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Chief Officer


I would like to work in any kind of vessel,l have a good characteristic.


Awalco Contracting & trading Co.Bahrain UAE rank C/O type of vessel AHT from 02/12/09-29/11/10,Gerwil Crewing Phil.rank C/O type of vessel Gen.Cargo from 08/01/07-08/06/08,Oriental shipmanagement rank 2nd Off type of vessel Gen.Cargo from 18/08/00-02/12/01,Siscor Solid Ships & Industrial Serv.rank 2nd Off type of vessel Container from 05/01/97-06/08/97C.F Sharf Co. Inc.rank 2nd Off type of vessel Ge.Cargo from 10/05/91-11/05/92,Cleveria Shipping Inc.rank 2nd Off type of vessel Log Ship from 21/05/77-24/09/78


Dulo Elem 1959-1965

High School 1965-1969

PMI Colleges 1972-1974


Phil.License Cert. cert.num. d2-003474 date issued 18/02/99 date expiry NONE Phil.License ID cert.num.d2-003474 d.i 10/02/84 d.e 27/03/12,PRC (COC) d2-003474 d.i 05/12/08 e.d 04/12/13,PRC Indorsement 08-11587 d.i 05/12/08 d.e 04/12/13,GOC 05-14577 d.i 13/08/09 d.e 27/03/14


Proficiency in survival craft and rescue boat,radar observation and plotting,advance training in oil tankership simulator and bridge teamwork with brm,cargo handling and care of cargo.


I can work me asap 09185651756

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