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I’m 27 years old and a graduate of a degree in Economics at the University of the Philippines-Visayas.

I would like to apply for any suitable vacant position where I can be more effective and efficient at.  I already have my certificate of Civil Service Eligibility in professional level. Thus, I believe I can handle my job professionally.

Furthermore, my learnings from my previous experiences, from both Ship Management and Crew Management are could be of good contribution for pursuing and achieving your company’s objectives.

I am currently working as Crew Coordinator in MSI Shipmanagement Ltd. I am responsible for planning and executing crew rotation plan for both officers and ratings in some MSI Fleets, such as, Tankers, Bulk, and Floating Transshipment Station (FTS). I am handling various nationalities of seafarers such as Burmese, Chinese, Indonesian, Bangladesh, Ghanaian, Malaysian, Singaporean, and Filipinos.

The same tasks I had when I was a Crew Operator in Maersk Tankers- MFCI. But we were purely responsible for planning of Officers only (Senior & Junior Officers) to ensure Officer Matrix required for Maersk Tankers Fleet is properly complied. I was also handling various nationalities in this company.

I also have background in crew management when I worked as an Assistant Crewing Manager in OSM Shipping Philippines Inc., In this position, I was handling minor clients abroad (Various owners of Offshore, Bulk, Reefer and Fishing vessels). I communicate with them and supply their crewing needs. Prior in that position, I started as Liaison Officer for two months and was promoted to Crewing Assistant and later promoted again after two months.

Economics as my degree program has exposed and trained me in research for four years, particularly, in Environmental Economics. I was hired as Research Enumerator in one research project of EEPSEA. The research title is “Adaptation and Coping Strategies to Extreme Climate Conditions: Case Study of Selected Sites Affected by Typhoon Frank in Iloilo, Philippines”.

However, it is still my understanding that I have few employment experiences as can be seen in my resume and I believe most companies will less likely chose an applicant like this. Hence, I consider myself as behind with other applicants. Nevertheless, when it comes to the desire for learning experience I believe I would not be last in the list.

I firmly believe that two very important things that should be considered in job hiring are the pure desire and dedication of the applicant to his/her job because in this way he/she is motivated to perform his/her task effectively. I would like to convince whoever is concern to look at the positive side of the young professional applicants like me.


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