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Deck Cadet

Deck cadet officer


                      PERSONAL  DETAILS FIRST  NAME;  AKAPITE                                  DOB;  1997                                                     PASSPORT  #;  E166597                                  SIRNAME;  GAMAE      RELIGION;  CHRISTAIN  [SDA] CERB  #;  010431                                  NID  #;  1314894550


Be  productive  in  the  Organization  and  help  maintain  and  improve  the  organization’s  standard and progress in its competitive business environment while upholding its poles.


I  am a confident  person  that  has  a  good  work  ethic  and  interpersonal  skills.  I  take responsibility  of  my  work  loads  and  deliver  projects  on  time,  to  my  highest  ability  persevere.  I work  well  with  others  and  autonomously.  My  ability  to  communicate between  various members  of  a  project  team  ensures  I  get  the  best  outcome  for  all  parties.  I  enjoy projects/work  that  provide  challenges  which  require  exploring  solutions  and  outcomes.  I accept  guidance  from  my  peers  to  extend  my  project/working  skills.  I  have  assisted  in  college and  various  workshops  and  projects  which  believed  my  knowledge  and  experiences  can provide  me  with  an  awareness  to  work  in  diverse  environment. __________________________________________________________________________________ Education  &  Qualification 

TERTIARY EDUCATION PAPUA NEW GUINEA  MARITIME COLLEGE 2017(6th  Febuary-28th  July) - - - - - - - - -

Certificate in  Electronic  Navigation Aids  (including  radar observer)

Certificate in  Basic  Induction deck  Rating  2 Course

Certificate of  Attainment (unit of competency  “MARF  3007 A  work safely  In confined Spaces On A  Vessel”)

Certificate in  Fire  Prevention and Fire  Fighting

Certificate in  Personal Safety  and Social Responsibility Certificate in  Basic Safety  Training

Certificate in  Personal Survival Techniques

Certificate in  Designated  Security  Duties Training

Certificate in Elementary First Aid  


2014-2015 Grade  11  –  Grade  12 (Certificate of  Upper Secondary  School) 

  ENGLISH-                         *B   ADVANCE MATHS-           *B   BIOLOGY-                       CHEMISTRY-                     PHYSICS-                              *A *A GOROKA SECONDARY 2011-2012 *B Grade  9-  Grade  10 

(Certificate of  Lower Secondary  School)   English, mathematics, personal development  &  social science  –[scored (*B )GRADE]  Science, practical skills & business studies –[scored (*A) GRADE]

Key  skills  and  competencies 

   Abel to work on own initiative as well  as part of  a  team.   Excellent listening  and verbal, non-verbal and  writing  communication  skills.   Can drive  trucks  and small  cabs.(have  class 6 driver’s license  )   Excellent computing  skills (Microsoft word, excel, power point, spss, windows, macin tosh etc.   Excellent skills in  welding, painting, carpentry  and  other  handy  jobs.   A professional and positive  attitude  to work. 


  Rope work  (most types of  ties and knots..)   Cargo work (crane  operation, swl, types  and stowage  of cargo etc..)   Chart work   Operation of ECDIS, NAVTEX,  GPS  and other electronic navigational  instruments   Compass reading including gyro and standard compasses.     Can steer vessel under supervision. ______________________________________________________________________________ WORKING  EXPRIENCES 

  Two months  on a local copra boat  operating from Karkar island to Madang town. -loading copra from locals and  discharge  at Madang copra mill.   Two months at  pacific helicopters working on asset registry.   Assist with ready  mix  concrete  working  with R.G  Holdings  limited.   These includes;   1.  Supervise in mixing of  cement at  certain MPA  based on request of  order. 2.  Record time  sheet for employees(construction workers) 3.  Provide safety  and health awareness,  handling of dangerous goods and fire evacuation procedures.



Mr. Paul  Gibowa                                                                                      Head  of  Engineering Department  (Engineering  Lecturer)              PNG Maritime  College.                                                                             Kusbau  Road,  PO  Box  1040.             Madang, Madang Province Ph: (+675) 422 2615 CPT.  Micheal  Lensim.                                                                               Class  Tutor  (Deck  Cadet).                                                                          PNG Maritime  College.                                                                              Kusbau  Road,  PO  Box  1040.                                                                      Madang,  Madang Province.                                                                      Ph: (+675) 422 2615 Mrs Tavoro  Brains Human Resource  Manager                                            Pacific Helicopters  Limited Airport  road  P.O  Box  342,  Goroka Eastern  Highlands  Province Ph;675 5321833 Fax;675  5321503   Email;t***********             CPT.  Lokes Kusunan PNG Maritime  College  (lecturer) Email: l****** CPT.  Jecob  Tom Lecturer Faculty  of  Nautical  Studies Phone:  (+675)  73705973 Email: j** *OTHER  REFRENCES  AVAILABLE  ON  REQUEST.               

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