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To extend services to a shipping company and learn.


Worked part time with various local Shipping companies in ship managment and fleet operations sector.

Currently working with Janu Shipping Lines for last 3 years as Director Operations.


GCSE Ordinary-Levels= Completed in 2004 (SUBJECTS- Maths-B, Pure maths, Physics, Chemistry, English, Bengali)

GCSE Advanced-Levels= Completed in 2006 (SUBJECTS- Physics and Maths including Mechanics)

Now doing Bachelor of Business Adminstration= In 2nd year (Major- Marketing and Human Resources Management)


1. GCSE O-levels

2. GCSE A-levels

Work Field Related-

Gained training for the following while attending camp as reserve for Bangladesh Navy. All courses were conducted by Naval Instructors in Naval Base Titumir in Northern Naval Command during 1999 to 2002.

1. Astro Navigation course

2. Clearance Diver course

3. Ships Security course

4. Fire Fighting and First Aid

5. Rope Handling

6. Para Trooper (Air Borne Unit)


Ship Handling (watch, towing, fuelling, berthing, fire drill, emergency drills, navigation, communication etc) all sort of operations carried out at sea.

First class diver and very good swimmer.


My father has served in the Navy for 28 years and he has been with the marine industry throughout his life. He taught me everything.

Worth mentioning, while my father was commanding the biggest frigate of Bangladesh Navy I was in 5th grade back then, just as hobbie I made a OOW(officer of the Watch) Note Book which was the term paper for the Naval Midshipman's onboard the frigate. No one knew about it, not even my father. I submitted it with a fake name and placed it on my dads desk. A panel of 5 naval officers selected my one as the best OOW Note book. When they found out it was me, every one including my father was amaized to see what I have done.

Well, I guess that shall explain my devotion towards the sea.

Dhaka, Dhaka,
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