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Chief Officer Holding Master COC (Unlimited)


To be part of the operational team of a professionally run company and contribute to its organizational success whilst augmenting my own career path.



Name Of Ship Gross Tonnage Type Of Ship Rank Year

M.V. Miraculous Ace 59422 Pure Car Carrier

( Capacity – 5500 Cars ) C/Off 2009

M.V. Wisteria Ace 59952 Pure Car Carrier

( Capacity – 6500 Cars ) C/Off 2008

M.V MOL Earnest 54098 Container ( Yard Delivery )

( Capacity - 4500 TEU ) 2/Off 2007-2008

M.V Meridian Ace 55878 Pure Car Carrier

( Capacity – 5050 Cars ) 2/Off 2006-2007

M.V MOL Enterprise 53096 Container

( Capacity - 4500 TEU ) 3/Off 2005

M.V MOL Progress 74071 Container

( Capacity - 6500 TEU ) 3/Off 2004

M.V Enlivener 15628 Heavy Lift Carrier

( 1 Crane- SWL 600 T ) 3/Off 2003

M.V Galaxy Ace 33733 Pure Car Carrier

( Capacity - 3500 Cars) D/Cdt 2001

M.V Enchanter 10990 Heavy Lift Carrier ( 2 Cranes- SWL 400 T ) D/Cdt 2000-2001

M.V Asahisan 83658 Cape Size Bulk

( 9 Holds ) D/Cdt 1999-2000


? Responsible for efficient organization ,operation, administration and supervision of the deck department and to ensure that proper economy is exercised within the department at all times.

? In charge for the stability and stress conditions during the entire period of loading/discharging and to ensure that the shipment are always within the safety limits.

? Responsible for proper maintenance of the vessel and all related equipments so that they are in efficient working condition at all times.

? Directly responsible for the safe carriage of cargo on passage, guarding against possible damages due to various causes at all times meeting the requirements of the shippers/receivers.

? Responsible for the maintenance of all life saving and fire fighting equipment, Testing them periodically to ensure that they are in good working condition and conform to the classification, regulatory and company requirements at all times.

? Designated as environmental control officer on board and incharge for implementing all applicable codes, guidelines and regulations to avert any possible damage to marine environment & ecosystems.


? Underwent initial training as third officer on M.V.ENLIVENER which had the worlds largest lifting marine capability of 600 T ( Single crane ) during its time

? All the surveys, inspections, audits carried out during my tenure have been successfully accomplished without any discrepancy and deficiency.

? Always maintained friendly and harmonious environment among crew members plus promoting discipline among them.

? Have received good feedbacks from all the superiors I worked under over the years.

? Took the yard delivery of container vessel M.V.MOL EARNEST which had a capacity of 4500 TEU.

? Have served with MOL which is considered to be one of the leading shipping companies in the world for a period of 10 years and awarded recognition for continuous loyalty.


? Won the Under-16 and Under-18 state level badminton championship.

? A good sportsman with keen interest in swimming, Basketball, squash, table tennis & cricket.

? Been awarded “Excellent” proficiency grade on successful completion of Diploma in nautical sciences from Birla institute of technology & science..


Pre Sea Training 1998-99 Passed from T.S Chanakya , New Mumbai, India

High School 1997-98 Aggregate PCM – 84%


COC as Master of a F.G Ship 2008-09 Completed Successfully from India

COC as First Mate of a F.G Ship 2005-06 Completed Successfully from India

COC as Second Mate of a F.G Ship 2002-03 Completed Successfully from India

Diploma In Nautical Sciences 1999-2002 Completed from Tolani Maritime Institute affiliated to Birla Institute of Technology and Science



? Capable of detailing work to subordinates assuming supervisory responsibility and also to ensure that the deck department is adequately equipped and maintained in accordance with company standards.

? In depth knowledge of vessels various structural details as well as in tune with the stringent requirements of shippers/receivers regarding the transfer of cargo in safe conditions.

? Capable of imparting professional training to subordinates detailing the finer points with respect to ship handling, equipments, cargo, stability/stresses and making them aware of the growing demand worldwide based on the vast expertise gained as a result of serving on different types of ships over the years.

? Possess good communication skills with optimistic approach towards goals & an active team member open to ideas for value addition.

? Capable of acclimatizing to new environments quickly and mingle well with people from diverse cultures.

? Having worked on PCC which record a high number of vandalism incidents, the importance of maintaining a good harmonious relationship with colleagues is well understood.



? General Operator Certificate ( GMDSS )

? Advanced Fire Fighting

? Masters Medical Care

? Proficiency In Survival Craft and Rescue Boats

? Hazardous Materials Training Program

? Bridge and Engine Room Resource Management

? Operational Engineering Knowledge For Deck Officers

? Personal Survival Techniques

? Personal Safety and Social Responsibility.

? Electronic Chart Display & Information Systems ( ECDIS )

? Environment Protection

? Intercultural Awareness

? Shipboard Maneuvering Simulator

Gurgaon, Haryana,
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