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Diver / Deckhand


I have an ocean engineering and environmental science background with 25 years experience in the commercial / research diving field

I am seeking a diving / Deckhand position where my background will be both utilized and challenged


Liberty International Underwriters September 2007 – March 2008

Marine Engineer: Maritime claims specialist

• Surveyed damaged vessels to determine cause.

• Created and maintained inventory of dive supplies.

• Ran safety drills governed under the U.S. Coast Guard requirements.

• Prepared presentations on diving safety and proper procedures.

• Prepared documents for upper management meetings as part of on going projects.

Zurich, North America Project for EPA May 2007 - June 2007

Engineer Level 2, Sub-Surface Environmental

• Special project for Environmental impact for New York and New Jersey Harbor’s.

• Duties included but were not limited to Chart reading, report scanning,

• Testing of core samples and timber construction changes.

• Part of engineering crew to change Environmental policies and procedures.

United States Environmental Protection Agency August 1993 – May 2007

Master diver, environmental diver:

Responsibilities included:

• Documented and maintained active dive logs

• Converted standardized NOAA charts to sectional charts to illustrate recommended mapping procedures

• Conducted and supervised ocean survey vessels hull inspections and bottom surveys of New York and New Jersey Harbors

• Maintained and documented screw and pin inspections, zinc removal and replacements

• Integrated the use of underwater video & stills photography to document shoreline erosion

• Assisted in the collection of specimens from ocean floor and core sampling

• Conducted inspections of water tanks and commercial AC cooling tank for evaluation of contaminants.

• Motivated Super Fund project to include Long Island Sound shoreline to determine environmental impact

• Recorded and documented coral heads re-growth studies of US Virgin Islands utilizing magnetic fields

• Created and Prepared presentation documents utilizing MS Word 2003 & PowerPoint on shoreline erosion

• Conducted evaluation dives obtaining evidence of illegal offshore dumping for litigation action

• Provided phone support to consumer question line, answering questions concerning environmental issues

New York Aquarium: Volunteer diver November 2004 – August 2006

Member of Volunteer Dive team.

Duties included Internal cleaning of exhibit tanks, educating the public about the New York aquarium, the exhibits

And talking about the environment. And the Conservation society and it’s mission.


Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute September 1985 – June 1993

Research diver:

Responsibilities included but were not limited to, collecting samples and assisted in U/W filming.

Member of Alvin submersible recovery team, performed pre-dive equipment checklist, on board lab assistant.

Murphy Pacific Marine Salvage, NY, Texas, California 1985 -1986

Salvage diver, off shore oil field diver:

Conducted non-destructive testing and large-scale salvage operations overseas

International Underwater Contractors, Inc. September 1977 – September 1985

Salvage diver, off shore oil field diver:

Conducted large-scale underwater operations both domestic and overseas.



Technical Career Institute, New York, NY August 1998

Associates Degree in Computer Science

City College of New York June 1978

Bachelor of Science Degree, Ocean Engineering

Divers Training Academy, Fort Piece, Fla.

Master Diver Certification, Deep Sea Diver Air/ Mixed Gas January 1979



ADC, International: Commercial Air Diver: Certification # 16042,

SSI: 5000 Open Water Dives Award

United States Environmental Protection Agency Master Diver,

Commercial diver: Deep Sea Air/ Mixed Gas,

EPA, Environmental Diver

NOAA, Hazmat Diver

NASA, Weightless Simulation test tank diver

First Aid / CPR


DAN, PADI, AZA, AAUS, Shark research Institution, Ocean Conservatory, REEF



o Underwater rigging

o Under water photography

o Pier Inspection

o Hull inspection

o Pipeline inspection

o Salvage experience

o Burning

Surface supplied hats: Kirby Morgan Super Lite 17, 26, 27, MK 5, Desco, Advanced hat, demand masks, AGA, EXO-26

SCUBA, chamber operations, Remote Operated Vehicles (ROV’s).


I live on Staten Island, NY and have done extensive hull and pier inspections in and around the area's waters

Also have inspection experience for marine insurance.

Staten Island, NY,
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