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  1. Rich and dynamic work experience of +10 yearsin project management and quality control in construction sector viz. Petrochemical facilities projects, Oil & Gas export facilities projects, Cross Country Pipe Line Projects, UG Pipe Line Works, Water sewage Sump, Industrial and Commercial Building Projects, Concrete Piles, Steel Structural Works, Asphalt / Concrete  Roads and Drainage Works,
  2. Having experienced in read and translate civil infrastructure drawing, design, specification, codes and regulation including laboratory and field test and report of construction material as well as reviewing manufacture certificate for approval of their product / materials including installation techniques and site workmanship standard along with monitoring Day – To – Day operations of department personal and assisting in the efficient planning and implementation of site inspection and testing procedure.
  • ms office 5 years by 2013
  • civil inspector at Bureu veritas
     Checking the pile execution (pile number, Nominal diameter, design depth)
     Checking pile head position and elevation
     Checking the position of Reinforcement cage
     Check and inspect final pile length theoretically and actual.
     Check the soil report and follow up the drilling to make sure of the efficiency and accuracy of the foundation
     Monitor the material quantity theoretically and actual.
     Check all the measurement of the reinforcement cage before concreting(length, diameter , spiral distance of cage as per drawing
  • civil inspector at Intertek
     Execute and inspect of all civil and architecture work such as equipment foundation, pipe rack foundation, fire water tank foundation, valve pits, pile foundation, U/G pipeline works, manhole, oil drain pits, E&I cable trench, fencing works, sub-station building, O&M building, control building etc. Concrete Paving and asphalt road.
     Inspecting for cross country pipeline such as Pipe line rout, right of way (ROW),Excavation ,Grading, Trenching, Backfilling and Berm etc..
  • Diploma Engg.
    Civil at The oxford college
Riffa, Bahrain,
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