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Deck Cadet


I am currently pursuing B.Sc Nautical Science at the prestigious AMET University.

I'm only in my first year,but in the first semester I was in the top 3 of my Batch.

I am eager to be placed in a prestigious company as yours so that I can receive my one year training on your ship and also be able to get my CDC certificate so that I can climb up the ladder to become a Master Mariner.


I have no job experience at present as I'm still in college.


Finished my schooling at Bhavan's Rajaji Vidyashram,Chennai,T.N,India.

Presently doing B.SC Nautical Science at AMET University,Chennai,India.

I'm very positive I'll be in the top of my class..


1st Semester marks is 9.21 GPA


I am a very hard working person with a Never Say Never attitude.I enjoy being with a group and I can Lead.I am good in knots,plotting on the charts and if I may say,my strongest point is my Communication skills.

I do what I love and I love what I do and right now I'm enjoying every moment studying for my degree in Nautical Science.I'm looking forward to the day I set foot on my first ship as a Deck Cadet and set sail around the world with the most amazing crew and Captain.


I'm a very honest person and I don't give anything less than 100% on my job.I'm a very capable leader and I have the desire to keep on learning because I believe learning never stops.

I'm very friendly and enjoy being in the company of others.I'm very sincere in what I do.

I'm very amiable person,jovial and honest.

I believe every person is born to achieve greatness...and I'm in pursuit of greatness.

Chennai, Tamil Nadu,
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