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According to my education and experience



Name Of Vessel Flag Type DWT Owners Rank From To

JAN HEWELIUSZ Polish RoRo/Ferry 2035 PLO C/O 22.05.1984 28.03.1986

THETA Liberia GC 10212 RT Victoria Line Shipping C/O 18.11.1988 15.02.1989

GOLD ASIA Liberia GC 10212 RT Therrica Shipping C/O 16.02.1989 22.03.1989

TROMSBULK Liberia BC 444 A.S.Vestfrakting C/O 04.06.1990 10.09.1990

SALMO Liberia BC 3225 Salmo Shipping C/O 05.03.1991 14.07.1991

SCOTTISH STAR Liberia REEFER 13058 Star Reefers C/O 29.04.2004 19.08.2004

TROJAN Liberia REEFER 11949 Star Reefers C/O 14.12.2004 08.04.2005

DOLE EUROPA BAHAMA REEFER 10288 Marine Services Ltd C/O 05.12.2005 25.04.2006

COSCO BRISBANE LIBERIA CONTAINER 38121 Martime C/O 21.06.2006 08.11.2006

COSCO BRISBANE LIBERIA CONTAINER 38121 Martime C/O 21.06.2006 08.11.2006

MAERSK DUNEDIN LIBERIA CONTAINER 62247 RCPO-Hamburg C/O 20.07.2007 08.11.2007

SAN ANDRES LIBERIA CONTAINER 28156 RCPO-Hamburg C/O 16.02.2008 02.07.2008

CMA CGM IVANHOE LIBERIA CONTAINER 120943 RCPO-Hamburg C/O 10.11.2008 14.02.2009

CAP HAMILTON LIBERIA CONTAINER 51744 RCPO-Hamburg C/O 17.07.2009 08.11.2009

MAERSK DIEPPE LIBERIA CONTAINER 66900 RCPO-Hamburg C/O 02.04.2010 27.07.2010

CAP BIANCO LIBERIA CONTAINER 39356 RCPO-Hamburg C/O 20.11.2010 31.12.2010

MSC BUSAN LIBERIA CONTAINER 104904 RCPO-Hamburg C/O 15.07.2011 02.12.2011

CAP VERDE LIBERIA CONTAINER 67644 RCPO-Hamburg C/O 16.03.2012 17.07.2012

CMA CGM IVANHOE LIBERIA CONTAINER 120943 RCPO-Hamburg C/O 30.10.2012 10.02.2013

UASC JEDDAH LIBERIA CONTAINER 51687 RCPO-Hamburg C/O 09.08.2013 22.11.2013


MARITIME ACADEMY-GDYNIA,Poland-Navigation Faculty/ The degree of engineer of marine navigator

CONRADINUM/college/GDANSK, Eng. Department/Technologist of Engineering Department


-Master Mariner on ships of 3000 Gross Tonnage and More

-Certificate of Equivalent Competency (UK CEC)

-Up to date all documents as per STCW 95

-HARWICH HAVEN AUTHORITY-Haven Ports Pilotage Area-Exemption Certificate Class B.


I have considerable experience in ship management, including cargo and freight operations management and exploitation gained in large container ships, ferry boat and ro-ro, as well as on the positions of technical supervision in shipyards. In 2008/2009 I was employed for surveillance of construction of MV CMA CGM IVANHOE (9700 TEU Class) in Hyunday Heavy Industries Co., Ltd. Ulsan.

Also I have long experience in marine industry, as well as my expertise in different type of training such as HAZMAT and Vessel General Permit.


My daughter is a US citizen and I expect to receive permanent resident.

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