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Demurrage / Laytime

 Worked with Sai Shipping Co. Pvt. Ltd. as a Chartering/Commercial Executive
from 13th Jan 2020 till 13th July 2020.
Job Responsibilities:
 Assisting chartering team in pre-fixture activity.
 Performing Voyage estimate mostly for Steel cargo trading via WCI to Inter PG 
 Responsible to appoint port agent to handle commercial activity & to appoint 
surveyors for whenever necessary. 
 Scrutinizing PDA/FDA & counter parties Laytime statement & to perform 
Laytime calculation from our perspective as Owner/Charterer.
 Ensuring follow up for freight or balance freight receivable from charterers.
 Scrutinizing hire invoice received from Head Owners.
 Responsible to prepare Voyage account.

 Worked with Seafix Marine Pvt. Ltd. as an Jr. Demurrage Analyst from 15th July 
2019 till 05th Jan 2020.
Job Responsibilities:
 Performing Laytime Calculation on behalf of Disponent Owner, Charterer & 
Trader of Dry Bulk carrier vessels. 
 Ensuring all the relevant documents are in receipt such as Charter Parties / 
Contract of Affreightment, Traders contracts, Cargo Documents of port call of 
the vessel. 
 Analyzing terms from all the documents stated in above point and executing the 
process of Laytime calculation. 
 Co-ordinating closely with Operation team, Trade team, Port Agents, Vessel 
Owners, Charterers, Brokers, sellers and buyers of the Cargo. 
 Reviewing and Comparing the Laytime calculation received from Head Owner, 
Charterer, Seller, Buyer & Terminal Operator and Countering with necessary 
comments wherever required. 
 If required, Negotiation/Countering is done with Head Owners / Charterers / 
Brokers to close the Laytime file within Agreed time bar. 
 Follow up on outstanding claims / Recovery of outstanding claim receivable 
 Maintaining accurate database entries of all payable and receivable claims. 
 Ensure accuracy and completeness of Demurrage / Despatch claims.
 Worked with S5 Agency World (India) Pvt. Ltd. as an Operator in Global Hub 
Operation Department from 12th September 2016 till 12th July 2019.
Job Responsibilities:
 Co-ordinating for Husbandry and Commercial services for Vessel Owners globally
(Mostly handled Tanker Vessel’s for Commercial operations).
 Appointing S5 Local agent and Non S5 Agent (Principle Preferred Agent or 
Charterer Nominated Agent) for Husbandry and Commercial services.
 Responsible to scrutinize PDA (Performa Disbursement Account) received from the 
Non S5 Agent.
 Ensuring all line items (Charges) quoted in a PDA is as per tariff.
 Maintaining records for each and every Port call in the system with help of Daily
update statement and Cargo Documents (NOR, SOF, LOP, etc.).
 In contact with Local port agents and with Owners via Telephone and E-mails to 
resolve queries.
 Preparing reports to ensure whether all port calls are up to date.

 Worked with MOL Information Processing Services (India) Pvt. Ltd. as a Jr. 
Executive in US-Canada Export Documentation from 17th November 2014 till
12th September 2016.
Job Responsibilities:
 Responsible for manifestation of Bill of Lading with the help of Shipping 
Instruction received from Customers (Shippers) of USA & Canada Origin
 Processing amendments and release request from customer.
 Helping US Operation Department for Doc. Lock.
 Sending draft copy to customers for approval to release the FINAL Bill of 
Lading & Participating frequently with MOL-USA Front Office and 
Customer via E-mails.
 Assuring on-time and error free delivery.
 Training fresher thoroughly making them familiar with the process.
 Ensuring 100% quality level is maintained.
 Helping Team Leader in allocation of bills to all team members.

Mumbai, Maharashtra,
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