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Chief Officer SDPO


Experienced Chief Mate SDPO with cable laying, pipe laying, drilling, ROV, offshore support, seismic and mining DP vessels looking employment. Ready to join after 15.11.2009


August 2009 – September 2009 – Chief Officer SDPO on board of new build DP 2 pipe laying vessel m/v Caesar (temporary employment), owner Helix, USA

DP desk Kongsberg SDP 22, Receiving vessel from Cosco Shipyard( China). Vessel designed with integrated Kongsberg Bridge. Main duties - preparation of the vessel for sea: readiness for inspections, ISM and ISPS audits, commissioning of deck, bridge, life saving and firefighting equipment. Ballast management, tank inspection. Assistance to Lloyd Register. Inclining test and weight tests of cranes. Inspection and tests of DP System. Crew training and management.

Crew : American, British, Dutch, Malaysian.

December 2008 – June 2009 Chief Officer SDPO on board m\v Sanco Star. Build November 2008. DP Class 2 Cable Laying Survey vessel. DP desk Kongsberg K-Pos DP2. Owner Sanco Holding AS, Norway, Charter RXT, Client Petrobras Brazil. Received vessel from Vaagland Shipyard,Norway . Involved in all audits and inspections, DP trials, DNV ISPS and ISM audits, performed drills and training of crew, 12 hours a day single DPO watch. Brazilian Navy, IBAMA and Petrobras audits. Operational area – Brazil, Campos Bay.

Job Type: Oil research and data recording. Laying\recovering on\off seabed acoustic cable with high accuracy using DP auto position and auto tracking modes, 24 hours DP operations. Vessel designed with last technologies in shipbuilding and oil research.

Crew: Norwegian, British, American, Australian, Canadian, Philippine.

October 2007 – October 2008 Chief Officer / SDPO on board of ROV/ Offshore Support vsl.

Dea Surveyor, DP Class 1, Konsberg SDP 10. Owner Vroon Offshore

Job Type: ROV survey of pipelines, platform’s legs, ROV survey of subsea

constructions, ROV recovering of minerals, bottom scanning with towing

sonar, survey of subsea volcano plums, air diving support etc.

Operated in South China Sea, Pacific Ocean, PNG and Tonga

Crew: British, American, Australian, Canadian, Croatian,

Singaporean, Chinese, Indonesian, Philippine.

June 2007 – September 2007 – Chief Officer / DPO on board of

DP Class 1 Research Drilling Vessel “Sakawe Explorer”

Sakawe Mining Corporation DP system Unimac 3500, Imtech.

Job Type : Sub Sea Drilling, recovering mineral samples.

Operated in Atlantic Ocean, Namibian coastal waters.

Crew: British, RSA, Israeli, Ukrainian, Russian, Namibian.

July2006-May2007 – Chief Officer/DPO on board of DP Class 2 ROV/DSV

(Ex DSV Sprut) m\v “ Kovambo” , Sakawe Mining Corporation Namibia,

operator TFDS Norway, DP system GEM-80. 4 point mooring.

Job Type: Underwater ROV/Mining operation with 170 tons Class 4 ROV.

Operated in Atlantic Ocean, Namibian coastal waters

Crew: RSA, Israeli, British, Norwegian, Ukrainian, Namibian

October 2005 – March 2006 – Chief Officer on board of dry

cargo vessel” Casablanca “

Crew: German, Polish, Ukrainian, Estonian.

August 2004 – March 2005 – Chief Officer on board of dry cargo

Vessel “ Johann”, Bojen, Germany

Crew: German, Polish, Ukrainian, Estonian.

July 2003 – November 2003 – Chief Officer on board of dry

cargo vessel’Lida”, Jan Wind Shipping, Holland

Crew: Dutch, Ukrainian, Russian, RSA.

November 2002 – April 2003 – Chief Officer on board of

multipurpose vessel ”CEC Liberty”, CEC, Denmark

Crew: Ukrainian, Danish, Polish.

April 1999 – August 2002 – 2nd mate on board of

Seismic vessel “ Pejwak” , Ex “Geco Echo” operator NITC.

Seismic survey operations in Persian Gulf and Gulf of Oman

Crew: British, Canadian, Norwegian, Ukrainian, Iranian, Philippine

November 1998 – February 1999 – Chief Officer on board of

hopper “ Krymskaya 7 “ Cherazmorput Dredging Ukraine

July 1996 – August 1998 – 2nd mate on board of hopper

Krymskaya 5,6 “ Cherazmorput Dredging Ukraine

June 1995 – April 1996 – 3rd mate on board of suction dredger

“Azovskoe More “ Cherazmorput Dredging Ukraine


1982-1990 – Odessa High School No12

1990-1995 – Odessa Marine College of Technical Fleet.


February, 2001 – Refresh and Update Courses

” Deep Sea Navigator”

March, 2006 – Refresh and Update Courses

” Deep Sea Captain”

January, March 2008 – DP courses in Singapore DP Centre.

July, 2008 – London Nautical Institute

“Dynamic Positioning Operator Unlimited”

November, 2008 – Marine School, Gdynia, Poland

“Helicopter Landing Officer”


UK Offshore Medical certificate, Gibraltar Endorsement (Gibraltar is overseas territory of United Kingdom),HUET, Ship Handling Arrangements, ARPA and Radar, Hazards Cargo, Security Officer, Basic Safety Training, Advanced Fire Fighting, Proficiency in Survival Crafts and Rescue Boats, Medical Care on Board, Refresh and Updated Courses.

DP course Imtech Marine Offshore, Rotterdam, completed 14.06.2007.

DP Induction Course DP Center Singapore, completed 17.01.2008

DP Advanced Course DP Center Singapore, completed 27.03.2008

Dynamic Positioning Unlimited Certificate, issued 11.07.2008 Nautical Institute London

HLO Certificate, issued 05.11.2008, Poland, Gdynia Marine School.

From all working places have good references.

All certificates valid till 04.02.2014


Master Unlimited License, Unlimited DPO, GMDSS - GOC, Ship Security Officer.


13 years experience as Deck Officer in the offshore and merchant fleet :

- Operation of the Dynamic Position System on DP Class 1 and 2 vessels:

Kongsberg K-Pos DP2 – 1200 hours,

Kongsberg SDP 11/SDP22 - 1800 hours,

Imtech Unimac 3500 - 500 hours,

GEM 80 DP 2 – 1200 hours

- DP support in ROV operations (pipeline survey 150 mtrs depth, minerals survey 2500 meters)

- DP support in Cable Laying (cable laying\recovering on\off seabed.)

- DP buoys handling (recovering/deploying seismic recording buoys).

- DP anchor spread operation, 4 point anchor spread. (dropping\recovering anchors using DP)

- DP ROV mining (diamond mining from seabed by Class 4 ROV. Depth 150 meters),

- DP drilling vessel (sampling of minerals by drilling method. Depth 150 meters)

- Experienced in receiving of new build vessels (2 projects with DP 2 vessel)

- Seismic survey operations( 2D,3D and 4C seismic).

- Dredging operations (stone and sand dumping, suction dredging)

- Air diving support (soft mooring only)

- Mooring and berthing operation experience (driving mate)

- Cargo vessel experienced (bulk, project, containers and other cargo types.)

- Safety and Security officer, ISM and ISPS solid knowledge.

- Training of ratings and officers, drills arrangement and conduct.

- Helicopter Landing Officer HLO – Sikorsky, Bell. About 50 operations.

- Stability calculation. Cargo planning, preparation of cargo plan, organization and supervising

of the cargo operations at port and sea.

- Ballast management, ballast operator.

- Deck maintenance and works arrangement on deck, supervision of deck crew.

- GMDSS operator, operation and maintenance.

- Navigation in ocean and narrows waters, at port and sea; passage planning, chart and books

corrections, electronic chart handling. ARPA handling.

- Medical Care on Board, medical store handling.

- Experienced in ship maintenance computer programs: TM Master, PRE Master

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