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Consulting Sales Manager


Support IXSea Sales in the New England area as a marketing/sales consultant. Not interested in full time employment.


1998 – Present Trinity International Consultants, Inc. - N. Falmouth, MA

Product Focus: New Ocean/Marine Related Products and Technologies

Job Title: President / CEO

Responsibilities / Accomplishments:

Established Trinity in 1998 to meet the needs of the many “micro-businesses” in the marine technology sector that are generally unable to support a full-time business development staff. Focus is on new product introduction, strategic business planning and identifying potential opportunities for investment funding through private sources or SBIR’s. As owner operator, am fully responsible for all aspects of management of the business, as well as providing the direct client support required. (See following and enclosed Trinity Client List).


2/2004 – 10/2005: L-3 Communications Klein Associates, Inc. - Salem, NH

Product Focus: Bathymetric and Sidescan Ocean Survey Systems

Job Title: Business Development Consultant

Responsibilities / Accomplishments:

Following merger of Klein Associates and SeaBeam Instruments under L-3 Communications in February of 2004 assumed temporary position as Business Development Consultant. Acted as Program Capture Manager and led the team that successfully bid and won a $3.7M R&D contract from NOAA for development of the first integrated multibeam/sidescan towfish (“FishPak”) to be used for wide swath, full coverage survey of marine fishery habitats. Also assisted company in managing the full integration of the multibeam sonar product line with the Klein sidescan group. Coordinated extensively with L-3 Communications ELAC-Nautik in Germany on the design and development of a new shallow-water hydrographic multibeam system that is currently scheduled for market introduction in the fall of 2006.


5/2001 – 10/2002 ORE Offshore, Inc. - E. Falmouth, MA & Houston, TX

Product Focus: Underwater Tracking & Positioning Systems

Job Title: Divestiture Consultant

Responsibilities / Accomplishments:

Beginning in May of 2001, assumed the position of Divestiture Consultant with ORE Offshore. Led effort to re-structure and to “package” the company for sale. ORE product line consisted primarily of an underwater tracking and positioning system that was well past maturity and nearly through its “harvest” phase. Company also consisted of a small equipment leasing business in Houston, TX that supported the offshore exploration industry. Played a key role in establishing strategic alliances with SAIC, Harbor Branch Foundation and Thomson Marconi to boost company image and product offerings. Also assisted in transforming both sections of the business into distinct divisions. The manufacturing division was sold to EdgeOne LLC in February of 2002 and the equipment leasing division to Harvey Lynch, Inc. in August of 2002. Remained involved with EdgeOne, on a part-time basis, through the transition period (through October of 2002).



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2001 – 2005 Marine Oceanographic and Technology Network (MOTN)

Product Focus: Various Products & Services Related to Ocean Technology

Job Title: Executive Director / Board Member

Responsibilities / Accomplishments:

As Executive Director of this non-profit industry trade association, established a new strategic direction that expanded the network membership, which consisted of only Massachusetts companies and academic institutions in 2002, to organizations throughout New England in 2003 and then to any and all North American businesses and institutions involved in products or services relating to marine or oceanographic technology, in early-2004. During this period MOTN membership increased by more than 75%. Launched and managed several successful initiatives including two Northeast US Port & Harbor Security Workshops, and a Small Business / Large Business “Match-Maker” Conference. In 2002 and 2004, co-managed two Ocean Technology Workshops (OTW’s). Also worked with the MA Office of Business Development, the South Coast Development Partnership, the Commonwealth Corporation and Cape Cod Community College in 2003 & 2004 to establish the MA Ocean Technology Collaborative (MOTC). MOTC is working to assist displaced fishermen by developing educational programs that will allow them to cross-train into technician-level positions with some MOTN member companies. In addition, as a means of gaining important political attention for the MOTN membership, established the groundwork for completion of an economic impact study of the Marine Technology Industry in New England by the UMASS Donahue Institute. Was instrumental in raising over $80,000 from various sponsors to fund this effort. The study, titled “The Marine Science and Technology Industry in New England” was published in April of 2005. Presently serving as MOTN Board Member.


1991 – 1998 SeaBeam Instruments, Inc. – E. Walpole, MA

Product Focus: Multibeam Bathymetric Survey Systems and Related Software

Job Title: Vice President – Business Development

Responsibilities / Accomplishments:

SeaBeam Instruments was established in 1991 following the acquisition of the General Instrument Undersea Systems Division by Channel Technologies, Inc. As Vice President of Business Development, was directly responsible for developing and implementing the strategic growth plan that resulted in an increase in annual revenue from $4.5M in 1991 to over $22.0M in 1997. This was accomplished by adding several new complimentary products and services to the company’s SEA BEAM® product line, by dramatically expanding the company’s in-house marketing staff and its international sales and service support network, and by establishing an important strategic alliance with (then) Allied-Signal ELAC-Nautik of Germany to insure market coverage in the emerging European Economic Union (EEU). Personally negotiated first multibeam system sales in Korea, China (PRC), the Philippines, and India during this period. Established 4-way teaming agreement between SeaBeam, Exxon, PGS and Fugro, which resulted in the first successful use of swath seafloor mapping technology by any organization in the offshore oil & gas industry (1996). Established and managed company sales offices in Tokyo (1992-1998) and Houston (1994-1998). Assisted in the sale of the company to L-3 Communications in 1998.



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1984 – 1991 General Instruments Corporation – Westwood, MA

Product Focus: Oceanographic Survey Systems and Sensors

Job Title: Director of Marketing

Responsibilities / Accomplishments:

The General Instruments Undersea Systems Division pioneered the development and implementation of multibeam bathymetric survey systems (SASS Systems) for wide swath mapping of the seafloor at all depths. From 1965 to 1982, SASS technology was primarily used as a tool for the US Navy to create topographic maps used for navigation by its submarine fleet. Was hired as Division Director of Marketing in 1984 specifically to assist in developing and implementing a strategic plan to move SASS technology into “non-military” markets, such as international EEZ surveys, navigational charting, geophysical research, undersea cable route planning, metal mining surveys and oil & gas exploration. Between 1984 and 1991, led efforts to “down-scale” SASS technology to establish a new, commercial multibeam product (SEA BEAM). Although the high price of the system (~$3.0M) initially led to slow market acceptance, company successfully sold over $35M worth of SEA BEAM systems in both US and international markets between 1985 and 1991. In 1986/87, the US Navy attempted to stop all sales of SEA BEAM systems due to “national security concerns”. This led to foreign competitors entering the US market using artificially low pricing and dumping tactics to establish their systems and to grab market share. Worked closely with GIC Washington Office and through intensive lobbying efforts, was able to convince elected officials of the inequity of the competitive situation. From 1988 – 1991, multibeam bathymetric sonar was one of only four domestic products/technologies that were provided “Buy American” protection by Congress. Played key role in the sale of the Division by GIC to Channel Technologies in March of 1991.


1979 – 1984 Hazeltine Corporation - Braintree, MA

Product Focus: Expendable Electro-Acoustic Systems for Naval Application

Job Title: ASW Marketing Manager / Deputy Program Manager

Responsibilities / Accomplishments:

Was hired as Anti-Submarine Warfare (ASW) Marketing Manager in 1979 with responsibility for marketing and sale of expendable underwater electro-acoustic products to a number of US Navy laboratories and program offices. In 1980, was assigned to the “tiger proposal team” that bid and won a $2.8M “cost plus” R&D contract from SPAWAR for EDM design and manufacture of a prototype expendable UHF/SATCOM buoy to be used by submarines to communicate covertly while at depth. Due to staff shortages, acted as Deputy Program Manager as well as Marketing Manager on this program, and was specifically responsible for developing all system test and evaluation plans. Led field teams during evaluation testing at the NUSC Laboratory in New London, CT in 1981/82 and the eventual fleet introduction of the units at both CINCPAC (Pearl Harbor, HI) and CINCLANT (Norfolk, VA) in 1984. Due to significant scope changes and a number of Navy requested design modifications during both the EDM and ADM phases, total program value at time of final Navy acceptance in 1985 was >$10.0M. The AN/BRT-1 UHF/SATCOM buoy remains an important company product with more than 40,000 units sold to date.


A.S. Business Management - Fisher Junior College -1978

B.S. Business Management - Roger Williams College - 1980



Professional Summary

Senior management professional with over 25 years of proven success in growing and transforming technology-based organizations specifically involved in the development and manufacture of marine and oceanographic systems and sensors with sales focused toward government, academic and commercial customers in both domestic and international markets.


Proven leadership and team building abilities ? Repeat success in creating and implementing business growth strategies ? Excellent organizational and communication skills ? Unique ability to multi-task and to delegate to subordinates as necessary ? Creative talent for simplifying complex technical issues for non-technical customers and clients ? Experienced International Contract Negotiator


I would be interested in discussing a contract sales relationship with IXSea to support sales in the New England area.

North Falmouth, MA,
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