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Corporate / Senior Management


I am a retired Commodore (from the Nigerian Navy), trained as a specialist in navigation with special forces training in Amphibious warfare and a ‘Distinguished Service Star’ honour/award.  I have BSc. in Chemistry, PGD Public Administration, Total Quality Management Certificated and Masters in Strategic Studies.  I also have certificates in International Ship and Port Security (ISPS) Code (from Elkins Marine Training International USA), Health Safety and Environment (HSE) from the Nigerian Institute of safety Professionals Lagos and the United Nations Field Security.  

I am a highly effective management professional with special emphasis in innovation and creativity in solving complex problems.  Energetic and result oriented with success in developing and leading diverse teams to achieve outstanding results, I am always driven by an inner passion for excellent performance. As a retired very senior naval officer, I believe that my military background, my skills in conflict management, risk management, work ethics and experience in the United Nations Mission for the Referendum in Western Sahara (MINURSO) are great assets.   


 Superb time management skills

Project Management

Work flow planning  

Highly Resourceful

Risk Management

Conflict Management

Project planning and development

Ø Customer relations Management

Ø Process improvement

Ø Result-Oriented

Ø Unsurpassed work ethics

Ø Dependable

Ø Human Resource Management


 Base Administration Officer  Naval Premier Training Institution QUORRA  Lagos- August 1997- October 1998

As the Base Admin Officer, I did the following;

  • Prepared daily, weekly and monthly situational reports for higher headquarters.
  • Identified and resolved equipment shortages.
  • Directed the day-to-day administration  and training  operations of the premier naval training institution.
  • Oversaw daily office operations for staff.
  • Composed and drafted all outgoing correspondence and reports for the Institution.

Training Instructor Naval Premier Training Institution QUORRA

Lagos-Jun 2001- Jul 2002

As a Training Instructor, I was engaged with the following;

·    Training of naval personnel in various military operations.

  • Extensive training of new and existing naval personnel.
  • Monitoring of participant/students workflow and behaviours throughout the training process.
  • Using of variety of assessment tools and strategies to improve instruction methods.
  • Ensuring the Successful improvement of student participation in the classroom through integration of creative role-playing exercises.
  • Organization of training field trips and retreats to foster meaningful relationships among students.

Assistant Force Training Officer United Nations Mission for the Referendum in Western Sahara (MINURSO)

Laayoune MOROCCO-May 2003-Oct 2003

In MINURSO, I was responsible for the following;

  • Planning and implementation of annual training program for the Mission.
  • Coordination of the training of new Military Observers and old Observers in the Mission.
  • Organization of training visits to units under the mission.
  • Monitoring the performance of units to ensure compliance with the training guidelines and Standard operating procedures of the Mission.

Chief Instructor  Nigerian Navy Basic Training School

Port Harcourt-July 2005- August 2006

As the Chief Instructor, I was responsible for the following;

  • Coordination of the training of new recruits into the Nigerian Navy.
  • Collaboration with the training team of faculty to develop after-school tutorial program for students in need of extra help.
  • Direction of the Naval training procedures in accordance with military regulations.
  • Supervision and coordination of the activities of various instructors in the School.
  • Preparation and supervision of implementation of the training programs and activities of the School.

Commanding Officer Naval Ship AMARYA

Lagos- September 2007- January 2008

As the Commanding Officer, I was engaged with the following;

  •  Coordination of the Operations of the Ship.
  •  Conduct of series of security patrols within the Nigerian waters.
  •  Emplacement of measures to ensured the welfare of the ship's company.
  •  Conduct of operational training and retraining of the ship's crew.
  • Participation in various Naval Exercises within the Nigerian waters.

 Deputy Command Operations Officer Eastern Naval Command

Calabar - March 2008 – January 2009

As the Deputy Command Operations Officer, I was engaged with the following;

  • Monitoring and coordinating various naval operations within the Eastern Naval Command Area of Responsibility.
  • Development of various Standard Operating Procedures for Naval Operations in the Eastern Naval Command.
  • Inspection of security design features, installations and programs to verify compliance with applicable standards and regulations.
  • Monitoring of various naval operations within the Eastern Flank of Nigerian waters.

Deputy Director Training Nigerian Armed Forces Resettlement Centre OSHODI- January 2009- July 2010

As the Deputy Director of Training, I was responsible for the following;

  • Coordination of the training activities of all the Workshops in the Centre.
  • Organization of Industrial Attachment of the Students to various industries within various cities in Nigeria.
  •  Welfare issues concerning the students were properly addressed.
  • Interfaced between the Centre and some Organizations for job placement of alumni of the Centre.
  • Implementation of the training programs of all workshops in the Centre.
  • Coordination of the activities of all the Heads of various workshops and the instructors.

Executive Officer Naval Base Pathfinder

Port Harcourt-July 2010- September 2011   

As the Executive Officer, I was engaged with the following;

  • Monitoring and coordination of various naval operations within Port Harcourt Creeks.
  • Implementation of all operations directives from higher authority.
  • Administration of welfare issues concerning naval personnel in the Base.
  • Attendance and implementation of all naval aspects of decisions by the then Rivers State Security Council meeting.
  • Deployment of naval personnel to protect critical infrastructure in the Rivers State.
  •  Discipline of all personnel and security of the Base.

 Command Administration Officer Naval Training Command

Lagos – January 2013 – December 2014

As the Command Administration Officer, I was engaged with the following;

  • Coordination of the administrative activities of all the Training Institutions in the Naval Training Command.
  • Coordination and the implementation of the Mentorship program of the Nigerian Navy.
  • Organization of the Naval Training Conferences for the Training Command.
  • Preparation of  daily, weekly and monthly situational reports for higher headquarters.
  • Identification of equipment shortages.
  • Oversight of daily office operations of staff.
  • Composition and drafting of all outgoing correspondence and reports for the Command.
  •  Discipline and promotion of the Ratings in the Training Command.

Deputy Director Operations Naval Headquarters

Abuja- January 2015- February 2016

As the Deputy Director Operations, I was engaged with the following;

  • Development of choke point regime introduced as new operational concepts in the Nigerian Navy.
  • Drafting Logistics and operations requirements for decision making.
  • Analysis and investigation of all incidents alongside functional management and security supervisors.
  • Establishment of operational objectives and work plans for the Naval Operations.
  • Monitoring and coordinating various naval operations within Nigerian Waters.
  •  Development of various Standard Operating Procedures for Naval Operations in the Nigerian Navy.
  • Planning and implementation of various naval operations and training Exercises in the Nigerian Navy.

Maritime Component Commander Operation Delta Safe

Yenegoa- May 2015- September 2016

As the Maritime Component Commander, I was responsible for the following;

  • Coordination of  all the maritime Operations of the Force.
  • Implementation of the operational Mandate of the force.
  • Welfare matters of all maritime personnel of the force.
  • Coordination of logistics for the maritime component of the force.
  • Training and retraining of the maritime personnel of the force.
  • Emplacement of modalities to curb all forms of illegalities within the Niger Delta Region.

Commandant Naval Premier Training Institution QUORRA

Lagos- September 2016- April  2017

As the Commandant, I was engaged with the following;

  • Mentoring and training of over 500 naval personnel.
  • Development and review of specifications for design and construction of security systems.
  • Supervision of the security arrangement of the Institution.
  • Screening of vendors and contractors before granting access to restricted areas within the Institution.
  • Monitoring and evaluation of unit performance on key security issues, recommending corrective action programs where appropriate.
  • Membership of Executive Management Team.
  • Comprehensive safety training for naval personnel and civilian staff members.
  • Coordination of work activities of subordinates and staff relating to employment, compensation, labour relations and employee relations.
  • Supervision and coordination of Instructors and various schools of the institution during annual training seminars.
  • Administration of performance reviews to evaluate each Student's/participant’s progress.
  • Membership of Management Board  of Institutions under Naval Training Command and revised the institute's policies and rules.
  •   Generation of new training curriculum for the Institution based upon a variety of instructional techniques and technologies.


  • Lagos Business School- Certificate in Entrepreneurial Management  February 2017- June 2017.
  • University of Ibadan-Master of Science in Strategic Studies -  April 2013.
  • National Defence College Abuja- Fellow Defence College-August 2012.
  • Armed Forces Command and Staff College Jaji- Senior Staff Course-July 2005.
  •  Administrative Staff College of Nigeria Badagry- Post Graduate Diploma in Public Administration-November 2000.
  • Nigerian Navy Premier Training Institution QUORRA- Long Specialist  Course in Navigation & Direction- 1999.
  • Nigerian Army Amphibious School Calabar- Amphibious Special Forces  Staff Course- December 1995.
  • Nigerian Defence Academy Kaduna- Bachelor of Science Chemistry- July 1988.
  • Joseph Memorial High School Aguleri-Ordinary Level Certificate- June 1982.

Other Certificates Obtained

  • Certified Institute of Shipping- Fellow Certified Institute of Shipping-November 2015.
  • Elkins Marine Training International USA - International Ship & Port Facility Code  (ISPS Code)- October 2014.
  • Institute for National Transformation – Change Management Workshop-May 2014.
  • Nigerian Institute of Management- Member Institute of Management- 2013.
  • Certified Institute of Shipping- Maritime Administration and Logistics Management-July 2013.
  • National Defence College Abuja- Peace Support Operations Course for Senior Leaders- March 2012.
  • United Nations- Advanced Security in the Field- June 2009.
  • Nigerian Institute of Safety Professionals- Advanced Health Safety and Environment Training- April 2009.
  • Administrative Staff College of Nigeria Badagry- Total Quality Management- June 2006. 


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