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crane operator

Vessel Operations



ICS (API- RP 2D) certified 957 ton                                            


Industry Preference:Oil & Gas, Marine or Shipping

Certified Crane Operator with excellent skills and knowledge offering over 11 years of experience on heavy & large vehicle operations . Offshore & Onshore, Oil&Gas and marine field. worked on Jack Up Rig (CB1) RCD Drilling, (AMR-09) Construction Barge block placing in  water by diving spot) Charters of (ADMA, GASCO, ADGAS, TAKREER, ADNOC & ZADCO) in Abu Dhabi(U.A.E.) and world’s  largest Accommodation  barge Camelot - P.O.B 835 (12 mooring point), Olympia and Venture Accommodation Barges Charters of (CHEVRON, DYNAMIC ANGOLA ,DSME) field of offshore Angola (Africa). Skilful in planning as well as managing the handling of hazardous materials and ensured they were stowed in secure designated areas. Adhered to approved rig operating procedures.

Core Qualifications / Highlights:

  • Sparrows stage 2 certified crane operator accordance to (BS 7121 PART 11)And

ICS Certified (Level 3-Grade 1) International Certification Services accordance to (API-RP 2D) 957 ton Fixed Offshore Crane Operator

  • In-depth knowledge and practice of OSHA safety standards and precautions
  • Experience operating  Lattice boom mounted, knuckle boom mounted, telescopic truck mounted, box boom mounted cranes
  • CDL needed to drive mobile cranes and other large vehicles
  • Mathematics knowledge equivalent to the job
  • Good health and physical condition able to work in all weather conditions
  • Ability to read and interpret blueprints diagrams and schematics
  • Teamwork mind-set needed to work on small or largescale projects


Heavy Machinery Purview

  • Fix Offshore Pedestal (Sea King 3500- 52 Meter Boom 300 Ton) (Hyd.Electrical) 
  • Ringer Mounted Zt 800 – 64 Meter Boom 300 Ton
  • Liebherr Lr 1300 Sx- 52 Meter Boom 300ton
  • Hitachi SumotomoScx2800- 64 Meter Boom 280ton
  • Kobilco Crane CKE 2500- 48.8 Meter Boom 250ton
  • Monitowoc 2250-52 Meter Boom 250ton
  • KobelcoCKE 1500-52 Meter Boom 150 Ton
  • American 9310 225 t
  • Huisman 400mt pedestal
  • KobelcoCKE1500,CKE110
  • Crawler Zoomlion Quy 70 lattice boom,
  • Palfinger offshore Knukle boom crane (SWL-10 ton)
  • Kenz box boom offshore crane (SWL-25 ton) 

  • Kobelco CKE 900- 39 Meter Boom 90ton
  • Xcmg Quy50-50 ton             
  • Favco Telescopic Crawler 40 Ton
  • Pallfinger Fixed Offshore PFM 2500 -6.5 Ton
  • Palfinger Foldable Knuckle Boom Crane Pk 1800 -5 Ton
  • Grove RT 890-4x4 Mobile (90 Ton)
  • Lorain Lrt-275-4x4 (75 Ton)
  • Terex -Demag (Truck mounted)
  • Kobelco 4x4
  • Heave compensation Gangway operation
  • Forklift Operations (Caterpillar Ep-5000 & Yale-Electronic)

                                                                    CAREER CONTOUR

Jun’14-Sep’14 / Nov’14-Jan’15 / Apr’15-Jun’15 / Sep’15-DEC’15 /Feb’16-Jul’16 /SEP’16-Jan’17: Intership Singapore Pvt. Ltd. Accommodation Barges Company, Chartered of Dynamic Angola, DSME & Chevron, West Africa / South Namibia, Mafumaria&Takula Oil Field Malongo, Cabinda Angola (Africa) as Crane Operator

Projects:Took care of crane operations viz. Biggest in the World Accommodation Barges Camelot (P.O.B 835)12 point mooring, Olympia &Venture barges  Sea King pedestal 3500, Ringer mounted crane,  ZT 800 Ringer, Kenz box boom, Palfinger Knuckle Boom, Favco Cranes, CKE 2500, Heave compensation Gangway Operations of Marine Aluminium as well as Caterpillar Forklift Operations, training directing and supervising roustabout crews ; training directing and leading Fire Response Team in the proper emergency duties ; assisting the Mechanic, electrician and Welder as needed and requested ;ensuring personnel under my direction work in a safe and efficient manner while complying with all the company rules and regulations

Jul’13-Mar’14: Keller GrundbauGmbhco, Behalf of Emirates Recruitment Services (Charted of Nmdc, Zadco, Zakum Island), Abu Dhabi (UAE) as Crane Operator

  • Projects: Vibro Compaction Work by Satellite GPS System. Cranes Crawler Zoomlion Quy 70 lattice boom, kobelco cke 1100-110 ton Crane

Sep’12-Jan’13: Van Oord Fze Dredging Company (Offshore) (Charted Of Adma, Gasco) on behalf of Emirates Recruitment Services, Das Island, Abu Dhabi (UAE) as Crane Operator

Projects: Worked Vibro Compacting Grab Dredging Work,  Rock Installing of Brake Water, Hammering Vibrating and Heavy Rock Unloading from The Barge. cranes  lattice boom Kobelco Cke 150 Ton Crane, fixed ringer type lattice boom Manitowoc 2250 Crane

Sep’11-Sep’12: Overseas AST Company LLC (Offshore) Charted of Takreer,AdnocBehalf of Emirates Recruitment Services Est.; Ruwais Abu Dhabi (U.A.E.) as Crane Operator

  • Projects:Out Fall Pipe Line for Ruwais  refinery  Work On Amr-09 Barge Block Placing In Side Water Work With Divers On Barge. Cranes  lattice boom Kobelco Cke 1500 (150 Ton) and Liebherr Lr 1300 Sx- 52 Meter Boom 300ton

May’10-Sep’11: Earth Moving Worldwide (Charted of Takreer, Adnoc) Behalf of Emirates Recruitment Services; Ruwais Abu Dhabi(U.A.E.) as Crane Operator

Projects: RCD Drilling on Jack-Up Rig barge of The oil&Gas Pipe Line Bridge for Ruwais refinery; Heavy pipe loading and unloading on barge. Crane fixed (lattice boom huisman 400mt and Hitachi Sumitomo SCX 2800 (280 Ton) American 9310 225 Ton); and Yale Forklift Operations on the barge.


May’04-Jun’07: Al Roumi Gen Trns.Co.Est., Abu Dhabi (U.A.E.) as Crane Operator

Projects: Seaport ship yard job, general and routine lifting, non-routine lifting, critical lifting, repeated lifting offloading /back  loading, heavy  materials, Food containers, heavy machinery, etc. on  ship, tug board and  barges with safe manner and  follow the company polices. cranes Lattice boom BM 900 and grove RT 890 -4x4 mobile (90ton), Lorain  lrt-275-4x4 (60 ton)Etc.

Feb’99-Jan’02: Al AtfeenTrns. Co. Est., Abu Dhabi (U.A.E.) as Crane Operator

Transporting company Steel Erection job, water pipe line,& building construction, making oil tank construction job, heavy pipe line and building materials, steel lifting, installing water tank on building cement block, crane assemble, disable, water pipe line in cities, etc. cranes  Terex demag Telescopic Truck mounted, Lattice boom and mobile crane XCMG QUY50 (50 ton), kobelco bm 900 lattice boom(90 ton), Etc.

Key Result Areas:

  • Manually controlled all parts of the crane to make precise movements
  • Held accountable for operating various cranes on relocate the equipment, dynamic-to-dynamic, routine and non-routine lifting, repetitive lifting, critical lifting, heavy container lifting, anchor handling of barges, containers, tubular, casing supplies and heavy and bulky material through, storeroom, motor room, sack room as well as rig floor area
  • Listened and carried out instructions given from ground crew; also read &interpreted blueprints to ensure proper placement of materials
  • Inspected all parts of cab of the crane for any maintenance needed
  • Operated cranes to offload & backload supply vessels, barges and crew boat including the moving of personnel with the aid of personnel basket gangway operation of marine aluminium heavy pipe load and unload material on construction barge, on, dredging repair, jetty work, installing, heavy out fall pipe line and block placing in side deep water by GPS computer with divers on barge Vibro Compacting, Grab Dredging Work, Rock Install of Brake Water, Heavy Rock Unloading on Barge Vibro Compaction & Hammer
  • Tracked inventory of all crane equipment to prevent loss
  • Communicated with other crane operators to ensure jobs are done completely
  • Operated large vehicles such as forklifts  front end loaders and crane attachments
  • Performed manual labour such as moving and lifting large objects
  • Actively involved in vibrating,transporting, sea port loading, unloading, erection, construction, building, oil tank making, heavy pipeline; trained & mentored roustabout crew members
  • Worked with a large crew toward a common goal


  • SPARROWS STAGE 2 crane operator accordance to (BS 7121 PART 11) and (API-RP 2D) valid 13 July 2019.
  • LEVEL 3 - GRADE 1(ICS) International Certification Services (API-RP 2D) Fixed Offshore Crane with Maximum Capacity of 957 Ton) Valid March 2018.
  • TUV SUD Middle East L.L.C (Certified) Safe Offshore Crane Operations & Operator: in Aug 2011.
  • TUV SUD Middle East L.L.C (Certified) Safe Crawler Crane Operations & Operato in Oct 2010.
  • TUV SUD Middle East L.L.C (Certified) Safe Mobile Crane Operations & Operator in Oct 2010.
  • BUREAU VERITAS (Certified) Surveyors Site Assessment Safe Crawler Crane Operator (Lattice Boom) License) in North Island Upper Zakum Island Field Abu Dhabi in Sep 2012.
  • IMCA Crane Operator’s Logbook for Offshore Vessel. 
  • HEAVY MACHINERY License of United Arab Emirates (Dubai) Number of 8th in Feb, 2007.
  • BOSIET-5700 Opito Approved: Basic Offshore Safety Induction & Emergency Training (Safety Induction, Helicopter Safety, Escape and Sea Survival & Rescue) held at Survival Systems India’s Valid May 2018.
  • Emirates Technical & Safety Development Center at Abu Dhabi (UAE) in 2012 (Training)

Sea Survival Basic Offshore Safety, Basic First Aid, Basic Fire Fighting, Breathing Apparatus & H2s.

  • (HUET) Helicopter Under Water Escape Techniques at Yak marine Mumbai.
  • HLO Approved by OSPA) Helicopter Landing Officer Duties in Setrac College of Offshore Training in Mumbai
  • STCW 2010 - D.G. Approved) Standards of Training Certification & Watch Keeping With INDOS NUMBER. 14HL8992.
    • Fire Prevention & Fire Fighting at Asha International Institute of Marine Technology in Mumbai.
    • Proficiency in Survival Technique at B.P. Marine Academy, Mumbai.
    • Elementary First Aid at B.P. Marine Academy, Mumbai.
    • Proficiency in Personal Safety & Social Responsibilities in Yak Management & Marine Education, Mumbai.
  • STSDSD Certificate of Proficiency in Security Training for Seafarers with Designated Security

Duties in OERC Academy, Mumbai.

  • CERTIFICATION of Training Courses Onboard at Camelot Barge: Slinger / Banks Man; Manual / Handling; H2S; Accident & Investigation; Overhead Pendent Crane; Lolar; Risk Assessment; Work at Height; Supervisory Training; Alloy Scaffold Towers; Confined Space; PTW & General; Asbestos Awareness; MEWP; Managing Crowd Control; Coshh; H.A.V.S.; Drug & Alcohol; Electrical Awareness; Fire Awareness.
  • MATRIC EXAMINATION First Division Passed (PSEB) in Mar 1994 Certificate Attested from The Embassy of The United  Arab Emirates / New Delhi in Aug 2003.
  • FIRST AID Certificate (Training) from St. John Ambulance Association, Ahmednagar in 1995.
                                                  COMPUTER SKILLS - CV/RESUME [MANDATORY]                                                                            
  •     Basic Knowledge/ MS word/ excel Email
  •    English , Arabic, Hindi , Urdu , Punjabi 

                                                                       OTHER DETAILS

  • SEAMAN’S BOOK of Belize Central of America Immarbe  Cama  Belize Cdc Detail: CDC No.: Mt 32199 (Date of Expiry: 23/05/2019)
  • SEAMAN’S BOOK (Flag of Ship) Kingstown St. Vincent & The Grenadines: CDC No. - G14a3624 (Date of Expiry: 30/07/2019 / Place of Issued: Geneva)
  • NATIONAL CDC (Indian cdc) applied.
  • ILO /MLC 2006/STCW 2010 Report of Medical Examination of Seafarer Convention; Approved by DG Shipping (Fit for Sea Duty) Valid 2018.
  • YELLOW FEVER VACCINE International Certificate of Vaccination.


Date of Birth:                             23 January, 1979

Marital Status:                           Married

Passport Details:                        Z 3342937 (Expiry Date: 08/02/2026)-(60 pages)

Languages Known:                     English, Arabic, Urdu, Hindi and Punjabi

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