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Crew Manning company "Universal service"


Dear Colleagues,

at the moment our database contains more than 11,000 seafarers of all specialties, also offshore database. If you have any open positions, we will be glad to help.


We have seamen on any budget. We demand low fees in return for highly skilled professionals. We are helping to support the traditions of the shipowner and seafarers have long-term cooperation. Our sailors pass the rigid system of selection before they get the questionnaire on your desk for consideration.


Our services:

- accurate specialists selection and screening according to Ship-owners


- head hunting for a specific position:

- computer testing of English knowledge, conversational skills checking;

- arranging and booking flight trips to/from vessels;

- Arrangement of statutory training courses ensuring STCW compliance;

- rendering assistance in receiving Visas;

- training ashore / Training onboard;

- certification control;

- drugs and alcohol policy;

- Insurance;

- Offshore Department;

- Cadets program.

- Psychological testing of seamen by special qualified psychologist in

our agency.

We are open for cooperation and ready to present any necessary

information upon your request.


Our ship manning agency also represent shipowners in the South of Ukraine. Our main objective is to supply our Principals with crew/seafarers who are well disciplined, qualified and competent. We carry out our ship crew recruitment activity on the basis of State License No AB 348948 issued by the Ministry of labour and social policy of Ukraine of 27.02.2006. Please familiarize with Agency's Certificate of Quality Management System Conformity ISO 9001:2008, No 06.077.180 of 19th June, 2009.


The staff of the company is a team of highly educated, qualified professionals, fully responsible for theirs work, which deals efficiently with all the aspects of shipping and maritime activities.

We are opened for cooperation and will present all additional information you need for our future successful collaboration


Our company propose qualified and competent Ukrainian and Russian seafarers to

Ship-owners Worldwide.

Our partners are: Chinese, Norwegian, Danish, German, Greek, US, Latvian,

Turkish and Indian Ship-owners and Ship

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