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Deck Hand


I would like to work as a Deck Hand loading and unloading cargo, tyeing and unteing vessel, scraping and painting, standing wheel watch and other deck hand duties in a permanent position where I can develop a career


Deckhand/Factory Worker Clearwater Seafood, Nova Scotia 2001 – 2011

• Performed duties on factory freezer and scallop boat

• Performed required safety duties and fire drills aboard boats

• Assisted captain with wheel watch

• Performed vessel sanitation by ensuring that boat is cleaned to company standard

• Handled mooring lines and assisted in the mooring of vessels

• Regularly loaded and unloaded freights

Deckhand O’Neil’s Fisheries LTD. Nova Scotia

1984 – 2000

• Performed wheel watch duties

• Operated fishing vessel wench

• Maintained and performed cleanliness of galley, deck and wheelhouse

• Prepared meals for all crew members and coordinated all cleanup activities


Nova Scotia Community College

Mississauga Training Centre

grade 12


• Master of 60 tons and less

• Restricted Operator Certificate

• Marine Medical

• Radio Operator Certificate

• Marine First Aid/CPR



• Over 15 progressing years as a Deck Hand loading and unloading cargo, tying and untying vessel and standing wheel watch plus performing galley duties

• Physically fit to move, carry, and lift materials and equipment

• Well-developed customer service and communication skills; basic math and writing skills

• Ability to read and comprehend written instructions, safety warning labels

• Ability to read scales and good dexterity and peripheral vision


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