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Diesel Mechanics


To build a career in an organisation, which offers highly spirited environment, stipulate brilliance in performance and crammed with opportunities to attain professional growth based on merit, performance and capabilities.


1991 – 1992 Marine Mechanic/ Technician M.V. Iran Mofid Reefer

1992 – 1993 Marine Mechanic/ Technician M.V. Iran Ejthehad G.C.

1993 – 1994 Marine Mechanic/ Technician M.V. Margaret John G.C.

1996 – 1997 Marine Mechanic/ Mechanist M.V. Iran Mothari B.C.

1998 – 1999 Marine Mechanic/ Technician M.T. Saleh G.C.

2003 – 2005 Marine Mechanic/ Technician M.T. FSU Soorena Shell .T.

2006 – 2007 Marine Mechanic/ Fitter M.T. Iblea O.T.


• Intermediate

• Matric


Awarded with “HUET/ Sea Survival” certificate from Gulf Technical & Safety Centre L.L.C. Dubai, on June 23, 2003.

Awarded with “Proficiency in Personal Survival Techniques” Professionals Maritime Education & Training Institute Karachi, May 14, 2005.

Awarded with “Intl’ Ship & Port Facility Security Code” Professionals Maritime Education & Training Institute Karachi, May 21, 2005.

Awarded with “Basic Fire Fighting Course” Professionals Maritime Education & Training Institute Karachi, May 16-18 May, 2005.

Awarded with “Elementary First Aid” Professionals Maritime Education & Training Institute Karachi, May 11, 2005.

Awarded with “Personal Safety & Social Responsibilities” Professionals Maritime Education & Training Institute Karachi, May 5-7, 2005.

Awarded with “Oil Tanker Familiarization Course” International Training Institute Karachi, April 4-8, 2003.

Awarded with Diploma “TK20LHN & TK80GH (Automobiles)” Nissan Diesel Motor Co. Ltd., Karachi, 1983 – 1984.

Awarded with “Welding, Gas Cutting, Machinist Crash Courses” YMCA Karachi, June 8, 1996.



Vessel main engines 7Unit R&D Suzuler BHP.

Generators 6Units Berger Piston type EXH Turbo Charged BHP 4500

Alenes 8Units Generator

Generator Yanmar 6ML – T4 & RPM 230

Engine 445V, 60Hz & 250 KVA each

Clayton AUX Boiler WHO – 75 & WP 7KG/CM & EVAP 800/HR

Hydraulic Machinery & Single Screw 11550 BHP at 150 RPM

AESA Suzuler 7Units R&D68 4Deck Hydraulic Cranes 16 Tons each

Composite Boiler W.P. 7 1.3MW

Steam Generator 1.5 MW (Wartsila) & Turbo Alternator

Generator Plant Compressor, main Boiler, AUX Steam Boiler (Mitsui Wheeler ESD III)

Monowall Boiler Foster Wheelers (ESD Type)


Dismantles and repairs defective equipment or engine, or replaces defective parts, and reassembles equipment, using hand tools.

Examines engine equipment, such as pumps, circulators, condensers, and steering engines to locate malfunctions.

Positions engine over mounting, bolts engine to mount, and straps fuel tank to cradle, using chain hoist and hand tools.

Connects fuel, oil, and water lines to engine, and installs engine controls, propeller shaft, and propeller.

Starts and tests engines, using tachometer and voltmeter.

Stands watch in engine room, observes temperature, pressure, and rpm gauges, and adjusts controls to maintain specified operating conditions.

Fabricates engine replacement parts, such as valves, stay rods, and bolts, using metalworking machinery.

Records gauge readings and test data, such as revolutions per minutes and voltage output, in engineering log.

Installs and repairs gasoline and diesel engines in boats, such as yachts, tugs, and trawler.

Positions engine over mounting holes, using chain hoist. Bolts engine to mount and straps fuel tank to cradle, using hand tools.

Starts engine and records operating data, such as revolutions per minute, and voltage output.

Carry out welding, soldering, thermal cutting and thermal heating procedures

Carry out minor hull repairs

Identify the need for water testing vessels.

Carry out diagnostic procedures

Repair ignition systems

Service jet drive propulsion system

Repair propeller drive systems

Repair exhaust systems

Repair cooling systems and associated components

Use and maintain workplace tools and equipment

Karachi, Pakistan,
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