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Chief officer


To be part of a company where I can apply my knowlege and to gain more challenging role and experiences.


Seaman-2nd mate & chief officer

Second in command.A licensed member and head of the deck department.A wach stander and in charge of the ship's cargo and deck crew.Responsible to the captain for the safety and security of the ship witch also include the crew's welfare and training in areas such as safety,firefighting,search and rescue.

AHTS vessels.Area: Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Hadi 18 Ch.mate 04.06.07-21.08.07

Atlantic 18 Ch.mate 19.01.07-30.03.07

Hadi 19 Ch.mate 08.09.07-01.12.06

Hadi XII Ch.mate 28.04.06-24.06.06

Atlantic 18 Ch.mate 10.11.05-25.02.06

Atlantic 18 2nd.mate 08.05.05-14.08.05

Hadi XII 2nd.mate 08.11.04-24.03.05

Hadi XII 2nd.mate 07.07.04-11.09.04

Hadi XI 2nd.mate 07.02.04-30.04.04

Hadi XII 2nd.mate

Hadi XII 2nd.mate 06.04.03-09.06.03

Hadi XII 2nd.mate 20.10.02-22.01.03

Hadi XII 2nd.mate 04.04.02-01.09.02

AHTS vessels .Area : Black Sea

2nd.mate from:24.02.91 to:28.03.02

General cargo vessels:

3rd.mate from:29.05.87 to:08.07.91

Cadet from:16.05.84 to:09.05.86


1980-1984 Romanian Maritime Academy


Romanian National Licence:Chief mate -on ships of 3000 GRT or more

No:21938 Date:25.10.2005

GMDSS No: 0001699 Date: 26.09.2003

STCW Endorsment- Chief mate 3000 GRT or more No: 15723 Date: 25.10.2005


Date of birth:04.01.1961 Lipova - Romania, married, fluent in english, hard working and trustworthy


IMO COURSES inssued by Romanian Maritime Training Centre:

- Personal Survival Technics STCW95/A-VI/1-1 DOC.No:0005712 ISSUED Date:08.09.2003

- Personal Safety And Social Responsability STCW95/A-VI/1-4 DOC.No:0000661 ISSUED DATE:17.01.2004

- Proficiency In Survival Craft STCW95/A-VI/2-1 DOC.No:00013057 ISSUED DATE: 09.09.2003

- Proficiency In Fast Rescue Boats STCW95/A-VI/2-2 DOC.No:0000902 ISSUED DATE:06.02.2003

- Advanced Fire Fighting STCW95/A-VI/3 DOC.No:0009186 ISSUED DATE: 06.09.2003

- Medical Care STCW95/A-VI/4-2 DOC.No:0000024 ISSUED DATE:13.09.2003

- Radar ARPA/SAR Management STCW95/A-II/12,II/2 DOC.No:0001336 ISSUED DATE: 20.09.2003

-Prevention Of Pollution Of The Marine Environment(MARPOL 73/78) STCW95/A-I/1,2 OR III/1,2 DOC.No:0005443 ISSUED DATE:02.09.2003

- Ship Security Officer DOC.No:00000711 ISSUED DATE: 23.01.2004

- Fast Rescue Boat STCW95/A-VI/2 and STCW95/A-VI/5-8 DOC.No: 00704 ISSUED DATE: 02.07.2003

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