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Cruise Ship
Launch Operator: 
Assists in the transportation of officials and staff of the Panama Canal Authority (ACP), and other customers of the Canal. 
Deck Maintenance including painting, sweeping, washing dishes, using brooms, mops, water and hoses. 
Mooring lines and make lines messengers to the specifications of the boats. 

Line handler and Line handler leader: 
Inspection of boarding facilities and deck areas for vessels meeting the regulations of the Panama Canal. 
Prepare all reports of assignments made, accidents, unsafe conditions found. 
Responsible for assigning deckhand aboard your workstation during the voyage of the ship through the Panama Canal. 

Work mooring stations or aboard boats moored buoys, ships anchor at fixed docks or dock and the mooring rigging, messenger lines, hawsers or locomotive cable. 
Working in all weather conditions. 
  • Maritime 15 years by 2017
  • Deckhand, line handlers, launch operator at Authority Panama Canal
    2002 October - Jul 2017
  • Polyvalent seaman
    panama at Nautical School of Panama
Long beach, California,
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