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CV Quality Director

Corporate / Senior Management

Professional Experience:

 The Nautical Institute, London, UK

I worked for 8 years at this company, where I was promoted 3 times due to high performance and good results.


Director                                                                                                                                                             April 2013 – March 2016

  • In this position, I was responsible for the development of new business and opportunities. As the head of the department, I had 3 business units which generated 30% growth. Budgeting and managing the service, accountancy and financial performance of £1.5m turnover of the department became an exercise to keep costs as lower as possible as the number of staff doubled in the department. Setting up KPIs, strategies and alliances was a key to maintain position with the downturn of the oil and gas market.
  •  I managed the rapid implementation of the new training standard worldwide, including IT project development, suppliers, auditors, external and internal communication and training. The consultation of these standards and projects involved stakeholders such as OCIMF, ISOA, ICS, IADC, MCA (UK) among others which forced me to develop a strong leadership worldwide.
  •   During this period I continued presenting in conferences on behalf of industry stakeholders/NI and reported directly to the CEO, Executive Board and Council of the NI.



ü The implementation of the new DP standard was done and completed in only 6 months. This project included the development and launching of a new CRM database and website (both integrated), which included online payment, internal and external training and communication to the industry. Normally, a project with this scope would take at least 18 month to be achieved.


Accreditation and Services Manager                                                                                                     Sept 2011 – March 2013

  • In this position I led two maritime training standards (DP and OSR), involving industry consultation process and public affair within stakeholders to review both standard rules. In order to achieve this, I developed the internal and external communication to support strategically the business changes and future developments and led several working groups that discussed parts of the standards. A tactical planning for the standard improvement was made, including needs, assessments, evaluations, root cause analysis and interventions according to industry and stakeholders needs to improve the quality and the final results of the training standard. During this period I also built an external auditor’s team and provided their training to ensure compliance with the regulations. The team set up worldwide was accountable to audit technically the 110 training centres across the world according to the new rules. In order to promulgate the new standard, I presented in several international conferences in countries such as Singapore, Norway, London, Brazil and USA.
  • In terms of IT projects, I prepared the regulations and settings to fit and run into IT integrated systems and web services; supervised the improvement of the CRM database in conjunction with IT suppliers.

I have also developed an external online examination system, which involved integration of two IT suppliers and was applied through the training scheme.

  • Preparing and developing the department to gain the ISO 9001:2008 certification, which was obtained in 2012. Furthermore, I was accountable for identifying, developing action plans, and leading the process improvement  initiatives and activities that increase department effectiveness, efficiency and staff satisfaction. In order to achieve this, external and internal policies and procedures were determined to my team, and the process for identification, collection, and analysis of performance measurement data were set up.


ü Second Re-engineering of the certification department and its operational process for better efficiency.

ü Development and implementation of an international online exam for trainees, who are trained and certified in the Dynamic Positioning training scheme. This was completed within 1.5 year and it was difficult to achieve due to different views of the stakeholders.

ü Complete review and re-designing of Dynamic Positioning standard industry training scheme in only one year, involving a lot of consultation, negotiation, conflict management and analysis of feedback from the industry. Managing the conflict of interests was the most difficult, but I could overcome that with internal and external alliances.


Services Manager                                                                                                                                                  Jan 2008 – Aug 2011

  • Responsible for the operation process and services in 3 departments – Publications, Membership and Certification, managing a team with 8 staff. Here I managed a SQL Server database environment and assisted with the designing databases for Web-based applications for new and existing applications, testing, troubleshooting, integrating, performance monitoring, maintaining, enhancing, implementing, auditing and undertaking the security measures. I had also to audit the database and daily processing generating reports from E-Target System to the Directors. During this period I negotiated with Customers and Suppliers, taking part of the main decisions and strategy to outsource the delivery services for publications.
  • Setting up KPIs and working with the Financial director in accounting procedures to manage and analyse the credit control as well as The maintenance of a good international network with Maritime Organisations, managers and directors was crucial to achieve many negotiations, cut costs and make process improvements.
  • In terms of IT, I was fully involved in the integration of 3 databases to ensure the integration between IT systems, customers’ needs and company’s strategy. This drove the first BPR (Business Process Re-engineering) in two departments, embedded on IT redesigning, which I have managed during a period of 2.5 years. Here I developed the specifications and improvements of the final database (E-target) according to the procedures and policies of the company. This final database became a CRM which assembled all the information for the Publications, Membership and Certification departments, gathering more precise information to support business strategy, sales and relation with customers.



ü The BPR project has improved the business performance, reduced the number of staff and the time of response for clients, increased the efficiency and maximized the company’ surplus.


Ivy House, London, UK

Manager                                                                                                                                                              Nov 2006 - Aug 2007

  • In this role, I overseen the customer services and relationship, dealing with queries and complaints. I was responsible for budgeting, purchases, cash and patient flow, stock control, producing spreadsheets and performance measures.  I also did the selection and recruitment of new staff, staff training, salaries payment (staff and dentists), annual planning with internal policies development. The practice had 31,000 customers.



  • MBA – Master Business Administration - Warwick Business School – July 2011
  • Postgraduate degree - Human Resources Consulting at Unicenp-Positivo Studies Centre, Brazil 2003

Other courses:

  • Lead auditor for ISO 14001:2015 by SGS - 2016
  • Lead auditor for ISO 9001:2008; updated in 2015 (new standard) – mfQ United Kingdom – 2011/2015
  • Introduction to O&G industry: OPITO – 2016
  • NEBOSH International General Certificate: in training from January 2017
  • Falconbury: Personal Effectiveness and Influencing Skills - 2013
  • Illumine Training: Think on your Feet: Communication 2013


Languages: Portuguese and English: Fluent; Spanish: intermediate

Nationalities: Brazilian and Italian

London, Greater London,
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