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Diploma in chemical engg.


hard working and use technical skill.



? Engaged in trouble shooting of various types like process disturb, transfer choking, quality offset, spillage, fire, power failure, steam failure, instrument air failure, cooling water failure, toxic gases release etc.

? Close monitoring plant parameters.

? Supervision of maintenance work order or hot jobs, Adjust equipments, valves, pumps and control process equipment and various shut down and maintenance activities.

? Mock drill for fire, chemical splashing, toxic gas release etc. Involved in assessing job and hazards and risk assessments

? Maintaining ISO documents, logging of process parameters in documents, follow up of standard operating procedure as per ISO.

? Maintaining FORA check sheet and follow up for strict adherence to safety standard for all kind of jobs.

? Monitoring of FCO & MOC jobs with respect to safety of working people, systematic and safe approach to job, standard permit procedure, check sheet and follow-up process point of view.

? Active participation in plant audits of Quality Standard, Safety, and Environment.

? Day to Day Plant activities, Trouble shooting, Safety, Quality and Production.

Continuous monitoring equipments like….

? Pumps (Diaphragm, Gear, Pneumatic Pumps, centrifugal pump, reciprocating pump, sun-dyne pump, vacuum pump, screw pump).

? Heat exchanger (Single, double, four pass u-tube).

? Control valves (manually and auto).

? Boiler (shell and tube type) for steam generation.

? Nitrogen booster compressor (two stages) & air compressor 5 stages.

? Vessels and Storage tanks (HBr, CH3COOH, Propyle acetate, C4 raffinate, methanol, H2SO4) and Buffer vessels (for Nitrogen).

? Distillation column) solvent and methyl acetate recovery) and High Pressure Absorber column, Stripper column & purge column.

? Thermal oxidizer Incinerator (To burn the waste at 1200*C, Panel Operated Incinerator PLC panel operation of JOHNN ZINK, callidus USA) & wet electrostatic precipitator.

? Cooling tower & chlorine tonner operation.

? Dryer (steam tube counter current) & rotary vacuum filter.

? Process control start up & shut down.

? Flammable hydrocarbons, Toxic and Corrosive Chemicals

? In case of on site emergency rotate to other plant as AFS (auxiliary fire squared) member.

? Taking a training DCS operation (YOKOGAWA)

? Compressor with Expander & turbine 35 MW project of Siemens & HPCC unit (high pressure catalyst combustion).


? 10th from U.P. Board in the year 1996 with 55.67%marks

? 12th from U.P. Board in the year 1998 with 53.4% marks

? Diploma in Chemical Engineering from Bharti Vidya Peeth Navi Mumbai conducted by M.S.B.T.E. Mumbai in the year June 2005.with 55.6% marks.




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