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ehv project engineer (E&I)

                                Curriculum Vitae                             


Presently I am working with Liaqat Khan And Brothers Engineers And Contractors Pvt Ltd k.p.k Pakistan.

EMPLOYER HISTORY (2010 to date)
Peshawar Electric Supply  Company ( PESCO) & Islamabad
Electric Supply Company (IESCO)
Projects Ø 220/132/11Kv  Mansehra grid substation
Ø 220/132/11Kv   hayatabad peshawar substation.
Ø 132/11kv           nowsehra peshawar substation.
RoleEHV Project Engineer (E & I)


  • Installation of Power Transformer 160 MVA (ABB Spain), 20/26 MVA (Hysung, ABB, Siemens), AUX Transformer's & NER/NGR as per PTS & approved drawings.
  • Installation of 132 Kv GIS   Hundyi Japan (Gas Insulated Switchgear).
  • Installation of 132 Kv Shunt Reactor (40 MVA)   Siemens Austria.
  • Installation of Grounding Transformer.
  • Installation of SAS Panels, Communication Panels, Protection Panels & SCADA Panels as per approved drawings. .
  • Installation of 132 Kv LCC Panels.
  • Installation of Cable ladder & Cable tray for control, Communication cables, Optical Fiber, LV, MV & HV Power cables as per approved drawings.
  • Installation of 11 KV switchgear(VD-04 Vacuum type, ABB Company) as per PTS & approved drawings.
  • Installation of 33 KV switchgear(HD-04 SF-6 type, ABB Company) as per PTS & approved drawings.
  • Installation of 132KV switchgear (AIS type)  as per PTS & approved drawings.
  • Installation of  LV control & peripheral lighting system.
  • Installation of battery bank (110 & 48 v)as per PTS & approved drawings.
  • Installation of control panels as per PTS & approved drawings.
  • Installation of capacitor bank as per PTS  & approved drawings.
  • Installation of lightning protection system as per PTS  & approved drawings.
  • Installation of 132 KV gantry (132 KV complete bay), disconnector, ground isolator & earth switch.
  • Gassing / De-gassing of SF-6 & related tests  (Leakage test, purity test, moisture test & due point test).
  • Installation of Line isolator (Q-9), circuit breaker, bus bar isolator (Q-1), ground isolator (Q-8,15) & VT isolator (Q-16,63).
  • Installation  of 132 KV, 33 KV & 11  KV Bus Bar (Recham).
  • Underground trench excavation, Cable laying, Megger testing, and installation of red tiles and warning tapes.
  • Installation of underground and above ground conduits,  cable trays, duct banks, power, control and instrument cables.
  • Expertise includes Commissioning of HV protection systems, medium and low voltage switchgear, relaying and metering system.
  • Skillful in analyzing (system design, relay protection), operating , running and troubleshooting.
  • Installation of 220/132//33/11 Kv  SubStations within high quality standards and safety guidelines.
  • Protective Relay Testing,  Control and protection schemes.
  • Checking various   Interlocks and Logic schemes.
  • Analyzing   CT /VT Test results.
  • MV/ HV Bus bar Inspection.
  • Installation of AC/DC system. 
  • Reviewing various designs, drawings, processes, procedures and finalizing formats and control documents for all equipment involved.
  • Able to perform system analyses including   relay coordination, grounding & short circuit studies for high voltage substations.  Ability to prepare relay setting calculations.
  • Good experience in low,   medium and high voltage switchgears. Ability to operate, troubleshoot   MV and HV breakers, switchgear, protection relays, cables, GIS.
  • Coordinate with all departments i.e. Communication, PDD, Utilities, Security, Loss Prevention Department, PMT and survey department of  LKB Engineers And Contractors to resolve all the issues facing the project.
  • Loop checking (with loop package) of different instruments e.g Flow transmitter (Mag & ultra Sonic), Level transmitter, MOV (Motor Operated Valve), Analyzer transmitter, Pressure transmitter, Temperature transmitter.
  • Loop checking of Fire and Gas detectors, Controlling Unit and Field audible and visible alarms.
  • Underground cable tracing with RD-8000 (cable detector).
  • Arrange kick off and pre-construction meetings with contractors.
  • Coordinate with project planning department for the preparation of planning chart, schedules and job completion reports for submission to the higher management authorities. Also coordinate with contractor to obtain prepare weekly & monthly look ahead schedule for field installations.
  • Installation of Power Transformers, Switchgears, motor Control Centers, Switch racks, Disconnect switches, Circuit breakers, Emergency Diesel Generators, Direct Current system, Relay panels, Marshaling Racks, Remote terminal units, Well Shutdown Hydraulic panels, Instrument junction boxes, Battery chargers, Cathodic protection Rectifiers.
  • Installation of cathodic Protection system.
  • Coordinate to clear punch list items, exception item list, discrepancy reports, log book entries raised by SAPID and contractor QA/QC Department regarding all concerned activities.
  • Installation of underground and above ground conduits, cable trays, duct banks, power, control and instrument cables.
  • Construction of Electrical Substation Building, Central Control room, Marshalling rack room, Battery room, and Operation Support Building.
  • Supervision of all Electrical installation activities covering installation of Main Panel Board and basic electrification of small power, lighting Erection of cable tray, installation of junction box lighting Distribution Panel according to plan drawing.
  • Calibration of Instruments such as Pressure transmitters, Flow transmitters, Level transmitters, Temperature transmitters, and pressure switches, Temperature switchers, Pressure indicators, Temperature indicators, Pressure relief valves and temperature recorders.


POSITION:- Assistant manager (E&I)

LOCATION:-Hattar  Haripur


  • Substation Engineering & Project Management.
  • Maintenance of Power Cables.
  • Sub-Station Project Management.
  • Substation Operation & Maintenance.
  • To look after the whole areas of cement plant under my supervision including troubleshooting  of faults in power panels, motor drives, T/f’s, relays, power cables and switch gears   etc.
  • Responsible For the Periodic Maintenance of T/Fs (1OKVA-3OOOKVA).
  • Power System Planning.
  • Execution, Supervision & Monitoring Of Project Works & Activities while Maintaining Targets.
  • To Carry Out Meetings With Contractor To Resolve The Outstanding Issues & Conflicts.
  • To Prepare & Analyze Tripping Reports Of 132kv Networks (Fault Analysis).
  • To Solve & Troubleshoot Problems Faced By Staff Working On My Strength.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           Practical Training (01/06/2007 to 30/08/2007)

worked as networks and  telecom solution provider in Habib Rafique Limited Peshawar  Pakistan.

three months Practical Work at 132KV Grid Station (PESCO)   Abbottabad Under the Supervision of Resident Engineer  PESCO Pakistan.

Academic Qualification:

Bachelor of Science in ELECTRICAL Engineering,  4years--- october 2007 .

University of Engineering and Technology Peshawar, Pakistan

FSC (Pre Engineering)    Sep 2003.

Pine Hills Public School & College Abbottabad Pakistan.

SSC (Science Group)       June 2001.

Army Public School And College Mansehra Pakistan.

Final Year Project:

“Voice communication” Trainer Design & Its Implementation

Member of Pakistan Engineering Council      

  Registration No: ELECT/24307


EARNED VALUE MANAGEMENT (Project Measurement and cast control).In this seminar we are learn how to apply Earned Value Management techniques to our project cost control and forecasting Skill Development Council Islamabad Pakistan.

Computer Knowledge:                                                   Microsoft-Word, Excels, AutoCAD, Matlab

Language Proficiency:                                      English, Urdu, Arabic & Pashto.

Personal information:

Name                          : MUHAMMAD AYAZ KHAN

Father’s Name          : ADAM KHAN

  Date of birth               : JANUARY 12, 1986

Nationality                  :  PAKISTANI

N.I.C                              : 13503-7115966-9

Material status          : SINGLE

Passport No                : JH4119662 Valid till  03 Sep  2019

post office hazara university, North-West Frontier,
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