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Commercial Diver


Underwater inspections


2007 - Talisman Energy - DECK HAND


High School Grad

Liason College 2003

Canadian Working Divers Institute 2007


"Category 1" Federal Certification 

Meeting all requirements of the Offshore Petroleum Boards.  

Exceeds all United States Federal and State standards 

Law & Ethics

Law:Canada(Provincial and Federal), USA, Britain, Australia, C.S.A 



Dams & Powerhouses

types, operation, safety, repair, maintenance, hazards 

Forming & Concrete

Forming: safety, types, method of application, anchors, planning, sealing, load and stress calculations, sandbagging 

Concrete: types, super-plasticizers, aerating, slump, pouring, testing, grout, grout bags and mats, strength, additives 

Rigging & Seamanship

Rigging: safety, rigging, hoisting, crane signals, knots and splices, safe working loads, synthetic rope, wire rope, rigging hardware 

Seamanship: navigation, regulations, safety and small boat handling 


safety, salvage calculations, stability, law, tides, supervision, locating, pumps, rolling, cofferdams, slinging, planning, surveying, marking, air containers for hoisting, mechanical hoisting 

Dredging & Jetting

Dredging: safety and hazards, air lifts, impellers, submersibles, venturies, trouble shooting, systems design, cutter heads, material character 

Jetting: nozzles, high pressure pumps, methods, operation, sleds 

Emergency Procedures

Chamber Operation: plumbing, repair, maintenance, hygiene, operation, design, construction 

Tables: D.C.I.E.M., U.S. Navy, British, riser, saturation, bounce 

Treatment: tables, flow charts, procedures 

Mixed Gas: theory, mixing, procedures, communication, rack operation, planning

Cutting and Welding

Cutting Steel: oxy-acetylene, oxy-hydrogen, oxy-arc, grinders, needle gun, explosives 

Cutting Wood: safety, chain saws, explosives 

Cutting Concrete: chippers and breakers, shears, explosives, expanding grouts 

Welding: techniques, electrodes, safety, knife switch 

Pipelines and Fittings

Pipe: polyethylene, concrete, fiberglass, steel(ridged and corrugated), joints, inspection 

Pipelines: safety, grading, penetration, back-filling, intakes, diffusers, repair, lasers, alignment targets, trenching 

Fittings: flange and tapping sleeves, welded, oxygen, dresser couplings, victolic couplings, bell and spigot, saddle clamps, JIC and SAE, NPT and compression 

Inspection: safety, hazards, piers and bridges, u/w orientation, contaminated environments, construction techniques, piles 

Power Tools: hydraulic, pneumatic, black powder


Canadian or Internation projects of interest

Erieau, Ontario,
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