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Deck Cadet, First Mate, Stewart, Ordinary Seaman, Deck Hand


I would like ti sail for 6 mounts to obtain my 3 officer diploma and than sail again and again until I become chief or who now's captain


I sailed on a Bulk Carrier Histria Onyx, at Histria Shipmanagement Ltd. The ship had 3000 GRT, flag MALTA, and I had a contract of 6 mounts wich I ended succesfuly.


I finishet the Constanta Maritime University and got my degree in Navigation,Maritime and Inland Transport.


RADAR NAVIGATION-0002753 FROM 15.05.09 TILL 15.05.14

MARITME ENGLISH-0003452 FROM 15.01.09 TILL 15.01.14

MARPOL 73/78-0006732 FROM 01.11.2008 TILL 01.11.13

TANKER FAMILIARIZATION-0003329 FROM 01.08.08 TILL 01.08.13

PSSR-0007781 FROM 12.09.08 TILL 12.09.13

PERSONAL SURVIVAL-0006808 FROM 15.07.2008 TILL 15.07.2013

HAZARDOUS MATERIALS TRANS-0007334 FROM 14.11.08 TO 14.11.13

MEDICAL FIRST AID-0006918 FROM 08.09.08 TILL 08.09.13

ADVANCED FIRE FIGHTING-0007255 FROM 02.09.08 TILL 02.09.13

PROFIENCY IN SURVIVAL CRAFT-0014943 FROM 15.01.09 - 15.01.13


Since I graduated from the Faculty of Maritime and Inland Transport at Constanta Maritime University, believe that, during my time as student, I acquired knowledge in shipping and in maritime and inland transport that I look forward to put in practice.

I am a dynamic person, with very good skills of communication, gained in my experience (Cadet), responsible, determined, interested in further training in the sea. I wish I had the chance to work with you where would I put in my intellectual capabilities to perform tasks and company goals and to develop my career.


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