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DPO / SDPO for semi sub rigs, Master / Ch. off/ SDPO for DP II vessels, Master for DP I vessel


I am an master with unlimited license obtained in 1991 and have been sailing in offshore since 2002 after getting command in 1996. I have been sailing in DP field since 2007 and have done 6 DP ships. I wish to make DP field my carrer hence forth. I have sailed on 6 DP I ships and possess an unlimited DP license. I am also willing to sail on semi sub rigs and drill ships.



All as Master

company Vessel Duration Vsl Type

Greatship Asmi Jun 09 - Oct 09 AHTS

PoshSemco Posh Vibrant Nov 08 - Feb 09 AHTS DOF Skandy Falcon Aug 08 - Sept 08 PSV

Swiwar Swiwar Challenger May 08 - June 08 AHTS

HOSC Halul 25 Mar 08 - Apr 08 HALUL 25

RBD D/Bonavista Nov 07 - Feb 08 AHTS

Bourbon Bourbon Thetys Jul 07 - Aug 07 AHTS

Greatship Greatship Disha May 07 - jun 07 PSV

Sea Lion Toisa Lion Mar 07 - Apr 07 PSV

ESSAR Nand Bhavani Jan 07 - Feb 07 MBC

KOTC Al Sabriyah May 06 - Sep 06 AHTS

KOTC Al Sabriyah Dec 05 - Feb 06 AHTS

KOTC Al Sabriyah Jun 05 - Sep 05 AHTS

HOSC Halul 15 Feb 05 - Apr 05 AHTS

ISD Pacifique Oct 04 - Dec 04 DREDGER

SCI Sindhu 4 Jun 04 Aug 04 AHTS

Tidewate Regent Seahorse Oct 03 - Feb 04 OSV

Prior to this on large ships as

1. Master 7 yrs

2. c/off 7 yrs

3. 2/off 3 yrs

4. 3/off 5 months

5. Cadet 4 yrs.


Rank Bulk Tanker Cont GC./OSV/Dredger Total

Master 32M 29D 07M 06D ------ 35M 26 D 06Y07M11D

Ch. Off. 18M 17D 11M 20D ----- 6M 17D 03Y 00M 24D

2nd Off. 10M 03D ----- 15M 27D ------ 02Y 02M 00D

3rd Off. ----- ----- 05M 05D ------ 00Y 05M 05D

Total 61M 19D 18M 26D 21M 02D 36M 12D


Certificate : Indian Master FG No: IF-004807,issued at Bombay,on:11-06-2001,Valid Till:09-03-11

Educational : Bachelor of Arts in Mathematics



ADV Fire Fighting


Prof. In Survival Craft

Radar Simulator/ARPA

DP induction

Sp. Tanker Safety Co.

LIG Gas Tanker Course




Advanced DP Course

HUET Course


Manual handling skills of supply vessel. Have sailed on large bulk carriers and tankers. I have been sailing on supply vessels on Indian coast wher one has to supply to rigs without tieing up and it requires long hours of ship handling techniques.

Have comprhensive knowledge of ISM and vessel surveys and certification.In offshore field have done supplies, rigmoves, anchor handling towing etc.


Would like to join DP II / III oil rigs or I / II / III vessels.

Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh,
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