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Curriculum development/ teaching of marine engineering including steam propulsion


I shall be suitable for developing and teaching of marine engineering courses.


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2002 Master of Education [Obtained from University of Sheffield, U.K. 2002. Project: Developing a sustainable online learning community at the Singapore Maritime Academy. It was an Internet-based Social Constructivist Project, created using students with minimal background in computing.]

1996 Master of Science in Systems, Control and Information Technology. [Obtained from University of Sheffield, U.K. 1996. Project: Development of an Expert System on Refrigeration using CLIPS Expert System.]


1979 Extra First Class Engineer (Steam & Diesel) [Obtained in 1979 after studying at the South Tyneside College, U.K.]

1976 Combined First Class Engineer (Steam & Diesel) [Obtained in 1976 after studying at the South Tyneside College, U.K.]



1. Lecturer in Marine Engineering, Singapore Polytechnic, Singapore. [Joined in 1989 and presently holding a tenured position at the Singapore Polytechnic.]

…Developed and presently running the course entitled “Steam Certificate of Competency Course for LNG Carriers”…Check blog for details… my training model has been submitted to IMO for submission by MPA, Singapore [Already accepted by IMO…see (need Flash-player)]. The course model developed with collaboration with Prof. Takeshi Nakazawa of World Maritime University, Sweden.

…Has specialization of engineering knowledge capture and expert system development. Can organise company knowledge for learning and usage through use of latest knowledge-based technology.

2. Senior Design Engineer at the Sembawang Shipyard, Singapore [7 years between 1982 & 1989].

3. Engineer & Ship Surveyor with Director General of Shipping, India [2 years between 1980 & 1982. I was an Examiner of Engineers and Engineer Surveyor for Surveying of ships.]

4. Sea-going Engineer [11 years from 5th Engineer to Chief Engineer. Steam experience in German shipping line (oil tanker)]


Recent Publications:

2007d Comprehensive Review of the STCW Convention & STCW Code – Specialised Training for Marine Engineers to Operate Steam Propulsion Plant onboard LNG Tankers. Submission by Maritime Port Authorities of Singapore to IMO and has been accepted for discussion by the STCW Committee.

2007c Development of Resource-based Learning Organisers to Enhance Training on Simulators. Joint paper with Prof Takeshi Nakazawa of WMU, Sweden. ICERS 8 – The 8th International Conference on Engine Room Simulators, Manila, Philippines, 5th to 8th November 2007.

2007b Developing A Flexible Learning Model Using Learning Objects … A Case Study At The Singapore Maritime Academy. Singapore Polytechnic Journal of Teaching Practice 2007.

2007a Constructivism in Curriculum Development -- A Case Study at the Singapore Maritime Academy. Proceedings of the Redesigning Pedagogy: Culture, Knowledge and Understanding Conference, Singapore, May 2007. [National Institute of Education, Nayang Technological University, Singapore]

Singapore, Singapore,
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