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DP Master


I prefer to work on board DP vessels as Master or DP Operator on a 1:1 leave/work ratio.


I sought pre-mature retirement from Navy and worked for Reliance Industries, as Master of one of their Ocean-going Tugs. This was a 5500 h.p. 42 b.p. tug with Z-peller steering-cum-propulsion system (without rudder), employed for berthing/securing of large tankers alongside/to SPM’s. I was on board Tidewater vessels since 06 Jan 2000 for over an year, on board their seismic survey vessels, cable ship as well as Recording vessels. These vessels are fitted with Dynamic Positioning equipments. Subsequently I did a short trip on board a AHTS/DP vessel carrying out ROV work for cable burial, survey and maintenance. The tenures on board ONGC vessels were as Addl Ch Officer/DPO. These vessels are employed as Dive Support vessels (DP2), Air Diving as well as Saturation Diving, apart from providing Crane support, Fi-Fi, Pollution Control and Helicopter landing facilities. I had been on board three other DP2/DSV's. My tenure with Adamac Marine as Master included a 8-Pt mooring Work Barge, a 4-Pt mooring DSV carrying out SBM maintenance and a DP/Construction support vessel. This tenure in Nigeria also gave me a chance to work as a Mooring Master and also to carry out Anchor handling. I was previleged to take over as Master(for initial 17 days and thereafter as SDPO) of Persian Pioneer, a DP/ROV vessel on behalf of IOEC, responsible for Sea Acceptance Trials and DP Trials. I was employed as Master of a self-propelled, self-elevated Jack-up Barge in Persian Gulf for almost 18 months. This Barge was used for Dive support, Seismic Drilling, Coring, Vibrocoring, Underwater Cable repair, Cable Laying etc. I did a trip as Master/DPO of a DP//DSV/ROV/Hydrographic Survey Vessel in the Meditaranean. I have just completed my tenure as Chief Officer/Senior DPO on board a DP2/DSV/ROV support vessel in Far East. I have worked on Kongsberg SDP 521, SDP 21, SDP 600, ADP 503, ADP 311, ALSTOM ADP21, ALSTOM JSDP80, Nautronix ASK 4000JS, Nautronix ASK 5000JSDP, Nautronix NMS 6000 DP systems using DGPS, HPR, Artemis, Fanbeam and Light Weight Tautwire as Position Reference Systems. In Nov 2005, I was assigned the responsibilty of imparting DP training to a few Naval Officers on board DSV Nireekshak, fitted with SDP 521 System using Horizontal Tautwire along with other Position Reference systems. I have working experience with PGS, ADMA/OPCO, Global Marine, Fugro, CGG, Vanoord, JDN, Ballast HAM, Jay Mcdermott, Dubal, BAPCO, QP, Shell, Chevron Texaco, Petronas, Statoil, Impre Sub, Exxon Mobil and other owner companies and international crew. I am holding Pilotage Exemption Certificate for Ras Laffan Port for vessels upto 75 mts length. I was also responsible for implementation of ISM code on board the vessels I was employed.

Total Marine related service: 29 years

Total Sea Service: 15 years.

Total DP Hours : 9744 hrs (12 hrs per day)


EDUCATION STATUS/Professional Courses

EDUCATION / YEAR OF PASSING OUT BSc – First Class/Kerala University/1976

PROFESSIONAL TRAINING / FROM - TO Naval Academy / July 1977 to December 1979

Intensive EDP Course/YEAR Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi/1982

Hydrographic Course/FROM - TO Hydrographic School, Goa/April 1981 to August 1981

DP Induction Course/YEAR Lowestoft College, UK/2000

DP Simulator Course/YEAR Lowestoft College, UK/2000


Certificate of Competency:(a) Certificate of Competence as Master/Unlimited Oceans(3000 GRT)/Panama/STCW 95

(b) Certificate of Service as Master/India / Near Coastal/Unlimited Tonnage

(c) GMDSS/GOC : GOC/6782 valid till 16 Jan 2007

(d)DP Certificate : 1776 /Unlimited/ Issued by Nautical Institute, London

STCW 95 Courses

Advanced Firefighting

Proficiency in Survival Craft

Personal Survival & Social Responsibilities

Captain’s Medicare

Radar Operator’s Course

Automatic Radar Plotting Aids

Radar, ARPA & Navigation Simulator Course

Ship Security Officers Course

Marine Communication Course


Master’s Refresher and Updating Course


DP Operator

Hydrographic Surveyor

Master Mariner


Formally trained in Computers, COBOL, UNIX & C. Familiar with Windows and other packages.

Cochin, Kerala,
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