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Deck cadet


I’ll have a pregraduation practical training from the 1st of January and I’m very interested in a position of a deck cadet especially on a containership.

I should kindly ask you to pay attention to my CV.


Two years ago I had a first practical training ( 10.06.07 - 29.08.07) on board of the sailing vessel "Kruzenshtern" in position of a deck cadet. On board of this vessel I took part in deck work such as painting, cleaning, knotting and splicing, work with sailing equipment. Also my responsibilities were: the keeping of a bridge lookout, the steering of the vessel, the taking part in mooring operations and in ports it was the keeping watch on the gangway.


I’m a 5th year cadet of a navigation department of a marine Academy(Baltic Fleet State Academy, Kaliningrad, Russia) I’m well educable and therefore learning process is easy for me and I have only good and excellent marks.


-Seaman’s passport

-Tourist’s passport

-Basic SOLAS certificate(personal survival techniques, fire prevention and fire fighting, elementary first aid, personal safety and social responsibilities)

-Proficiency in survival craft and rescue boats (other than fast rescue boats) certificate

-AB seaman certificate(training is over, all exams are passed, execution of documents in progress ).

All copies of the necessary documents and the application form I can send via email on your request.


Although my sea experience is short, I work with different instruments from childhood and although my future profession is a navigator I can use drill and angle grinder not worse than protractor or divider. Able to perform both individual and team work. Have a good level of English, hope to increase it to fluent. Understand German on beginner level, can translate German with dictionary.

I am a confident user of PC, I'm able to write a simple program, create a network or reinstall Windows.


Very responsible, hard-working person, tending to learn and develop myself.

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