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Experienced Company Security Officer with abilities in corporate and maritime security, risk analyses and management, compliance monitoring and execution of regulatory requirements. I have obtained good leadership skills over the years and have confidence in my leadership abilities. I feel that as a Manager of Corporate Security I would excel in my abilities and my strong military leadership and discipline would be a valuable asset to any company.


Corporate Security Manager – 3/12/07-Present.

• Conduct all security investigations for entire fleet and all onshore facilities including overseas.

• Develop and maintain Vessel Security Plans for 31 vessels.

• Develop and maintain Facility Security Plans for all waterfront facilities.

• Conduct comprehensive security training for all employees.

• Communicate daily via phone, radio, and email with vessels and facilities concerning security/safety issues.

• Conduct and supervise required drills and exercises per company policy.

• Conduct vessel /facility security assessments.

• Conduct annual security audits.

• Conduct regulatory compliance audits such as USCG regulations, OSHA, ABS requirements.

• Conduct risk and vulnerability assessments.

• Attend USCG and other regulatory agencies conferences and meetings to maintain the latest changes to regulations.

• Manage and develop annual security department budget.

• Conduct meetings with all levels of management in reference to all aspects of security.

• Maintain all security cameras to protect company assets and ensure a safe and secure work environment.

• Work with local law enforcement to enhance our security mission.


Maritime Security, Port Waterway Management, Marine Environmental Protection, and Waterfront Facility Security/Safety and Compliance for Sector Houston-Galveston.

Awarded The Coast Guard Commandant’s Letter of Commendation for superior performance as a Maritime Security Inspector. The letter citied my efforts in implementation of the Maritime Transportation Security Act (MTSA) regulations requiring waterfront facilities to comply with the new national security standards.

The Coast Guard Commandant’s Achievement Medal for superior performance as a Maritime Transportation Security Inspector, Pollution Investigator, and Harbor Safety Officer over the course of the past 5 years since September 11, 2001.

Security/Safety Officer, Pollution Investigator, Maritime Facility Inspector

• Responsible for implementation of the Maritime Transportation Security Act (MTSA) approving over 95 Facility Security Plans and conducting inspections of facilities and vessels to assist in implementation of the Title 33 CFR Maritime regulations.

• Review and approve Coast Guard Operations Manuals and Response Plans for facilities to operate in accordance with mandated federal regulations.

• Identify and assist with regulatory requirements for health, safety/security and environmental issues.

• Assist Facilities and vessels in assessments and offered guidance on particular issues concerning 33 CFR Parts 104 and 105 ISPS code for Maritime security.

• Conducted inspections of facilities and vessels for 33 CFR regulations to ensure compliance for oil and hazardous materials in bulk and fire and safety codes.

• Review and monitor worker security/safety, fire protection, hazardous spill, pollution control and contingency response programs onboard international vessels.

• Conduct training instruction for civilian and Coast Guard personnel of the regulations and requirements for marine waterway protection and maritime security.

• Review environmental plans for Port of Houston facilities and recommend essential actions to prevent any possible violations.

• Prepare report findings; obtain witness statements; assist in court depositions.

• Abilities to work under little or no supervision in high stress situations.

• Review requests for Letter of Alternatives Compliance in order for facilities to operate under conditions other than those mandated by federal regulations.

• Perform security inspections of ships, facilities and onboard containers, dockside, to ensure they were in compliance of required regulations.

Firefighter/EMT – Houston Fire Dept, Houston Texas, January 1984 to March 2004.

• Respond to Medical, Fire and Hazardous Material emergencies.

• Aircraft Rescue Firefighting.

• Engage in extensive training and assist with training new personnel.

• Over 24 years of Firefighting/EMS service.

• Ability in radio systems and communications on large and small scale emergencies.



• Pittsburgh, Pa

• High School Diploma 6/1977


• Facility Security Officer-Maritime Institute of Tech and graduate Studies 2004

• Maritime Awareness Security and Training Course Rice University 2005

• Weapons of Mass Destruction/Terrorism Prevention Texas A&M 2005

• National Incident and Management System (NIMS) 100,200,700,800

• Team Coordination Training USCG 2003

• Security Boarding Team Member USCG Petaluma, Ca 2005

• Fire Science (719) hours-Houston Fire Academy 1984.

• Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) Houston Community College 1984

• EMT Certification valid until 2011

• Air Cargo Specialist United States Air Force 1980

• Airlift of Hazardous Materials United States Air Force 1980


Abilities in dealing with executive management and other high levels of management.


Stable work history that shows loyalty and can be reliable and dependable.

Richmond, TX,
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