain time schedules identified for the production of operation and maintenance procedure manuals including computerized control engineering data.

• Liaise with field engineering regarding Electrical, Instrument, Security and Telecom in all technical matters related to Mechanical Completion Dossiers and System Commissioning matters.

• Participate in inter-discipline check of engineering design drawing and raised clarification on issues concerning discrepancies on the design requirement.

• Responsible for modification of technical drafting concerning discrepancies of Electrical, Instrument, Security and Telecom drawings.

• Conduct field inspections to examine the problem areas pertaining to equipment, cabling and other installed facilities to confirm the actual existence of the systems.

• Close liaison with other team members to achieve successful commissioning and final acceptance of all the site facilities.

• Employ proper health and safety practices during installation, testing, commissioning and calibration of instruments.

• Received instructions from project superintendent on the specific assignment objectives, point of emphasis, references information source and possible solutions.


• Graduate of 5 years Bachelor of Science in Electronics & Communication Engineering (1996).

• Experienced in plant commissioning, construction, project cost management and project planning.

• Computer skills in Micro Station SE / V.8, Auto Cad Released 2002/2004, Unix Database System.

• Estimate of labor cost and bill of materials for installation, termination and commissioning of the following system such as: Electrical System, PABX System, BGM/PA System, CATV System, Security and Fire Alarm system. (Excellent in Troubleshooting and Repairs of Electronics/Electrical Systems).

• Involved in the detailed design engineering plans and drawings for Electrical Systems. Experience in Electrical CAD activities for small power layout, cable ladder layouts, schematic, block & loop diagrams.

• Knowledge in Precision Air Conditioning Unit implementation, testing, commissioning & maintenance.

• Developed and provide dependable quality documents for Health Safety & Environment and Project Safety Plan. Engaged in the project implementation, installation and commissioning.

• Technical skills in designing of antenna and power supply regulation circuits.

• Knowledge in Computer Network LAN configuration, set-up of hardware and software.

• Basic and advance PLC, Instrument Process / Calibration and Controls.

• Proficient in Trunking Radio System & Conventional (VHF/UHF/HF) Two Way Radio Systems.

• Technical Services of TV Broadcasting & Communication Equipment Facilities.

• Highly skills in technical service for (UPS System) hardware Analog and Digital Circuits.

• Basic knowledge in designing electrical line diagrams for Uninterruptible Power Supply System.

• Excellent communication and interpersonal skills with ability to work in a multi-disciplined team.

• Work well under pressure with attention to details and problem solver.


1. Advance Industrial Motor Control Meralco Foundation Institute

(22 August 2006 to 20 September 2006)

2. Industrial Electrician Meralco Foundation Institute

(26 January 2006 to 09 February 2006)

3. Motherwell Control Systems 2800I Servo Gauge ABV ROCK Group KB.

(17 September 2005 to 19 September 2005)

4. Solar Power System NAPS-NSCI Controller ABV ROCK Group KB.

(06 June 2005 to 07 June 2005)

5. TAG Maintenance System Functions (TMS) ABV ROCK Group KB.

(06 June 2005 to 07 June 2005)

6. Computer Aided Construction Project Management

CAD Vision Engineering

(September 2003 to October 2003)

7. Basic Programmable Logic Control Meralco Foundation Institute

(07 July 2003 to 25 July 2003)

8. Micro Station SE/V.8 CAD Vision Engineering

(11 June 2003 to 20 June 2003)

9. Mobile Cellular Phone Repair Cellfix Enterprises Centre.

(14 April 2002 to 19 April 2002)

10. ICOM Two Way Radio System Avesco Marketing Corporation

(14 November 2000)

11. Xerox Copier Machine (Konica 1212 ZMR) UBIX Corporation

(13 June 2000)


Computer Software Skills:

• Microsoft Word / MS. Excel / MS. Power Point / MS. Access / MS. Projects / MS. Visio, Preco-Direct, Unix Database System, Auto CAD-2002/2005/2008, Micro Station SE / V.8 and Corel Draw.

Language Skills:

• Ability to read, analyze and interpret general business periodicals, technical procedures or governmental regulations. Ability to write report, business correspondence and procedure manual. Ability to effective present information and respond to questions from groups of managers, clients and general public.

Mathematical Skills:

• Ability to work with mathematical concepts such as probability and statistical influence and fundamentals of plane and solid geometry and trigonometry. Ability to apply concepts such as fractions, percentages, ratios and proportions to practical situations.

Reasoning Skills:

• Ability to define problems collects data, establish facts and draw valid conclusions. Ability to interpret an extensive variety of technical instructions in mathematical or diagram form and deal with several abstract and concrete variables.

Electrical Power Distribution System:

• Understanding / Identifying of the Principles and Operation.

UPS Electrical System

Cathodic Protection 110V Dc Supply System

Earthing and Bonding Escape Lighting Power Lighting Small Power

PACU System


• Performed technical services by component level through intensive analysis, trouble shooting, repairs, calibration, modification, configuration and evaluation.

a) Arriflex Daylight Conventional & Electronics Ballast /


575 Watts 4.0 Watts 2.5 Watts

1.2 KW 6.0 KW 12 KW

b) Cinematography Electronics Crystal High Speed Motor

(24 f/s – 120 f/s).

c) Arriflex Camera III (24 f/s – 25 f/s )and Smoke Machine (Show Mist).

d) Sachtler Battery Pack with speed charger (30V/100W).

e) Sony TV Broadcasting Camera & Digital Video Color System.

f) Cine 60 Battery Pack Belt (30V/100W) and Dedo Power Belt


g) Broadcasting Mixer, Amplifier and Monitor


• IEEE - Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers.

Proficient Code and Specification:

• IEC - International Electro-technical Commission

• ANSI - American National Standards Institute

• NFPA - National Fire Protection Association

• ISO - International Organization for Standardization

• NFPA - National Fire Protection Association

• OSHA - Occupational Safety and Health Administration

• NEC – National Electric Code Standards

• RP 651 - Cathodic Protection of Aboveground

Petroleum Storage Tanks.

• ASME - American Society of Mechanical Engineers

• CCITT – International Telegraph & Telephone

Consultative Committee.

• NEMA – National Electrical Manufactures Association.

Quezon City, Manila,
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