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Director of Operations & Business Development

Corporate / Senior Management

Exc Business Builder & Operational Leader with demonstrated ability to implement and affect organizational changes that streamline processes, establish controls, and drive revenue. A transformational leader with a continuous improvement mentality and the ability to engage employees at all levels by elevating and training product knowledge, processes, and instituting a culture of excellence. Detail has driven, multi lingual, effective business builder and mentor with a keen insight to solving business problems. Tenacious at developing new revenue opportunities, securing customer loyalty, and forging long term relationships with external and internal business partners that fortify, drive, and sustain results. 


Achievement Categories Represented Below


  • Business Development
  • Strategic Alliances
  • Revenue Generation
  • Investor Relationship Development
  • Partner Development
  • Growth Planning / Expansion
  • Lobbying & Government Relations
  • Sales & Marketing
  • Business Development
  • Market Share Capture
  • Strategic Planning
  • Operational Optimization

·Business Development: Determined to obtain new vessels for a contract with the Mexican government. This required new contract terms, binding contract laws, and bank financing. Worked with the Board to formulate s strategy, negotiated financing with the bank, navigated contract law, and resolved issues created by the previous investor. Successfully closed the negotiations and moved forward with the contract, which resulted in ~$29M revenue growth.


·International Investor Relationship Development: Tasked with improving relations with new international partners. The investigation revealed neglect of international partnerships and local governments led to cultural issues. Built and executed a strategy to develop an understanding of the issues and implemented solutions. Matched contract and vessel details to requirements, presented and secured investment from international partners. This diversified investment opened new markets and became a long-term strategy for attracting new business and investment in revenue generation activities.


·Lobbying & Government Relations: Asked by Sr. Management to engage a law firm and partner with them to employ a lobbying effort to correct contractual issues evolving from Mexican and Pemex contracts. Collaborated in the conception and negotiation of new contract terms and won approval from partners. As a result of this effort, Tuzla obtained more favorable contracts for vessels. This provided solutions and favorable financing terms with banks, which resulted in $34M in net income.


Strategic Alliances / Partner Development: Commissioned to build new partnerships and win new contracts for a vessel in offshore oil rig repair in the Gulf of Mexico. This required contract terms, regulation compliance, 3 party relations, partnership development, and negotiations. Led execution of multiple new revenue streams by capturing new customers. This yielded a new revenue stream of ~$50M and became a new service line for the organization that improved partnerships.
  • U.S. Director of Operations at Turkish Shipbuilders Assoction
    U.S. Business stategy and business relationship. Marketing search.
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