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Coating Inspector

Superintendent / Foreman

Padala Vijaya Naga Sita Rami Reddy

Contact No.: +971508174287

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Looking for opportunities in Oil & Gas Onshore, Offshore & marine Industry. Having Experience in Middle East, Singapore.


An experienced Inspection Engineer with 11 years of industrial experience in Protective Coatings, Pipeline Wrappings. Currently engaged in Coating, Insulation & Fire Proofing Inspection, Thermal spray & QA activities. Highly skilled in Field-Testing and Documentations.



  • Intensive international experience in marine coating and protective surfaces
  • Quality Audits
  • Total painting evaluation
  • Project management
  • Training and development.



Technical skills and Training

  • NACE CIP Level 3 coating inspector:       (Certification Number 31195)


  • Skilled in painting inspection and marine coating.
  • Able to conduct quality audits on painting and surface protection.


Reference knowledge of following codes & standards-

  • ASTM
  • ISO standards
  • NACE & SSPC Standards



I am knowledgeable QC Coating inspector with more than 10 years of rich industrial experience. Using my Mechanical Engineering skills, I have gained deep insight in the domain. I have good understanding of Protective coating mitigation processes related to corrosion and ability to apply them to understand corrosion mechanisms. I am looking forward to opportunities for working in Quality Control Division of Oil & Gas Industry and Marine Shipyards. I look forward to contribute in performing corrective action & preventing corrosion, and developing my skills & knowledge by getting into certification programs. My aim is to become a Protective Coating Specialist in a reputed company by utilizing my skills and abilities.

  1. PRIME4 INSPECTION LLC                                            MARCH 2016 to TILL NOW

Designation: Insulation/Thermal Spray Coating Inspector

Job Type: Shutdown

Project: Clean Fuel Project (KNPC)


  • Thermal Spray Application of steel structural works, pipeline, pressure vessels.
  • Responsible for stage wise inspection.
  • Undertake Thermal Spray activities in the work place for daily basis.
  • Monitor weather condition for surface preparation and Thermal Spray application.
  • Prepare “inspection & test plan” (ITP) for specific project / company requirements/ surface preparation and Thermal Spray procedure.
  • Execute Thermal Spray inspection work as per company / project inspection test plan.
  • Prepare all necessary QA / QC documents and handed over to clients review.
  1. BUREAU VERITAS( NCOC Client Rep) .                                    JUNE 2015 to FEB2016

Designation: Insulation/Coating Inspector

Job Type: Contract

Country: Kazakhstan

  • Checking whether Q.C.P is approved.
    Certificate verification of consumables (Abrasives, paint sleeves and equipments) and

Also approval of it.

  • Checking the storage of consumables.
  • Assisting in qualification of sleeve operators with sleeve manufacturer.
  • Assessment of substrate condition before blasting.
  • Checking the quality of compressed air before blasting.
  • Checking weather conditions (Steel temp., ambient temp, dew point, relative humidity).
  • Checking the surface profile & cleanliness after blasting
  • Checking the shelf life of epoxy primer and cure.
  • Checking the mixing ratio and minimum temp.
  • Checking the pre heat temp. Before sleeve application.
  • Ensuring the proper heating during application of shrink sleeve.
  • Ensuring the entrapped air is evacuated from shrink sleeve
  • Checking the overlap and sleeve edges are as per the requirements.
  • Final visual inspection of sleeve applied.
  • Carrying destructive test (Pull Through) to ensure the adhesion of sleeve
  • Daily visual report updating
  • Carrying final holiday by high voltage holiday detector.
  • Ensuring the above all, carried out according to the approved Q.C.P.
  1. ERSAI CASPIAN CONTRACTOR LLC .                               JULY 2014 to APRIL2015

Designation: QC Coating Inspector

Job Type: Contract

Country: Kazakhstan

Company Profile

ERSAI is a Kazakh company founded by ERC Holdings and Saipem International B.V. (ENI Group Company).

Job Responsibilities

  • Painting / coating inspection of steel structural works, pipeline, pressure vessels, offshore vessels, new building & repairing ships.
  • Responsible for stage wise painting / coating inspection. 
  • Undertake QC painting / coating activities in the work place for daily basis.
  • Monitor weather condition for surface preparation and painting / coating application.
  • Prepare “inspection & test plan” (ITP) for specific project / company requirements/ surface preparation and painting / coating procedure.
  • Hot dip galvanizing coating inspection in galvanizing plant.
  • Execute Painting / coating inspection work as per company / project inspection test plan.
  • To check and monitor all painting / coating related works and ensure all final products meet in accordance with company procedure, client requirement and international codes.
  • Responsible for incoming coating / painting material inspection and has to ensure whether these materials suits to meets the requirements of project specifications.
  • Prepare all necessary QA / QC painting / coating documents and handed over to clients review.
  • To undertake test qualifications for spray painters, brush painter’s hydro blasters & abrasive blasters.
  • Co-ordinate with the paint manufacturer technical representative on daily basis. 
  1. KEPPEL OFFSHORE & MARINE.                                            NOV 2012 to APRIL2014

KEPPEL Designation: QC Coating Inspector

Job Type: Contract

Country: Singapore   conversation

Company Profile

Keppel Offshore & Marine are the leaders in the conversion of Floating Production Storage Offloading (FPSO) units, Floating Storage Offloading (FSO) vessels and Floating Storage and Regasification Units (FSRU). Design and construction of jack up rigs, semisubmersible rigs, floating production systems and other advanced vessels such as drill ships. Repair, upgrading and conversion of offshore rigs. Design and development of critical rig equipment. Fabrication of offshore structures and rig components.

Job Responsibilities

  • Reviewed of approved procedure
  • Implementation of project ITP.
  • Record & report all inspection requirements as per ITP.
  • Responsible for yard and field ongoing activities for painting inspection.
  • Ensuring the correct and valid calibration status of the inspection equipment.
  • Raise RFI’s to client inspection department through project management
  • Witness & Inspection for Field Joint Coating.
  • Physical examination of the surface to be insulated is clean, dry and free from other foreign matters.
  • Verify the no welding is to be carried out all welding work required has been finished already.
  • Verify no further painting touchup is required.
  • Physical examination for that material applied is same as per the specification.
  • Check for uniformity of insulation surface, no gaps or voids and check for thickness.
  • Verify the distance between the bands & check moisture protection at location where moisture could enter the insulation.
  • Check the joints of insulation segments are properly staggered and tight.
  • Verify that insulation is dry and readiness for weather proofing.
  • Witness & Inspection of all Blasting, Painting & Insulation activities for the Structures, Equipments, Piping & Tanks.
  • Make inspection with third party and vendor inspection for onward submission to client

           Preparation of project documentation, Co-ordination for internal auditing

Projects Handled:

N’GOMA FPSO of ENI –Project located at Angola.

Project Detail – Conversion of Oil tanker ship in to FLOATING PRODUCTION STORAGE AND OFFLOADING Vessel.


SHELL Offshore Inc. Shell Stones Disconnectable FPSO Project the Walker Ridge protraction area in the deepwater Gulf of Mexico.

Project Detail – The Stones development is located along the Walker Ridge protraction area in the deepwater Gulf of Mexico. Shell intends to develop the field using a disconnectable FPSO, tied to a subsea development. The FPSO will be based on a Suezmax size, double hull tanker.


INPEX Operations Australia Pty, Ltd. (INPEX) ICHTHYS GAS FIELD DEVELOPMENT Project the Ichthys field is located in the Browse Basin, north-west coast of Western Australia, in a cyclonic area.

Project Detail – The turret and mooring system is constructing for new building of a non disconnectable FPSO system, which shall enable the FPSO to operate, and maintain the FPSO on station OF survival cyclonic storm condition.

  1. ARABIAN INDUSTRIES LLC                                                     JAN 2008 to OCT 2012

Designation: QC Painting inspector

Job Type: Contract

Country: Oman

Company Profile

Arabian Industries LLC is a leading EPC Contracting, Manufacturing and Maintenance Company specialized in design, engineering, project construction, fabrication, painting, and testing and maintenance activities across Oil & Gas, Refineries, Petrochemicals and Power Industries. The Company’s capabilities boast of technical prowess, high quality production and cost effectiveness.

Job Responsibilities

Directly reporting to immediate quality control in-charge/superior assigned in the project.

Projects Handled

  • Amal steam project for Petrol Develop Oman.

  Job Responsibilities

 Insulation and Cladding

  •  Witness of Surface Preparation after installing of Wire Mesh, Studs bolts and Mineral Wool
  • Witness of Fabrication of Cladding works
  • Inspection of Thickness of Mineral Wool and Dimension of Support Ring installation of piping
  • Line check and Punch listing
  • Test pack documenting for Insulation Turn-over and Reports to client (commissioning)

Job Description as a Inspector

  • Approved construction documents/references for other like Nace (for painting) coating applications.
  • Interface with Client Project Representatives, Project Management Team, and

Vendor/Manufacturer Representatives regarding quality control issues.

  • Generates RFI’s timely and appropriate to items to be inspected.
  • Assures that documents are approved, reviewed and available at site prior utilization of

Materials, equipments, and other construction paraphernalia’s.

  • Monitor and witness Site Activities in Repair and Touch-up methodologies.
  • Monitor and witness Yard Activities in Blasting and Painting methodologies.
  • Issue Non Conformance, Surveillance, and Quality Control Inspection reports if appropriate and needed, as per deviations versus approved construction documents/references.
  • Closes out generated NCR’s, SR’s, QCIR’s base from justifiable and executed

Actions/recommendations by Field Operation Groups.

  • Conducts Presentation Seminar for first kick-off of start of work in painting and insulation for Field Operation Groups and other Quality Control personnel’s.
  • Generates, monitor and closes out exception item list, punch list pro-actively ahead of

Succeeding activities like pre-commissioning, commissioning, start-ups and the likes.

  • Attending project meetings especially quality control related.
  • Working under full compliance to existing construction, quality, and safety policies.
  1. HEMPEL PAINTS INDIA PVT LTD                                            JUL 2006 to DEC 2007

Designation: QC Coating Advisor.

Job Type: Contract

Country: India

Company Profile

Hempel is carefully organized to ensure that it maintains a common worldwide vision and set of values, but is also able to react quickly to market changes. Skilled coating advisers, trained by Hempel Academy, are the backbone of the technical service solutions we provide to customers. You can enhance the technical knowledge and skills in your company through Hempel Academy’s training and certification courses on paint technology and inspections.

Job Responsibilities

  • Conduct non-destructive & destructive testing of coatings.
  • Handle surveillance inspection of surface preparation; paint mixing, WFT, DFT, adhesion and curing of paint.
  • Conduct Inspection of consumables like paint, powder and insulating material & grits.
  • Evaluated the total paint consumption, WFT, DFT.
  • Ensure personnel qualification for painters and blasters.
  • Conduct visual inspection for Products and prepare status report
  • Inspect painting and coating equipment on site before production
  • Check dew Point, RH% and substrate temperature for suitable of blasting and Coating
  • Grade the surface profile by using standard comparators (ISO surface profile comparators, Replica test, Dial Gauge method
  • Conduct final coating inspection and testing of DFT(Type I, Type II & Tooke Gauge),   Holiday Detection(Low voltage DC wet sponge test & High voltage DC test)
  • Prepare QC reports and job acceptance documents for project documentation
  • Handle onsite services like auditing, studying the actual requirements, recommending painting systems and attending trouble shooting.
  • Monitor the Quality Audits, witnessing and reviewing and certifying records as per relevant specification as per clients requirement.


NACE CIP level 3 - painting inspector


Diploma in Mechanical Engineering from Directorate of Technical Education, Viswabharati University


Date of Birth              : 30 May 1987              

Languages Known    : Telugu, Tamil, Hindi and English

Nationality                 : Indian



Rami Reddy.  

  • Coating Inspector 10 years by 2016
  • Diploma
    Mechanical engineering at Viswa Bharati University
    2003 - 2005
  • Nace Level 3 Mar 2014
Gopalapuram, Andhrapradesh,
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